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Is It Heartache or Heartbreak

Is It Heartache or Heartbreak



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Published by peyton
i don't own anything! COMMENT!!!
i don't own anything! COMMENT!!!

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Published by: peyton on Mar 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Is it Heartache or Heartbreak?BPOV“You're the one who broke my heart, you're thereason my world fell apart, you're the one whomade me cry, yet I'm still in love with you and Idon't know why.”-By UnknownThey left me. All of them. He didn’t give me anyreasonable excuses except for, “I don’t want you.”Things like that. I was sick and tired of crying. Iwas useless. Maybe that’s why they left me. I waslooking up heartbreak quotes on Google to see ifanyone else felt the way I did. Pathetic right? Thewhole world was crumbling around me and the onlything tying me here was him. And since he’s goneand so is his family, I’m losing the small sense ofreality I have left. People around me were watchingme fall apart. Not knowing what to do. I didn’tcare. I honestly didn’t care. I was living wasn’t I? Iwas breathing right? They were lucky that I didn’tkill myself yet. Just living without him is like havinga long tortured death.Every second of the day, his words linger on inmy head. It’s like spears being thrown at my heart.
My heart was still beating, but faltering awayevery time I thought about him.APOVI told him not to. I told him. But he didn’t botherto listen. Rose, Emmett, Jasper and I all lost asister. A sister that was loved and beloved.I miss her. We all do. Just because of a mistake,we have to pack up and abandon her? She would’vetaken the James incident 100,000 times over againif it meant she could stay with Edward. If shecould stay with us all, it didn’t matter how muchpain she’d be in. I knew it and so did he. He said
was stubborn. Well, the only stubborn one washim.He tells us to leave her. He abandoned her and
he decides to mope around? What is wrongwith him? He won’t eat, he won’t move and he won’ttalk. He doesn’t even play the piano for crying outloud! If he was going to mope around then why didwe leave her in the first place?Edward growled at that thought.“Well, it’s the truth.” I said. He gave me a cold,hard glare. I didn’t mind. I didn’t even care. Hedeserved it and he knows it.BPOV
I wonder what there doing now. I wonder wherethey are. But that’s the sad thing…I can onlywonder. If he didn’t leave me, I would be here withthem. We would be the perfect picture, a bighappy family.If only I was good enough…RPOVI was sick of this. Yes, I was mean to her. Butcome on! Give me a break! It’s not easy knowing theone who doesn’t want you wants a worthless human.Well, used to be worthless. Vain got the better ofme. I can’t help that.But I loved to see her blush and trip and fall. Itwas hilarious. If I couldn’t
a human, then Iguess watching one was close enough. Emmett wasdepressed. He loved her. He loved her like a sister.Then, Edward just goes and throws her away like apiece of trash, not caring what we had to say aboutit.We were out hunting right at the border line ofSeattle. Edward wouldn’t hear me here. This waswhere I could really think and plan.BPOV

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