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17334433 Consumer Behaviour MM4

17334433 Consumer Behaviour MM4

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Published by Niharika Jaiswal

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Published by: Niharika Jaiswal on Mar 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1 O.D.M Computer & Mgt. Education
Consumer Behaviour
unit -1Q.1:- Explain the meaning of Consumer Behavior. Why should a marketer study the hierarchyof needs model under this are of marketing?
Ans:- Consumer behavior:-A Consumer is an individual of a set of individuals who have an actual or potential interest inthe purchase of usage of any Product. Idea or a Service. The study of the behavioral aspects of aconsumer:-Purchase –intentionPurchase- decisionProduct usageProduct disposition is called Consumer Behavior.Thus consumer behavior is the study of the processes involved when individuals or groups selectpurchase, use or dispose off products to satisfy their needs of wants.Earlier the emphasis was on Buyer Behavior. This means on attempt was made to study thebehavior of an individual at the time of purchase of a product, service, idea, and experience etc.however it has been realized that consumer behavior is an on-going decision is important, but alsothe using & disposing off the product gives a lot of insight into a customer’s future purchases.The marketer is interested in understanding the entire consumption process:-Thus the concept of consumer behavior entails all above mentioned stages and the issues involvedin all the stages. The study involves the in-depth analysis of what a customer buys why he buys,what influences his choice and how does a customer disposes off a product? This study discussesthe psychological, economic, social and demographic aspects of a customer, which is turn affectsthe environmental variables.
Inter disciplinary approach to consumer behaviour 
The study of consumer behavior is interdisciplinary in nature. Various subjects havecontributed to the development of this subject.
- as a field of study of an individual;
as a filed of study of an individual in a society;
as a field of study of various cultures;
as a field of study of various past experiences of a consumer etc.
How does a customer decide which product to purchase?From which sources does he collects information about a product andits alternative Brands?How does a customer acquire a product?What all situational factors affect his choice?What does the purchase say about the consumer?
s the consumer satisfied with the product?Will he buy/recommend the brand again?How does he uses a product?How does he dispose off the product?What are the environmental consequences of disposing?BeforePurchasingDuringPurchasingPost PurchasingBehavior PsychologyEconomicsSociology
Interdisciplinaryapproach to
2 O.D.M Computer & Mgt. Education
Roles of a consumer 
: - A marketer studies the various roles a consumer play in the decisionmaking process:-(who actually purchase a product
in may circumstances, user or purchaser may be the same. For eg. When a doctor purchases a B.P. Apparatus for himself, he is a purchaser as well as a user.The two may be different, when an individual gives the Apparatus as a gift to a friend who isa medical student.Influencer is the person providing information or recommendations for or against a particular Product or Brand without actually buying or using the same e.g. the shop owner may guide thepurchaser on which brand of apparatus to buy. Before taking a decision on which product, whichbrand , from where, in what quantity & at what price to buy a product, a consumer goes through anumber of steps:-
AnthropologyDemographyHistoryInfluencer (who influence thepurchase decision)User (Who uses a product)PurchaseRole
Stage- IMarketer FamilyFriends ReferenceStage-IIMarketing effortsStage-IIIChoice of a brandChoice of storeChoice of time of purchaseChoice of quantity.Stage- IVThis is a stage from being ignorant about aproduct. The customer becomes aware of the4P’s of an offering.At this stage the marketer aims at building theinterest of a customer in a Brand. Thecustomer seeks more information andbecomes receptive to marketing efforts.The marketer lures the customer to an eventwhere he gets keenly involved in the product &desires to obtain the same. He identifies &evaluates the various alternatives available for a specific product.This is stage when the customer purchase andowns a Brand of his choice.AwarenessInterest
3 O.D.M Computer & Mgt. Education
Thus above mentioned are the stages through which a consumer goes through before decidingupon which product to buy. The duration and the sequence of stages may differ from consumer toconsumer and from products to product.The study of the above mentioned process of consumer behaviour helps the marketer in choosing aright appeal to influence a customer.
The study of consumer behaviour entails the hierarchy of needs as discussed by A.H.Maslow. This model of need divides the needs of an individual in various levels. Depending uponwhich level of need is more dominating at a given point of time, the marketer can design thepromotional campaign accordingly.
a)Physiological Needs:-
The physiological needs are the first and the most basic level of human needs. These needswhich are required to sustain biological life, include food, water, air, shelter, clothing, sex etc. themarketers may appeal to the physiological needs of a customer by:-Promoting physical healthAppealing to taste buds etc.
b)Safety & Security Needs:-
These are the second level of needs which arise in a customer and may be tapped by amarketer. These needs are concerned with physical safety, order, stability, routine, familiarly andcontrol over ones life and environment. For example:-Insurance policiesSavings accountsEducation &Vocational training etc. are some products which generally use the appeals to the safety & securityneeds of a cunsumer.
c)Social Needs
These are the needs for love, warmth, affection, belongingness and acceptance. Peopleseek warm and satisfying human relationships with other people and are motivated by love for their families and friend.Toothpaste, Deodorants etc.Are some products, which appeal to the social need of the customer.
d)Logistic needs
Inward-Self acceptanceSelf esteem SuccessIndependenceLogistic orientationOutward-Prestige reputationStatus & recognitionsThese needs presume the desire to show off one’s success and achievement through materialpossessions eg. Car, Suiting & Shirting’s, Jewellary etc.

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