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HowTo Make £5,000 + per month

HowTo Make £5,000 + per month

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Published by Cathi Gaughan
Phwiiiing, phwiiiing (that's fireworks by the way) the 11th part of my 11 part course. I really hope you enjoyed it. For free books, articles, more brilliant courses and just loads more stuff, please visit www.cre8wealth.co.uk And here's to you earning all that you desire! Cathi x
Phwiiiing, phwiiiing (that's fireworks by the way) the 11th part of my 11 part course. I really hope you enjoyed it. For free books, articles, more brilliant courses and just loads more stuff, please visit www.cre8wealth.co.uk And here's to you earning all that you desire! Cathi x

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Published by: Cathi Gaughan on Mar 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How To Make£5,000-£10,000+ Per MonthThrough The Post!Part 11
The Live Trading Example Marketing A Ready-Made Information Product 
I am now going to outline an
actual trading example
that we recently implemented. This will enable me toillustrate, even more clearly, many of the techniques and principles which I have outlined throughout this programme. Hopefully, it will provide you with a better understanding of how the
 Information Trading 
 business can work in practice.I also specifically used this example because it will illustrate
of the techniques we have just discussed.If you recall, one process involved sourcing and marketing a ready-made information product to your owndatabase. The other technique was, in effect, the reverse of this. Marketing your own product through tosomeone else’s database (
i.e. the piggy-back method 
Step 1- Making Contact
As Information Traders what we are very active in is sourcing possible targeted products to sell through toour database. Primarily, I do this by scanning targeted magazines, newspapers, the Internet and by studyingand filing away all the relevant mail that I receive ourselves.If I see anything that I find interesting, the next stage is to either contact the author/publisher via mail or Email to ascertain if they would be interested in a joint strategic alliance (
i.e. allowing us to market their  product to our database
).Or I will, at this stage, actually buy the product and study it to determine if it is suitable. Here’s the basicelements I include in this initial contact letter/Email:
I point out that I have recently come across their business manual and that we’re interested insupplying it to our own
highly targeted 
customer database.
I briefly outline who we are and point out that we regularly market similar products through to our in-house database. If the products are fairly well known in the industry, we would list them tofurther credibility.
I express our interest in forming a strategic alliance by bringing
their product
our customers
together in a way which carries absolutely
zero risk/cost
to themselves.
I then go on to point out the terms (
though not in all cases
I re-emphasise that this carries zero-risk to him/her and that it’s a simple way of tapping into atargeted database.
I invite the author/publisher to contact us if interested.In this real-life example, I received a mailing piece in much the same way as you would do. After readingthe sales material, I ordered the product to study the business being offered in more detail. Once weascertained that it was suitable, I then contacted the author as described above. A few days later he contactedme and said he’d be interested in a joint venture and so we moved on to the following step.
Step 2 - Analysing The Product
Once the author/publisher has shown an interest to form a strategic alliance, I then request that they send methe actual information product itself and all relevant material (
 such as the sales report 
). In other words, Iwant him to send me everything he would send out to a customer.Of course, in our real-life example, I already had this because I had sourced this product via a mailing we’dreceived and gone on to order the product. But remember, I don’t always order the product first, we often judge the viability solely from the sales literature. Naturally, we still have to see the product before we agree to finally go ahead because some sales literaturesimply does not truly reflect the actual product being sold.
Step 3 - Working On The Sales Literature
The next step is to look at the sales literature and decide if I need to change it. In most cases I do alter it,though the basic structure of the original work remains the same. I merely make the alterations to provideour customers with a format they are used to receiving from us and feel comfortable with.At this stage, you should study this programme to make sure you follow the
copy rules,
which I outlined.The most important of these, if you remember, are:
Always write the headlines first
Always lead with benefits and let the features follow
Always write as if you are directing the message to the reader personally
Always include a strong guarantee
Step 4 - Produce A Draft/Reaching Agreement
Once you have amended the sales report, you send the draft to the author/publisher for his agreement.Usually there will be one or two minor things that need to be either taken out or added. Never continue witha joint venture until you have a signed agreement.Two copies of a
 Joint Venture Agreement 
is sent to the author/publisher which is signed by ourselves. Thisagreement covers every detail pertaining to the joint venture and must also be read and signed by theauthor/publisher. The joint venture can not be carried out unless this agreement is signed by both parties.Once the author/publisher has studied and agreed to the terms of the joint venture, he/she keeps one copy andreturns the other to our company.There is a sample
 joint venture agreement 
form at the end of this programme to give you an idea of how I setit out and the kind of elements I include.
Step 5 - Process The Mailing
After agreement, it’s simply a matter of processing the mailing and rolling it out to your database. Theabove steps are the exact ones that we take. Here’s the initial set of 
results:Total Mailing 27,745Orders to date 1,058Revenue to date £63,427.10 (
1,058 orders x £59.95
)% of orders from buyers list 72%% of orders from enquirers list 28%
Important Points About Information Trading
Though the above results are the actual ones as at the time of writing this programme
there are a number of factors you must consider.
Firstly, you will receive refunds on orders. The level of which will vary on the product being sold. Thisisn’t actually always easy to gauge even for an experienced
 Information Trader 
, because there are so manyfactors to consider.However, very rarely will an experienced Trader ever suffer a loss (
and if he does it will only be very minor 
) because his judgement will usually be better when sourcing products. You’ll also find that any losses areoften turned into profit by Traders, with good follow-ups to the
sections of their list (
 perhaps theymarket it at a lower cost 
). But you must remember that even the most experienced will get it wrong fromtime to time, you’ll never get a 100% strike rate. This is the same in all businesses.

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