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Chapter 1-Bellas Book

Chapter 1-Bellas Book

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Published by Maddy Marie

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Published by: Maddy Marie on Mar 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I stared out the plane window. We were almost ready to land. I was so glad to beback home, even though I would miss our (Esme's) island.It had been a long flight here. Edward hadn't said much of anything. He was still mad, but he was seeming to calm down a little."The plane is begining to land. Please stay seated until further notice. Thank you."Thats when I saw them. Our family was waiting for us with the Porsche and Rose'sred BMW. I had never been more exited to see them in my life.It was so sunny outside so I wasn't suprised that they were all covered up. I bet if one of them were only wearing a tanktop and shorts, they could land the plane themselfs. I pictured Rosalie in a spegetie straped tank top and short shortswaving her arms around in the air landing the plane. I giggled.The plane was nearing the ground and Alice was jumping up and down smiling and waving. I smiled too. Home."Thank you for your cooperation. Your flight has ended. Please grap your belongings and exit in an orderly fashion. Have a safe trip." Edward got our stuff andwe got off the plane.The first person I saw was Rosalie. She was smiling comfortingly at me, her armsout. I took off runnig. It felt so good to be in her arms."How are you?''"I'm fine. Glad to be home actualy."She laughed. "I bet!""Hey! Don't hog my new siss. Haven't you ever been taught to share?"I smiled and sighed. "Alice,""Sissy!" She came towrads me smiling a huge smile, her arms extended towards me.I went and hugged her."How was the honymoon?""It was great.""Good," she let go, leaving one arm around my sholders."Hows it going my brotha'?" Emmett held his fist out. Edward bumpped his fist toEmmett's. Edward smiled "I'm doing alright. Jasper." He nodded his head towardshim. Esme was standing there quietly. I went up to her and hugged her also."Thank you so much. You don't know how much I apriciate you letting us use the island. It was magical and so veary beautiful.""Oh, you are so veary welcome Bella, honey. You two can use it any time you want.Edward came up to were we were standing and he put his arm around my waist. "I too, thank you. We had a wonderful time." Carslile came up and put his hands on our backs. "We better get going."

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