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Hellraiser: Blood Gate

Hellraiser: Blood Gate

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Published by wraithqueen19
While vacationing in Georgia, Ashley stays in an antiques shop and discovers the Lament Configuration. Can she defeat Pinhead and the Cenobites for good, or will she suffer the same fate as so many before her?
While vacationing in Georgia, Ashley stays in an antiques shop and discovers the Lament Configuration. Can she defeat Pinhead and the Cenobites for good, or will she suffer the same fate as so many before her?

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Published by: wraithqueen19 on Mar 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A/N: This is my first attempt at a fanfic in the form of a screenplay. I don't ownHellraiser.Part One: Opening the Doorway
The Georgian street bustled with throngs of hurrying people intent on unknown business.Some stores were closed due to the holiday commemorating the presidents, but othershad opened late.
weaved through the crowd, scanning the shops until she sawa sign that boasted extremely low prices on antiques. Having no way to make time goalong more quickly, she entered 
 , squinting in the poor light.
 failed to notice the man behind her and jumped when he touched her shoulder,making her heart race.
in a kind voice, blue eyes sparkling 
) Dearie, that was not on purpose, Iassure you. I don't make scaring young woman such as yourself one of my habits
Now,shall I show you some of my most prized relics or will you be looking alone?ASHLEY: I'm just going to roam around, since there's nothing better to do. (
Shouldering her purse and pack,
 searched the rows of dusty objects, halting at the sight of a golden cube. Reaching out to pick it up, she jerked her hand away, fingertips tingling.
)Excuse me, but what is this thing? I've never seen anything like it in my life.SHOPKEEPER: Oh, that is the Lament Configuration, or as some call it, The Portal toHell. For two years, it's been in my collection, yet because of its grim reputation, no onehas expressed interest in it. (
raise an eyebrow, the
went on, albeit with reluctance.)
According to past owners, the Lament Configuration,once solved, unleashes monsters known as Cenobites, their leader being Pinhead. Last person who brought me the infernal thing was nearly hysterical, claiming her entirefamily had been slaughtered by Pinhead and dragged to Hell. (ASHLEY
hastilyretreated, causing the
to sooth her instantly.)
But those are only storiesconjured from the minds of desperate people trying to get rid of the cube for whatever reason. None of them are true.ASHLEY:(
mentally kicking herself for being so cowardly
) What else could they be? Bythe way, I just came to Georgia for vacation and have no place to stay. My idiotic boss
to book me a hotel room. You know anywhere I could crash tonight? (
Silently, the
 pointed to the ceiling.
) Just like that? Not going to check if I'm a wantedcriminal or something? Wow, I owe you one, sir.SHOPKEEPER: There's a small room upstairs I give to those who are new to the city.You're free to come and go for as long as you want. Besides, those hotel vultures think they own the world. (
waved his hand.
) Go on, get settled in beforenightfall.
 Expressing her thanks once more,
went up the stairs to the second floor and  found the spare bedroom in perfect condition. Placing her belongings on the bed, shewas about to go over to the window when her cellphone rang. Checking the screen,
discovered it was
and answered.
 flopping onto the chair next to the window
) Yeah, what do you want, dork?Damn, I knew I was missing my sandals! Alright, talk to you later. (
 Digging through her bulging pack,
 found her wallet, then went downstairs. The
waved cheerily, which she returned.
) I'll be right back. Turns out I left my sole pair of sandals at home.
Outside it was still as busy as it had been a half-hour ago.
browsed in a local Walmart until it was close to eight o'clock. Quickly buying the sandals she had beenadmiring,
hurried to the antiques store, body clamoring that it was dead tired.Stumbling up the fight of steps, she collapsed on the bed, eyes falling on the Lament Configuration that was on the covers.
quietly calming her pounding heart 
) How the hell did you get here? Is thisthat guy's idea of a house warming gift? (
Grabbing the cube without having an electrical  shock like before,
turned it over in her hands, studying the intricate patternson its six faces.
) Okay, now how do you complete this damned thing? Abra kadabraalakazam, hocus pocus? Open Sesame? No, nothing? Fine, then how 'bout this? (
 Running her finger clockwise on a circle,
 yelped as part of the cube lifted and rotated, settling into its new position. Blue energy engulfed the Lament Configuration whichcoalesced the beams into five grotesque figures. One of them had dozens of pins driven inhis skull and face.
) T-this can't be happening! Down there, the man who runs the placesaid that everyting was nonsense!PINHEAD: He was wrong, Ashley. We are very much real. (
 He took a step forward sothat 
could see that he was garbed in a leather suit with gaping wounds on hischest.
) Since you opened the box and summoned us, your soul belongs to the Cenobiteswho will sacrifice you at the Blood Gate in our Hell. Resist, and I shall personally makeyour suffering a long, painful process.ASHLEY
only managed a croak before her intense fear shut down her mind, sending her into unconsciousness.
Part Two: Torment of the Mind
 It had been four months since
had been to the Winter Festival in Buffalo withher friends. They had taken the subway train to get 
where droves of peoplemilled about, wanting to get in the ice maze. After five hours wandering the area, the group had returned to the train platform, boarding the next vehicle to the station.
 falling heavily into a vacant seat 
) Man, I'm beat! All that walking really took my energy away. I could use about ten hours sleep right now. (
The train rumbled underground, the only sight visible beyond the windows being dark concrete
.) Wish thisfucking thing could go faster than 60 miles per hour. Last time I checked, we weren't onthe thruway. (
Suddenly, the lights died and the train ground to a lurching halt, throwing many out of 
their seats
.) Perfect, just friggin' perfect! Now I can't see my hand in front of my face and two of my nails broke! I am SO suing NFTA when we get home.
ASHLEY: Would you
 shut up?
It's not their fault the power went out. (
 Repeated thumps sounded behind the sealed door to the where the
was. A thick, metallic smell drifted in the air 
.) Oh, God! Is that blood? Quick, somebody call 911! The driver's beenhurt! (
 Frightened yells drowned 
words, passengers beating on the locked doors in an attempt to alert help.
materializing at the front of the train, his appearance silencing the screams
)Good, show your terror. It will make it that more easier to reveal the things that make youmortals whimper! (
 Long black chains crashed through the windows, impaling numerousindividuals on their keen
barbs. Rivers of blood pooled on the steel floor, choking criescleaving the air until 
was the only survivor.
 pivoted to look at her,ebony eyes shining sinisterly
.) Come, child. There is no use denying it. Your fate restswith us.
 A trio of long chains rocketed at 
 piercing her fleah and puling it taunt,ripping screams from her throat. They were slowly splitting her skin
wasabruptly sitting in a car bound for Albany. Beside her were her two best friends
turning the radio down
) Hey, does anyone else hear that or am I just goingnuts? Listen!ASHLEY
both hushed, straining to hear what their friend was
Mere seconds later, it came to them: the sound of clanking metal. Craning 
their necks, they peered out the windows, but failed to see where the noise was coming from.
Opening her mouth to speak,
 gargled as a fish
hook unexpectedly sprouted between her eyes,its tip spraying blood. It had torn the seat to pass through her neck to spear the bottom of her brain, stopping all vital functions.
watching a chain sever 
 jugular vein, hot gore splashing her 
Why is this happening to me?!
in the backseat 
) Because you solved the puzzle and freed us. Our rulesdictate that those who release us are offered to the Blood Gate to keep the portal linkingour worlds open. (
Other Cenobites surround the car, scratching the glass, trying to get 
ASHLEY.) You are no different, Ashley. (PINHEAD's
face became feral, his teethbared. Without warning, he launched at 
and their combined weight sent themhurling down a shaft,
cries fading into oblivion
avoiding the clawing hands as he shook 
) Calmyourself, woulda ya? It's just a dream, nothing more. (
Spotting the Lament Configurationon the floor, he retrieved it.
) Did you steal this when I wasn't looking? 'Cause I'd have letyou have it if you wanted it so badly. Guess I'll take it back downstairs for some poor fool to buy. (
went to exit the room, but 
called him.
) Whatis it?ASHLEY: Don't take it! It's the only thing keeping them from dragging me to Hell andthe Blood Gate! (
rise behind the
 she yelled 
.) Look out!

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