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Illuminati Monuments of Paris - Matthew Delooze

Illuminati Monuments of Paris - Matthew Delooze

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: ZORROzorroZORROzorro on Mar 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Illuminati Monuments of Paris Exposed! 
Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird
Matthew Delooze
Matthew Delooze.......Breaking The Serpent's Spell.......Matthew Delooze.......Breaking The Serpent's Spell.......
Monday, January 28, 2008Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird
By Matthew Delooze
I am a flame – The heat of the fireCall me a fool – Don’t call me a liar Take me to Hell – And let me stay If that’s the price that I have to pay Can’t you hear me say?- Can’t you hear me say? – Can’t you hear me say? 
 Anyhow or Anyway 
(From the song Free Me by Russ Ballard)
Hello friends and fellow truth seekers,I am glad and I take great pleasure in providing the information you are about toread. I cannot stress how important the said information is and how I believe itwill help certain people in the future, once it 'sinks in' so to speak. If you read mySwinging on the Gates of Hades article you will be aware that I tried to take youto deeper understanding about how the Serpent Cult use complicated hypnotismand symbolism to spiritually imprison and control the collective consciousness of the human race.I want to try and get 'you' beyond the Gates of Hades because, as of now, youare no longer trapped behind them and those symbolic gates have no controlover some of you anymore. They are knackered in other words, we have kickedthem wide open. I want to take you deeper, if that is really what you want to do,but to do so I need go back to basics to explain.......In late December after aseries of very upsetting personal setbacks and crippling financial problems Ithought I would have to abandon my trip to Europe that I had planned severalmonths previously. I was extremely stressed at the time and very unhappy. Thatsaid, as is usually the case in my life, a spiritual force literally pushed me to go. Ihad previously bought some very cheap train tickets months in advance so thefinancial disaster I was in didn't really affect the actual travel plans. Looking backif I hadn't purchased the tickets well in advance the trip couldn't have ever happened and the priceless tale I am attempting to tell you could never havebeen told.Anyway I arrived in Paris on Boxing Day. I had been very interested inParis since David Icke and others had provided some information a few yearsago about the monuments in Paris all being connected and layed out in somesort of energy line. There was also the matter of actually visiting the location of scacrificial murder of Diana at the Alma tunnel (For a later article). To save mewriting too many pages there is a little link on 'you tube' showing Davidexplaining the monuments in Paris. It is only very short and of very low quality.David Icke has several top quality dvd's on sale at hisbookshopand I highlyrecommend David's work to all.Please watch it now before we go on.Basically the monuments in Paris are clearly in a dead straight line and it is saidthey are laid out on an ‘energy line’, known as theAxe Historique. The mainstretch of the energy line, so to speak, is the famous Champs-Élysées(pronounced sharmp el eezay). I decided to walk the entire length of this famousavenue on foot and carry on in a straight line to the Louvre museum. It was fullof 'posh' shops and all lit up for Christmas. It was like a fairy tale with prices inthe shops also resembling a fairy tale too!
The busy
at night, during the Winter Solstice, showingthe Arc de Triomphe
It was a far cry from the dog shit laden streets of Lancashire where I hadtravelled from that was for sure. It soon became apparent to me that themonuments were indeed in a ‘dead’ straight line but something hit me straightaway as I strolled down the Champs-Élysées in daylight and it was not in theDavid Icke You Tube clip linked earlier.What is it? You might ask? ... Well mylittle bunch of eager truth seekers it was a walloping great big massive Ferriswheel. Yes they have plonked one, on and off, smack in the middle of theChamps-Élysées (Place de la concord) behind the famous 3000 year old obeliskthat is originlly from a Sun Temple in Luxor, Egypt

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