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Kangen Water Comparison

Kangen Water Comparison

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Published by verdhee
for truly luv verdhee..
for truly luv verdhee..

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Published by: verdhee on Mar 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LetLets Compare Ionizerss Compare Ionizers
Enagic, Tyent, Life, KYK & JupiterEnagic, Tyent, Life, KYK & Jupiter
LetLets Discover what they dons Discover what they dont want you to knowt want you to know
Remember, ItRemember, Its not what they are telling you,s not what they are telling you,itits what theys what theyre not telling you!re not telling you!
This is a close look at the top 5 water ionizer companiesand their top of the line products.Tyent MMP 7070Tyent MMP 7070KYK GenesisKYK GenesisJupiter AthenaJupiter AthenaLife Ionizer 7500Life Ionizer 7500Enagic SDEnagic SD--501501
Your Health is Your #1 Priority!Your Health is Your #1 Priority!
By now you should all know how important alkalizing your body iswith good –ORP, micro-clustered, hexagonal waterand the amazing health benefits that go with it
Because it is easy to manipulate data such as -ORP values, even byusing an approved ORP meter, we have intentionally left thisinformation out. Instead, and more importantly, we will presentuseful and factual information based on:
On Plate SizeOn Plate Size
Quality of constructionQuality of construction
The Fine Print in the WarrantyThe Fine Print in the Warranty
Other useful informationOther useful information
1.1.Where you liveWhere you live2. The size (surface area) of the plates2. The size (surface area) of the plates3.3.The consistency and amount of platinum on theThe consistency and amount of platinum on theplatesplates4.4.Solid vs. MeshSolid vs. Mesh5.5.The power supply energizing the platesThe power supply energizing the plates6.6.The quality of the platesThe quality of the plates
There are 6 factors that you should considerThere are 6 factors that you should considerwhen looking at Titanium/ Platinum plateswhen looking at Titanium/ Platinum plates

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