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10 Key Online Marketing Trends for 2010

10 Key Online Marketing Trends for 2010

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Published by: api-26106731 on Mar 15, 2010
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10 Key Online Marketing Trends or 2010
by Jay Henderson
More Channels, More Data, anD Better tools
Online marketing is acing unprecedented change, broughton by a volatile economy, the meteoric rise o new channels,and the increased demand or nancial accountability. 2010is already shaping up to be an exciting year or onlinemarketers. To provide better visibility into the year’s trends,Unica surveyed 155 marketers about online marketingtechnology usage and plans. The data revealed 10 key onlinemarketing trends or 2010:
1. Marketing BuDgets anD FoCus Continueto swing online
Marketing dollars are going where the customers and pros-pects are - online. Online channels are lower cost and moremeasurable, and as a result continue to cannibalize tradi-tional media. 84% o marketers said it is important or theirorganization to shit their marketing ocus to more online.
2. Marketers work harDer to keepeMail relevant
92% o marketers are using or planning to use email market-ing this year – making it the most widely adopted marketingtactic. With email adoption pervasive and consumers’inboxes increasingly crowded, marketers will move beyondtheir old “spray and pray” strategies and work hard to stayrelevant. To do this, marketers must not only create compel-ling campaigns, but also have a stronger ocus on analysisand management o inbox placement, content rendering, andreputation management o their digital communications.
3. searCh Continues as an online MarketingMainstay, But CoMplexity grows
There are no signs that consumers will stop using searchengines as their primary vehicle to nd products and services.However, search marketers are starting to take notice osearch engines other than Google. Not only does Bing’sgrowth look promising in the US, but global markets alreadyhave strongly entrenched local players like China’s Baidu andRussia’s Yandex. Mix in orthcoming innovation in usability,mobile, geo-location and collaboration, and search market-ing’s complexity is growing.
4. Marketers expanD targeting anDpersonalization on their weBsites
Expect more personalization in websites in 2010. 55% omarketers are already using targeting and personalizationon their site, and another 21% will roll it out this year. Thispersonalization will grow more sophisticated as well, asmarketers target “anonymous” visitors based on reerringURL, search terms, geo-location and other insights.Marketers will also extend email segments, oers andmessages to websites, to better match customers withmarketing messages. Landing pages and website optimiza-tion will complement site personalization to start deliveringsuperior results.
Somewhat Important Very ImportantSomewhat Not ImportantNot Important At All
How important an issue is it for your organization to shiftyour marketing to be more online or web focused?
Base: Total Sample(155 Respondents)
Current ActivityPlanned Activity (Next 12 Months)Planned Activity (>12 Months)No Plans
Is your company delivering or planning to delivertargeted/personalized messages on your websites?
Base: Total Sample(155 Respondents)
5. proliFeration anD aDoption oFother online Channels persist
Marketers are aced with a dizzying array onew channels - mobile (messaging, websites,apps), rich media (video, podcasting, gaming),social media (microblogging, social networks,user generated content), and more. Tacticsare nascent, success is hit-or-miss, andcampaigns are not well integrated with othermarketing eorts. Despite these challenges,the opportunity to eciently and eectivelyreach and engage customers is undeniable,and marketers continue to experiment, test,and adopt emerging channels. In act, a veryhigh proportion (84%) plans to use emergingmarketing channels over the next year.
6. MoBile Continues its MarChtowarD greater signiFiCanCe
Interest in mobile marketing has exploded,driven by the tremendous success o andmedia buzz around Apple’s iPhone andGoogle’s introduction o Android. As smart-phone adoption grows, mobile marketing willexpand beyond mobile messaging, and makemobile email, mobile websites and mobileapplications viable channels in which to con-duct marketing. In act, over one third o mar-keters (36%) are already conducting some typeo mobile marketing, and adoption will increasewith an additional 40% o marketers indicat-ing plans to incorporate mobile marketing. Thecombination o new devices, aster networksand new location-aware technology, will uelthis steady march toward greater signicance.
7. Marketers Continue to nurturesoCial MeDia
Sites like Facebook and Twitter have had ameteoric rise rom obscurity. Marketers ndthemselves thrust into a world where they haveto share control over their brand with consumers.Blogs, product reviews, and other social mediaare mixed with marketing messages to shapeconsumers’ perception o company brands. Ascompanies pinpoint the specic social tacticsthat work best to engage their customers, theywill expand their social media participationand continue to nurture a wide variety o socialmedia tactics.Today, roughly hal o marketers (47%) arealready using social media or marketing. Almost another quarter (23%) plan to use it thisyear, with high expected usage across mostsocial marketing tactics that extend the reacho brands and reinorce company messages(e.g. viral content/word o mouth, user generatedcontent and voting eatures/product reviews).Third party social network sites like Facebook,myspace and blogs are already mainstays inmarketing mix. While marketers rely heavily onthese proven channels, they are also nurturingmicroblogging sites like Twitter.
8. weB analytiCs uniFies onlineData aCross Channels
In 2010, web analytics will ocus on integratingcustomer data rom the web, search, mobile,and social measurement. 88% o marketers arealready using or planning to use web analyticsthis year. The penetration and ubiquity o webanalytics make it the logical point to integratecustomers’ proles across multiple onlinechannels.
9. it BottleneCks Drive aDoptionoF on DeManD Marketingsolutions
67% o marketers complained about IT’ssupport or marketing’s technology needs.Marketers identied this as the number onetechnology bottleneck. Thereore, in order todeliver on the promise o these new channelsand integrated marketing analytics andexecution, marketing solutions will be adoptedon demand. On demand or Sotware as aService (SaaS) solutions enable marketers topersonalize their campaign without continualdependencies on IT, high costs, unacceptablecomplexity, or dicult custom integration.
10. online Marketing suites BriDgethe gap Between analysis anD aCtion
The multitude o online channels is leavingmarketers adrit in a sea o data. Web analyticstools are helping marketers measure peror-mance across a multitude o online channels,but converting this into actionable adviceremains challenging. 94% o marketers saidturning data into action is a key problem,ranking this issue higher than all others.
Jay Henderson is a directoron the Product Managementand Product Marketing team atUnica. He is responsible orUnica’s market analysis,customer insight, and industrymarketing unctions. Hendersonhas over teen years’ experiencein marketing at both early-stageand well-established companies.Prior to joining Unica, Jay ranmarketing at text mininginnovator ClearForest, whosetechnology, ater being acquiredby Thomson Reuters, nowpowers the Open Calaissemantic web initiative.Jay holds a BS rom MIT’sSloan School o Managementand an advanced degree romthe Sorbonne (Paris IV).

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