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#_al Imam Ahmed Raza Khan_ Qur'An_kanz

#_al Imam Ahmed Raza Khan_ Qur'An_kanz

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Published by AL Malibari
THE best English commentary of HOLY QUR'AN _SUNNI CREED_Ahle sunnat wal jamaat
THE best English commentary of HOLY QUR'AN _SUNNI CREED_Ahle sunnat wal jamaat

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Published by: AL Malibari on Mar 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Al-Quran-ul-Kareem(English Translation)Kanz-ul-Eeman
 An English Translation from"KANZ-UL-EEMAN"The Urdu Translation by"AalaHazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan"English Text Translation by"Professor Shah Farid-ul-Haque" About This Translation
This English version of the Holy Quran is the translation of Kanz-ul-Eeman the Urdu version of Imam Ahl-e-SunnatMaulana Shah Ahmed Raza Khan of Brielly.This is an accepted fact that the revealed Arabic words of the Holy Quran cannot be actually transformed in anyother language of the world. Literal translation of Arabic Quran conveying the same meaning is not aonly difficultbut is impossible.Therefore the translation of Arabic Quran in any other language is usually an explanatory translation. Imam Ahl-e-Sunnat Shah Ahmed Raza Khan's Urdu translation knowd as Kanz-ul-Eeman is an explanatory translation. Thisexplanatory translation of Urdu was completed in the beginning of 20th Century i.e. 1910.It is the most famous and accepted urdu translation of muslims belonging to the school of jurisprudence and theinstitution of the people of tradition and of the congregation in Indo-Pak sub-continent.Imam Ahmed Raza Khan, a great jurist and a learned scholar of Islam was born in 1858 at Brielly (India) an died in1921. He is considered to be the most learned and authentic authority on Quran, Sunnah and jurisprudence bymajority muslims of this sub-continent. He was a great writer and wrote about one thousand (1,000) small and bigbooks relating to various aspects of Islam.He devoted his entire life to the propagation of real faith and traditions of the Holy Prophet (Salallaho Alaihi W'alihiWasallam). His main theme of the life was extreme and devoted love of ALLAH and his last Messenger Muhammad(Salallaho Alaihi W'alihi Wasallam). He could bear any thing except utterances against Islam, ALLAH and HisMessengers. He was a traditionist and a true follower of the jurisprudence of Imam-e-Azam Abu Hanifi (Radi ALLAHUnho). He was a great mystic too and was a staunch lover of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Radi ALLAH Unho) of Baghdad.Imam Ahmed Raza Khan's religious works have no parallel in his time. His ability, far-sightedness and depth of thought have been recognized by the Ulmas and Muftis of all the four scholars of jurisprudence not only of this sub-continent but of Harmain Sharifain and other Muslim world. He was awarded certificates of recognition by thesemen of Islamic learning when he visited Harmain Sharifain for performing Hajj (Pilgrimage) in the begining of 20thCentrue.Though he has written numerously, but his two most famous works the translation of Holy Quran in Urdu andFatawa-e-Razavia in twelve huge volumes have proved his superiority, deep thinking, ability and extreme love of  ALLAH Almighty and the Prophet Mohammad (Salallaho Alaihi W'alihi Wasallam) over entire group of Ulmas of his
Al-Quran English Translation (Kanz-ul-Eeman)NooreMadinah Network -http://www.NooreMadinah.net
time. Imam Ahl-e-Sunnat Shah Ahmed Raza Khan filled a new spirit and enthusiasm for Islam in the hearts of muslims. He revived love and affection of the last prophet and his teachings. Seeing his works for the revival of Islam, he deserves to be called a revivalist of 20th Century.
 Surah Number 1: Al-Fâtihah (The Opening)Revealed at: MakkahTotal Verses: 7
1.Allah in the name of The Most Affectionate, the Merciful.2.All praise unto Allah, Lord of all the worlds.3.The most Affectionate, The Merciful.4.Master of the Day of Requital.5.We worship You alone, and beg You alone for help.6.Guide us in the straight path.7.The path of those whom You have favoured. Not of those who have earned Your anger and nor of those whohave gone astray.
Surah Number 2: Al-Baqarah (The Cow)Revealed at: MadinahTotal Verses: 286 ALLAH in the name of The Most Affectionate, the Merciful.
1.Alif-Lam Mim (Individual Letters of Arabic Alphabet).2.That high ranked Book (Quran) whereof there is no place of doubt, in it there is guidance to the God-fearing.3.Who believe without seeing, and establish prayer and spend in Our path, out of Our provided subsistence.4.And who believe in what has been sent down towards you, O beloved prophet! And what has been sent downbefore you and are convinced of the Last Day.5.They alone are on the guidance from their Lord and they alone are the gainers.6.Surely, as to those who are destined to infidelity, it is alike whether you warn them or warn them not, they willnever believe.7.Allah has set a seal on their hearts and on their ears, and over their eyes there is a dark covering, and for themis great torment.8.And some people say, 'We have believed in Allah and the Last Day' yet they are not to believe.9.They seek to deceive Allah and the believers, and in fact, they deceive not but their own souls, and theyperceive not.10.In their hearts is a disease, so Allah has increased their disease and for them is a painful torment, therecompense of their lies.11.And when it is said to them, create not disorder on the earth, they say, 'we are but reformats'.12.Be-ware! It is they who are the mischief-makers, but they perceive not.13.And when it is said to them 'believe as others have believed,' they say, 'shall we believe as fools', believe,Beware! It is they who are the fools, but they do not know.14.And when they meet believers, they say, 'we believe', and when they are alone with their devils, they say, 'weare with you, we are only mocking'.15.Allah mocks at them (Befitting His Dignity) and leaves them to wander about in their contumacy.16.They are those people who purchased error for guidance but their trade earned them no profit, and they
Al-Quran English Translation (Kanz-ul-Eeman)NooreMadinah Network -http://www.NooreMadinah.net
indeed knew not the way of trading.17.Their example is like the one who kindled a fire, so when it lit up all around him, Allah took away their light andleft them in darkness where nothing is seen.18.Deaf, Dumb, blind, so they are not to return.19.Or like a rain pouring from the sky. Wherein is darkness and thunder and lightning, they thrust fingers in theirears because of the thunderclaps for fear of death and Allah has encompassed the disbeliveers.20.It so "seems that the lightning, would snatch away the, sights whenever there is some flashing they walk therein and when it is dark, they stand still, and if Allah willed He would have taken away their ears and sights,surely Allah can do everything.21.O Mankind! Worship your Lord Who has created you and those before you, haply you may become pious.22.And Who made the earth a bed for you, and the sky a structure and caused water to come down from heavenhence brought forth therewith some fruits for your food, therefore do not set up equals for Allah knowingly.23.And if you are in some doubt, concerning what We sent down upon Our special devotee, then bring onechapter like it, and call upon all your helpers beside Allah, if you are truthful.24.Then if you cannot bring and We declare that you can never bring, hence dread the fire whose fuel is men andstones, is prepared for the disbeliveers.25.And give glad tidings to those who accepted faith and did good deeds, that for them there are gardens underwhich flow streams. Whenever they would be provided with a fruit to eat, they would say seeing its shape thisis the same substance which we got before and that was given to them resembling in shape, and for themthere are pure mates and therein they will abide for ever.26.Surely, Allah not ashamed of describing any thing for illustration, be it a gnat or above it, hence those whoaccepted faith, they know that it is the truth from their Lord, and those who are disbeliveers they say, "Whatdoes Allah mean by such a similitude". Allah sends astray many by it and guides many and Bends astray thoseby it who are disobedient27.Those who break the covenant of Allah after its confirmation and sever that which Allah ordered to join andspread disorder in the earth, they are the only losers.28.How you will disbelieve in Allah, whereas, you were dead, He gave you life, then will cause you to die thenagain will give you life, then towards Him you will return.29.He it is Who created for you all that is in the earth, then turned toward the heaven, then formed sevenheavens correctly and He knows all and every thing.30.And recall when your Lord said to the Angels, I am about to place a vice-generate in the earth, they said, "will You place such who will spread disorder and shed blood'? And We praise You commending You and sanctify You; He told, 'I know what you know not'.31.And Allah the Exalted taught the names of all things to Adam. Then presenting all shines before the Angelssaid, "Tell the names of these, if you are truthful."32.They said 'Sanctity to You", We know nothing, but what You Taught us, no doubt, You alone are the Knowerand the Wise.33.He "said, "O Adam tell them the names of all shines, when Adam had informed them of the names of all, Hetold, had I not told you that I know all the hidden things of the beavers and earth, and I know whatever youdisclose and whatever you hide.34.And recall, when We ordered the angels to prostrate before Adam, then all prostrated save Iblis. He refused,boasted, and became disbeliever.35.And We said, "O Adam dwell you and your wife in this (paradise) and eat freely thereof where you will but donot approach this tree lest you become of the transgressors.36.Then Satan made them slip and got them out from the place where they lived, and We said, "get down, one of you is the enemy of the other and you have to stay in the earth and to make use of it for a time.37.Then Adam learnt certain words from his Lord so Allah accepted his penitence. Surely, He is the alone mostRelenting, Merciful.38.We said, "you all get down from the paradise then if any guidance comes to you from Me, then who-so-everfollowed My guidance, they have no fear nor any grieve.39.And those who disbelieve and shall belie My signs, they are the people of the hell, they have to live in itforever.40.O Children of Yaqoob recall My, that favor which I bestowed upon you and fulfill My covenant, I shall fulfill yourcovenant and dread Me alone.41.And believe in what I sent down confirming that which is with you and be not the first rejecter of it and acceptnot small price for My signs and dread Me alone.42.And confound not the truth with falsehood and conceal not the truth knowingly.
Al-Quran English Translation (Kanz-ul-Eeman)NooreMadinah Network -http://www.NooreMadinah.net

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