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YWP-NP Youth Oversight 3 11

YWP-NP Youth Oversight 3 11

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Published by Susie Cambria

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Published by: Susie Cambria on Mar 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1328 Florida Ave NW Suite 2000, Washington, DC 20009202.332.3399
FOSTER CARE CAMPAIGNOf the Young Women’s Project Nakea PaigeCFSA Oversight HearingMarch 11, 2010Good morning my name is Nakea Paige, I am an eighteen year-old foster youth. Ientered care when I was 14 and I have been in the system for four years. I attend Cesar Chavez and next year I will be attending Michigan State University to major inBiochemical Engineering. I am here to talk about my thoughts on permanency.My experience in the system has not been the worst compared to other people Iknow; however, it has not been as smooth as it could have been. I have been in one grouphome and two foster homes. Having lived in three different places within three years has been a scary experience. To often have to worry about if you will be living at that homethe next day causes many people I know, including myself, to not want to have permanence but to get in independent living because we think that this is the best thingfor us when it comes to permanence.When I was in a group home, I made the decision that I wanted to leave because Iknew that I did not want to live in a group home forever. When I went to my first foster home, everything went fine for the first few months. Eventually things started to fall apartwhen the issue of money started to get involved. After the money issue rose, then signs of hatred and jealousy started to emerge as well. The thing that scared me the most was thefact that she had put in the 30 day notice for me to be removed from her home and Ididn’t know it. Being that she wasn’t getting paid the full amount that she thought shewas going to get paid she decided to put me out. She would start to pick petty fights withme over pointless issues and she eventually started to not care about my whereabouts. Toknow that money was the root of why she was doing foster care hurt me but at the sametime it made me open my eyes to the fact that at any time I could be homeless or back ina group home. Both were things that I didn’t want to happen.I eventually moved to a new home three days after I found out that my foster mother had put in her notice for me to leave. Living with my new foster mother I have been able to

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