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Free Will - Some Basics

Free Will - Some Basics

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Published by Theresa-Ann
Journal 2010-02-12
♥ Why doesn't Spirit stop the bad stuff? ♥
♦ Does God (Source, Spirit...) judge and punish? ♦
On YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mH82OW7f7tA
Journal 2010-02-12
♥ Why doesn't Spirit stop the bad stuff? ♥
♦ Does God (Source, Spirit...) judge and punish? ♦
On YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mH82OW7f7tA

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Published by: Theresa-Ann on Mar 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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10:59 am, Friday, 2/12/2010, 1 Caban/Earth Mayan calendar day
Vlogged hereWhere am I, today? Who and what will come through? As I am expanding ever up and out,and ever in, to the center, I discover all sorts of marvelousness. It is an ever new journey,each day a mystery, laid out before me.But the choice is mine, which way to walk, and whether to take up that which lies before me.None compels. And because none compels, I slip, some part of some days, and maybe evensome larger chunks of days, into the old ways, into routine, missing the majestic mystery soclose beside me it could bite me, if it would. No, none compels.Some seek a god that compels. Worse yet, some seek a god that interferes with free will,stepping in when things go to chaos, to rack and ruin. These are not yet fully aware of the fullimplications of such thought, such desire, for if they were, they would realize it could not beso, and it is best not so.For what is free will, anyway? Do we ever consider this, our most basic tenet of life, at leasthere in the USA? We are so proud of having free will, and we guard it jealously, in someways. In others, of course, we have left gaping holes for the manipulators to come in, andwork their will among us. Still, we pride ourselves on having and maintaining some certainsense of free will.Well, I say, then, what is it? Do you know? Many don’t, I assure you, and they reveal it intheir speech, in their thoughts and words.I make no claims to all knowledge, here, but I can lay out some basics around the free-willconcept. First of all, it means that Source and we abide by an agreement of non-interference.It means we get to do what we want to do. That’s pretty basic.Too many people don’t follow that up, though, and realize that it also means that, if we wanthelp and assistance of any kind, we must first ask for it; we must invite it in. So, for those whoblame the woes of the world on Source, on God, please reconsider. Free will has two sides.That is basic enough. There is a story told about a man walking along while having an inner battle with a demon. The man cannot see the demon, of course; it all goes on in his thoughtsand feelings. Anyway, he is walking along, and there is something else he cannot see. Linedup and almost stacked in rows to a great height all around him are great fiery angels whostand at the ready, swords of fire drawn.Why do they wait and watch, like that? Do you know? As you probably guessed it, the manhas not requested any help. He is lost in his own thoughts. Furthermore, the angels, of course, can see the demon with which he does battle, and it is a puny thing, indeed. It is a bitof a joke, next to their might and abilities.Now, this man is not as pathetic as he may sound, my friends. At one time or another, we
have all been this person, blind in our ability to see across dimensions, and also in our understanding of the most basic tenets of free will. So let us not judge, nor think ourselves somuch better than another.The other aspects of free will have somewhat to do with cause and effect, with the things weset in motion with our free will, and with receiving the return currents from the energy we sentout, so that we can adjust our behavior and understanding.Imagine, if you will, a scientist in his white coat in his lab, working on experiments. Now,further imagine that we take away from the scientist all the results of his experiments. Hegets to perform them, alright, but before the results manifest, we sweep in and take themaway, so that he cannot see them. What shape is he in?How can this scientist then modify his experiment, as they all do, based on the results of hisprevious experimentation? Have we not gut-shot his ability to learn anything through hislabors?While this is easy enough to see, it is not so much different to apply it to our study of free will.In the laboratory of life it is most important that we, the human scientists, the experimenters inthis lab, get the results of our experiments delivered to us. How else can we learn? Whatelse makes any sense?Where many go off the train track, here, is in their understanding of who and what they are.Too many identify so much with their body that they don’t realize they are so much more thanthat, and that they transcend many bodies back and forth through time. We have beenrobbed of the understanding all of our ancestors had about life taking on different forms, and itis a bit of a shame. It leaves us without an important piece of the puzzle.When we add just this one piece to the puzzle of our understanding of life, just look at thegreat gaps it fills in. There are so many, but some obvious ones are that all that comes to usin this life we have somehow participated in creating; it is the result of our previousexperimentation in the lab of earthly life. Some call it our karma, but it is simpler than that,and that is a trigger word. It is simply the law of cause and effect, just what any scientist inher lab relies on, implicitly. This law is so necessary to make any sense at all of her work.Something else we seem to have forgotten, en masse, is that energy or matter can neither becreated nor destroyed; it can only be changed. We can only change its state. Thus, therereally is no death; it is a false concept, entirely. It is laughable, once we realize this. Itbecomes almost comical, the ways we have been made to act and feel in the presence of thisfalse creature, this chimera called death. No such thing.We are all eternal. No, the body is not eternal, of course; that is silly. Anything that is matter,that exists in 3D has three points: a beginning, an ending, and the middle part. The Alpha toOmega. Well, that concept is a good deal bigger, so we’ll leave it. Just know that we areliterally sparks of the divine fire. We are one with that. That abides in all that is. Thus, we,too, abide in all that is.I won’t go too far in that direction, because I don’t want any religion or even spiritual nonsenseto interfere with the basic realizations available to us all. There is no mumbo jumbo to this, no

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