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Gratitude as Infinite Power

Gratitude as Infinite Power

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Published by Theresa-Ann
Journal 2009-07-14
♥ Recorded here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxA50OR9jt4
Journal 2009-07-14
♥ Recorded here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxA50OR9jt4

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Published by: Theresa-Ann on Mar 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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4:something pm, 7/14/2009, 9 Kan/Seed, Lizard
Vlogged here on YouTubeYou are divineThe energy and consciousness of the divine flows through you at all times.You can tune in to this flow. It is not difficult.At times the flow is more obvious than at other times. As an example, moments when youfeel the flow of gratitude coursing though you--these are definite contact points with thedivine.As these occur, tune in to them. Give them a moment or twelve of your time and attention.Allow yourself to go with their flow. Witness the divine flowing through you. Revel in it. Makespace, make abundant space for it. Now, just watch it.
Gratitude is divinity in action
. It is
the joy of perception in the moment 
. In reality, each andevery moment is worthy of the flow of gratitude, yet we must grow into that. Let us take theones that offer themselves, and be glad and grateful for them. Let us enter in to them morefully, much more fully than has been our wont, our habit.Gratitude is the flow of the divine. Open yourself to that. Allow it entree into your world, your conscious awareness. Gratitude is the flow of the divine. This has broad implications, onlysome of which we will address now.Gratitude is the flow of the divine. As the flow of the divine, it has infinitely more power available to it. As the divine, it has infinite power.
This infinite power flows through you, regularly, but you do not notice it.
Because you do not notice it,the infinity of its power is not unleashed in you
, for you, through you; but it is there.Never doubt that it is there.One of the purest forms of gratitude is that felt for the blessings received by another.Sometimes your heart soars in a grateful (great full) rush when you read or learn of blessingslife has bestowed upon a fellow creature, be it plant, animal, or human. Your heart is touchedby a happening, by the story, the recording of a happening, a blessing.
These are the best moments of all to
let your heart and soul soar 
into the divinity, into the flow of a grateful heart. Why? These are
expressions of gratitude, untouched and untinged byany aspect or element of selfishness, of self-concern of any kind. Thus, they are pure, andcan be completely trusted as the flow of the divine in a pure heart.
Thus, these are the best moments
to let yourself go
, to let your heart soar, one with the joy andblessing of your fellow being. Give yourself over to these moments when you can, when timeand circumstances permit. Better yet, put some intent into creating the space in which you
can enter in to these moments.At first they may seem faint to you, mere whispers of gratitude flashing by on the current of your concerns and cares. Yet they happen; they do occur. You can focus your intent tonotice them, to pay them attention in the happening, in the moment.So, the next time you read of a blessing received by someone, give your heart the attention itdeserves at all times; give it your conscious awareness. Look at what you are feeling.Reread the story a time or two, if that will help. Watch closely for the arising of themomentary feeling of gratitude.This gratitude does not have to be focused in any way; it need not be directed at God, or Source, Spirit, or whatever form your idea of a deity takes. Gratitude is, itself, the action of the deity, and the deity need not be grateful to itself. Gratitude is simply the natural flow of divinity. It is in God’s nature to experience gratitude.
Thus, this feeling is open to and present in us all, whether atheist by belief or devoted Christian, Muslim, Jew, or whatever...or none of these. It does not matter. Divinity is at the foundation and base o
creation, and sodivinity flows in and through us all, regardless of our chosen path through life.
So, when the moment comes, and you feel the upsurge of grateful feeling rise on the wings of someone’s story,
go with it 
. Enter in to it, as fully as you are able. Simply give yourself permission to feel this,to go with these feelings as they arise.Practice just this much. At every opportunity, be alert for moments of gratitude. You have feltthem, before, though you may not have noticed, or given them much of your attention. Thingshave changed, now, however, since you have set your intent to notice, and to participate inthese feelings. You begin to notice these opportunities, now, even if you never did, before.
So, you have
set your intention
to first
these opportunities, when the flow of gratitudearises within you upon the hearing of some blessing or other that has come to someone, or even to something. All has consciousness; all is alive and aware. Yes, “Even” natureexperiences gratitude, even nature is aware of blessings.So, first you notice. You have also set your intention to allow yourself to enter in to the heart’sflow, to enter in to gratitude, itself, and to go with this flow. You have set your attention tosimply pay attention whenever your heart stirs with a grateful feeling for another, on behalf of a blessing received by some ‘other’ part of life. Thus, you have intentionally determined toboth notice the arising and to allow yourself to flow with gratitude as it arises.This is a sufficient practice to bring about change. Give some time, some practice to this.Allow these changes, even if they are subtle, and you have been wont to practice this gratefulflow, allow these changes to settle in. Give yourself over to this practice, expecting nothing.
expect nothing
is generally the best way. Most of our thoughts and ideas are nonsense,anyway. We can certainly not corral and contain divinity in our thoughts. It is best not to tryto do so, but rather to leave the playing field open. Openness is best, with no fears and noexpectations clouding our practice. This is best.

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