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The Person i Most Admire Year 9 Students

The Person i Most Admire Year 9 Students

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Published by José Javier Baile
School essays by year 9 students about a person they admire
School essays by year 9 students about a person they admire

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Published by: José Javier Baile on Mar 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Composition about a person you get on well with
- 1 -
 My mother is
Isabel Fernández
, herbirthday is on February 24th. She was bornin Pamplona, but when she was little shelived in Murillo del Fruto, in the south of Navarre and in Rochapea, a neighbourhoodin Pamplona. She has got one brother, hisname is Santi and he lives in Pamplona too.She lived with her brother and father becausewhen she was fifteen her mother died.My mother is medium height, and she’s alittle bit fat too. She has got big greenbeautiful eyes, and a small mouth; she hasgot blond hair. She is very funny and she isvery loving.When she was little she went to Dominicasschool in Pamplona. She was a good student.Then she met my father and then they gotmarried in Puente la Reina, a year before Iwas born.My mother has got one informatics shop inRochapea. She is a nurse and she works inthe operating room in Virgen del Camino.She is very hardworking.I'm very fond of my mother because since Iwas born she loves me and cares for me.Two years ago we went the two of us toArgentina. We watched Iguazú Falls, part of Uruguay, part of Brazil. She also took me toGermany and France. I will never forgetthose trips.Sometimes we go shopping. She is a verygood cook. She likes watching TV andreading books.We get along very well. She does manythings for me and I do many things for her,because I love her. We have got the samecharacter but we haven’t got the same tastes.She is the best mother in the world.
I can write about a famous person that Iadmire, but I prefer to write about a personnear me.I’m going to write about my father’s father.His name is
Luis Maria Asurmendi
but allthe people call him Luis. He’s a very goodperson; he is always helping our family andhis friends. When we need some help, wephone him and in five minutes he is here.He’s 75 years old but he is very, veryhealthy. He can run, jump as a child. WhenI’m with him we practice a lot of sports, buthe always wins, he’s good at all the sports,we like to play table-tennis tennis,football...He’s very active.Everyday he goes to the swimming pool andwith his friends he plays letter games. Healways says: "Me voy a echar la partida"(
 I’m going to play a card game
) and in asecond he is missing.He always wears very elegant, a shirt of aexpensive mark (he has a lot of money!), andlong trousers.We haven’t a lot of physical features incommon, but we have some similarcharacteristics: we’re both very nervous andhave little patience.He was born in Arizala (Navarra) but heworked in Legazpia (Basque country) all hislife. There he met my grandmother. Later helived in Rotxapea in Navarra, aneighbourhood in Pamplona, but now helives at Pio XII street in Pamplona.He has 4 sons, one is Ignacio, another is LuisMari, then Isidro and Javier. His wife is Isi,she is very is young too.
Composition about a person you get on well with
- 2 -
My mother’s name is
María Elena Indave
,but we always call her Elena. She is 42 yearsold but on the 17th of December she will be43, so she was born in 1966. She was born inPamplona but she lived in Leache, a verysmall village in the southwest of Navarre.She has two sisters and a brother older thanher, and one brother younger, we spend a lotof time with him, more than with the others.When she was 14 years old she went to liveto Pamplona with her two sisters and shestudied at " La Granja High School ".She met my father José Luis. Then gotmarried and some years later they came tolive to Burlada. They have been living inBurlada for 18 years.My mother is quite tall, she has long curlyfair hair and blue eyes, as me. She is quitetalkative, very hardworking and a bitminded. She is very generous. She studiedPharmacy at the university of Navarre, butshe does not work in a chemist’s, she is ahousewife.When she was younger she taught eveningclasses of mathematic and physics toteenagers. Now she can help me and mybrother because she is very intelligent.She is a very sportive person. She loveswalking with my father. They spend almostall the day walking. She also goes to aerobicclasses in the mornings. At the weekends wesometimes go to the mountains. Althoughshe practices a lot of sports, she also likeswatching films, lying on the sofa.This is my mother’s life and for this reason Irally admire her
I’m going to talk aboutmy brother.His name is
and is 19 yearsold. His hobbies areplaying with thecomputer and playingthe guitar. He has twoguitars. One is a“Guitarra española” andthe other one is an electric guitar. He lovesmusic, he’s crazy about it.His favourite group is “Marvin” but he alsolistens to “Green Day”, “Sum 41”, “LinkinPark”… And he plays their songs with theguitars.He lives with me and my parents. InBurlada. He is studying at Ibaialde, like me.His favourite brand mark is “Atticus”. Helikes very much their T-Shirts. He’s got a lotof them. His favourite colour is orange, butto dress he likes black and white.He hates studying and he travelling. In hisfree time, he goes out with his friends,watches TV…Saul is orderly (more than me) and doesn’tlike anyone touching his things.We get along pretty badly, but, when don’tquarrel, I like being with him.
Composition about a person you get on well with
- 3 -
Maria José Mariño
, my little sister.She’s 9 years old and she’s a student atHilarion Eslava School. She, of course, liveshere in Burlada with my parents and me. Iknow her since she was born. She’s mysister and I think we get on very well.She’s tall for her age, she has dark hair. Sheusually likes to wear jean trousers and a T-shirt, but sometimes she must put on herschool uniform for P.E, which she hates alot.As she is my sister, she looks like me a lot,and some people say that she and I are muchalike. About physical features that we havein common I think is specially the face, thehair and the colour of the skin.She’s a kind and generous person; she helpsme in all that she can. I like her kindness alot, probably is the first quality that a personmust have. Her character is very good andthis is something I think wouldn’t change.Both she and me are a little bit impatient butit doesn’t matter. The only thing that is afault in her is that she is absent-minded, shealmost always, for example, forgets things atschool.I see her all afternoons, and sometimes I helpher to do her homework or we play together.I get on very well with her and she also withme, I hope that in the future we continue likethis.She was born in Ecuador like me, but onApril 24 in 2000. She started the school inSan Juan and now she’s studying primary atHilarion Eslava School. In the past she was avery good student and now she continueswith the same routine. She has always loveddrawing, she loves doing it, and really, shedoes it very well, it’s her specialty.She makes my life real fun, before she wasborn all was very boring but then all thethings were made by pairs, she and me. Ithink she is the person who I love the most.She makes me smile and be always happy.She’s my sister Maria José and I hope she isalways beside me.

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