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Hawk (Pilot Episode)

Hawk (Pilot Episode)

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Published by David R.

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Published by: David R. on Mar 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hawk(Pilot Episode)ByDavid Raygoza
INT. KRUTCH’S LAIRFor the moment there is no light. It’s completely black aswe hear WESLEY narrate, his town rough and insulting.WESLEY (V.O.)I’m never giving into this town.A door creaks open, it’s sound rusty and metallic.Steps are heard and they get louder as they approach.WESLEY (V.O.)You want an ultimatum? Well thereyou have it.There’s still nothing but darkness on screen, but we hear ashove and a groan. WESLEY’s face falls into the camera shot.WESLEY is in his 30’s, his face bloodied and bruised. Darkeyes and dark hair. As HE coughs up a storm, the camera pansto the left, away from his face. Two GOONS stand. Teenagepunks dressed in leather and chains. They have no hairanywhere, only scars.One of the GOONS closes the steel door. The other one standsrubbing his face thoughtfully.WESLEY (V.O.)You can toss me all your nut jobsand wackos, I promise you I won’tgive in.GOON 1, the one who was rubbing his face, leans over, onlyinches away from WESLEY. Playfully he tells himGOON 1You’re pushing your luck pal.WESLEY raises his head and looks him in the eye.GOON 1What’s wrong pal? Kat got yourtongue?GOON 1 moves back to his friend’s side and laughshystericallyWESLEY (V.O.)Kat, Katherine.Pictures flash on screen. Bright pictures of a beautifulwomen. The women is in her late 20’s, bright blond hair, asmile in every picture.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.WESLEY (V.O.)Do you hear me Kat?The pictures leave and the dark atmosphere is back. Thatdark grimy room where WESLEY is tied to a chair. GOON 2hands GOON 1 something.WESLEY (V.O.)I’m doing this for you. I won’tever give in, won’t ever give up.GOON 1 walks over behind WESLEY and raises a gun to the backof his head.WESLEY (V.O.)I love you, Kiddo.BLACK OUTOPENING CREDITSEXT. CITY SCAPECamera Shots of the City are shown. Incredibly highbuildings where the rich sit in luxury. Streets filled withgarbage where the bums walk and sleep. The cars buzz and flythrough the air. It’s the year 3012 and not much isdifferent.Camera Shots of huge Television Screens. The TV Screens showpoliticians and advertisements. Police officers guard thefloating center of the city. City Hall is a huge sphere witha ring around it’s bottom. Here the Police stand with gunsand watch.END OPENING CREDITSINT. HAWK’S APARTMENTThe bathroom is filling with steam from the hot water.Inside the tub, blood trickles toward the drain. WESLEYshuts the water off and steps out with a towel on. HE looksinto the mirror above the sink.WESLEY (V.O.)This city used to be somethingmajestic. I used to be it’ssheriff.Turning away HE walks to his bedroom.(CONTINUED)

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