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New Story Feb 10

New Story Feb 10



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Published by meggj

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Published by: meggj on Mar 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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She’s my best friend. I tell her everything, well I did at least. But thisone thing. How could I tell her this? I can’t. That’s what I’ve decided. Whatwould she think of me if I told her? I rule out every thought of how she wouldreact because it wouldn’t happen. I couldn’t tell her. She’s the person Ibroke rules with but this one rule I couldn’t break. It meant life or death. No,I couldn’t tell her even if she would react like someone inhuman.I never thought it would come to something like this, lying to her! I’venever even dreamt about lying to her.
“Hey Annabelle.” I said to my best friend. Her name is really Anna butfor some reason I like to call her Annabelle. She used to hate it and herreaction to the name was hilarious so maybe it just stuck even though I don’tstill get the same amusing reaction.“Hey Brayden.” This was unusual. She rarely used my full first name.Usually it was simply Bray, something must be wrong.“Anna, what’s wrong?” The tone in my voice was too worried,something I often did accidentally.I’m very protective of Anna and I don’t like it when she’s pained. Itmakes me feel pained. I usually overreact when something’s wrong with her,making too big a production which annoys the crud out of her. She’d thetype of person who tries to silence her challenges and fears, keep themhidden from an audience.“Nothing Bray. I’m fine.” Now she uses the shortened version but I canstill hear it in her voice. She’s too tense for it to be nothing. Her eyes showit too. Blank with worry.“Don’t lie to me. You know I see right through you.”“Well, if you can see right through me then you should already know.”She replied, her voice full of annoyance. Lately I’ve been annoying her moreeasily. Was it just her going through something or was it me?It has to be me, if she was going through something she wouldn’t hideit from me. She’s never hidden anything from me. But what had I done?“I can see right through you, that doesn’t make me a mind reader. Is itsomething I did?” I pulled her chin up with my index finger so her darkbrown-almost black- eyes met mine.“Well, it’s just that… you haven’t been hanging around me as muchlately and I was worried I… never mind.” Her chin dropped. She obviouslydidn’t want to make eye contact at the moment.She was worried about
?“What Anna? Worried about what?”
“It’s nothing. Let’s get going we don’t want to be late for the movie.”She tried to walked to my car but I stopped her with my hand.“No, it’s obviously something. Come one Annabelles, you can tell meanything.”She sighed heavily, “I was just worried that… that I was losing youtoo.”Her eyes killed me inside. They glistened with tears she was holdingback at the thought of her mother, her best friend, leaving her with her dad.No goodbye, no anything.How could I be so stupid?! She hated talking about that. She had avery hard time a year ago when her mom left and she finally opened up tome. It still pained her to talk about it. The worst part was when her dad leftabout a month later leaving her by herself, that’s when my dad took her in.“Come here.” I whispered as I pulled her into a tight hug. “You couldnever lose me, even if you wanted to. You can’t get rid of me that easily.”She buried her face in my chest, trying to hide her tears. I held hertighter. I can’t believe I did this to her. To some this may seem like nothing,they may say it’s just a memory, the past is the past, but in truth it’s not.When she thinks about it, it becomes real to her, she relives it. She’s workedso hard to block it from her memory and I just brought it back in.She was right too, I haven’t been hanging around her as much. Ithought that’s what she wanted. I thought she was getting sick of me alwayshanging around. I guess I was wrong. Extremely wrong.“I’m sorry.” She whispered.“Why are you apologizing for crying?” I said with a chuckle.She pulled her head back to see my face. “Because I don’t like to goall emotional on you.”“Don’t worry about it Anna. I love you all the same. You know you cancry all over my shirt anytime.”She buried her head back into my chest but this time there were notears.

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