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Who Are the Real FASADIS?

Who Are the Real FASADIS?



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Published by paglot
Who Are the Real FASADIS?
Who Are the Real FASADIS?

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Published by: paglot on Mar 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nowadays it has become norm tocall anyone who is against thepolicies of Pakistan governmentand army and who stand againstqadyani or Kazabi(newly form cultheaded by Zaid hamid) as fasadisand greedy people who fight formoney.Pakistan interior Minister RahmanMalik was the first person who usedthe word FASADI for people whooppose the government policies byquoting verse of Quran and thenGeo TV along with other parrots inmedia started to play the drum of FASADI and I suppose this is theonly verse which liberal class of Pakistan have learned by heart.I don't know about others butAlhamdu-lillah I belong to affluent
family.My father is surgeon and my3 siblings are doctors and one isdoing ACCA .Our parents haveprovided us with O and A leveleducation so I have no greed formoney which ALLAH has alreadyblessed me.But I know very well itis not something to be proud of.Thebest in the eyes of AllahSubhanuwatalaa is one who haveadequate knowledge of deen ulIslam and who is best in Taqwa.Taqwa means a person whoabstain from all sins big or smalland who fear AllahSubhanhuWatalla most.They lookfor reasons to please Allah all thetime and not to displease him.Saddest thing is that mostPakistanis do have knowledge .andthey are number one experts in the

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