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Do you know

Do you know

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Published by Ayumi_Toriyama

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Published by: Ayumi_Toriyama on Mar 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Do you know…?
 It's already morning.The sun's rays try relentlessly to get through the window pane and through the curtain, theycaress my face and urge me to wake up.I frown and bury my head under a pillow desperately trying to wander away from the light, tostay in the lands of fairytale that dreams are. Regardless of my efforts, all is vain as realityadamantly makes its way through my mind and thoughts. The dream grows dim little by littleuntil all that lays ahead of me is the dark desert of reality, of a world without dreams, without
hope, without you…
 Have I told you that you appeared again in my dreams?It was the beginning, when we fell in love right before we even knew each other, when we cameto know ourselves thanks to the other. Those first emotions, those raising beats of the heart whenwe saw each other, those stolen glances and touches, do you remember them still? Or have youforgotten them to make room for all the other memories we made together?Where are our fleeting kisses shared in corners of reality when we believed we were shieldedaway from other people's glances; where are those timorous touches we shared at the beginningof this story when we thought that together we shall conquer the world; where are the nights Ispent in your arms while you whispered in my ear sweet nothings to help me fall asleep?I keep everything in my heart. What about you?Resigned I open my eyes. Ah, how much I wish I could have stayed in the dream if only for aninstant. Just an instant if I could have continued drinking that ambrosia and that nectar meantonly for the gods` lips.I turn around to your side of the bed. I have so many questions to ask, so many things to tell you,
so many things to confide to you…
 An eternity if we could spend together and still it would not be enough.I expect you to be there watching over me just as you always did. I imagine how our glanceswould cross and seeing in my eyes the adoration I carry towards you, you'd smile; thatenchanting smile of yours, that smile meant only for me.But all that meets my eyesight are rumpled bed sheets and you are not there. Suddenly, I wake upto reality feeling as if I just had a cold shower. You left no trace of your visits in my smallapartment and I wonder if you were real in the first place. My throat feels dry, my eyes are soreand my lips feel upon them a bitter-sweet taste, while in my soul a doubt nestles.Was it real or was it just a dream?

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