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Myself 3o Ab

Myself 3o Ab

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Published by José Javier Baile
Letters where ESL Freshmen introduce themselves
Letters where ESL Freshmen introduce themselves

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Published by: José Javier Baile on Mar 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MYSELF SAMPLES(Year 9/2009-10)
Hi!!I am
Idoia Iriarte
and I’m 14 years old. Istudy at IES Ibaialde in Burlada but I live inVillava, a small village near Pamplona.I like Villava because there is a friendlyatmosphere and you know all people. Two yearsago my family and me moved to a new house, butalso in Villava. The older house was a flat and issmaller than the new house. But I prefer the older. I live with my family in a big house. We are, my father Jose Ramon but all people call him Moncho; my mother Maria, my brother Pablo and finally mysister Lucia. My father and my mother work together in an office. Pablo, my brother, is 17 years old and now only thinks about passing the exam to drive acar. Lucia, my sister, is 10 years old and for me is very unbearable, but I think all the smaller sisters are unbearable at this age. She is going to start in IESIbaialde next year. I have a very big family on the side of my mother. We are 21cousins. All my cousins got on very well but I specially get along with Maria.She is 14 years old and is like another friend. 
 I am mad about dancing!!
I like all the styles to see but, to practice only one,hip-hop, because when I dance all my problems disappear and I enjoy itcompletely. In The future I want to work in the dance world but it’s verydifficult. I’m going to go to Los Angeles and New York, I’m going to learn manydances there and I ´m going to live there, and this is my dream. But also I have tostudy because I am in third of ESO and the teachers are very demanding.I will go to university and study architecture because I like the interior decoration. Also I like staying with my friends in Villava but we sometimes go to Pamplona.We like go to shopping together, but not many times buy clothes. Other hobby isfootball. Many years ago I played in a football team but now only go to Osasuna´s matches. When I was only 10 years old I went with my father and my brother to Madrid to see the King´s cup final between Betis and Osasuna but Osasunalost. And that´s all my life ,It´s not very interesting but I LIKE IT! 
MYSELF SAMPLES(Year 9/2009-10)
Hello!! my name is
Maider Eguilaz
and I'm astudent at Ibaialde in Burlada. I'm fourteen years old,I'm in the third level of E.S.O. Ibaialde is a very goodinstitude for me because the teachers are incredible!!and the students are wonderful persons. I live in Villava with my parents and my brother in aflat. It's big and it has three bedroms, two bathrooms,the living room and the kitchen. I've got one brother and his name is Xabier. I do not get on very well with him but I love him. He's ten years old. He studies at Lorenzo Goicoa, a primaryschool in Villava. My mother's name is Cristina and my father's name is Jose Luis. My mother's birthday is on March 23 and she was born in Pamplona. My father's birthday ison May 2 and he was born in Pamplona too. My mother works in an office andmy father works in a factory. My hobbies are listening to music, especially pop music. When I want to relax Iread but rarely...I really love dancing and I go to an academy in Pamplona calledLebal to dance hip-hop one day a week. Then I go to the academy of TheGovernment of Navarre to practise classical dances two days a week. Also I go to prepare festivals with Idoia two days a week, but some days I can't because Ihave a lot of homework but I try to do it.I like English too, and I prefer to go to an English academy but I haven't gotmuch time... At weekends I go to my village with my family. Its name is Obanos. It is the bestvillage in the world! I have a lot of friends there and I have a very good timethere. Then I pass the summer there too. Other weekends I stay in Villava and goout with my friends to the street or to the cinema, etc. My favourite subject at school are Biology and Physical Education. The first because it is a fun class and Biology because I want to study this. On thecontrary I don't like Basque because the classes are very boring and becausesometimes I don't understand the teacher. My daily routine is good because I have all the time to do my things and staywith my friends. I like my life a lot, it simple yes!! But I l like it a lot!!!
MYSELF SAMPLES(Year 9/2009-10)
Borja Gomez
. My name isn’t very usual in Navarre, but my parents chose it because theyliked it.I’m 14 and I was one of the oldest persons inthe class because I was born in January. I live inBurlada, in the same street as Naiara Irigoyen,this is why Naiara is my neighbour. Burlada is the best village, because the peopleare very friendly and there are a lot of things to do, like playing football,swimming, … It is perfect !!! I go to Ibaialde high school, I think Ibaialde is a very nice place to study.Myfavourite subjects are Maths, English and P.E , because I like numbers, speakingother languages and doing exercise. I’m not very tall and I have short blonde hair. I have the same eyes as my cousin,they are between green and blue. I’m very talkative, but I try to control it. I’mvery hardworking and a happy person although not always. My family is big, but in my house we are only 3 persons: my parents and me. Idon’t have any brothers or sisters.Esther, my mother is a chemist although she works in an optician’s near myhouse. I think she’s very good at her job, because she is very friendly althoughsometimes she can get angry.Roberto, my father is a policeperson working for the Government of Navarra. Hehas studied Psychology, he is very clever. His favourite hobbies are practisingfootball and being a magician. He plays football in a team of ''Boscos''. When hehas free time at home, he is always with a pack of cards in the hand practising. In my free time I like doing exercise. Doing exercise is fantastic. I play footballin Osasuna´s team, I like playing tennis too. 

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