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After Breaking Dawn CH17

After Breaking Dawn CH17



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Published by Amber

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Published by: Amber on Mar 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I carried her up the stairs, she was vaugley aware of this, and lay heron the bed. She looked too cute whenshe was half asleep. I smiled as I pulledher shoes off and sat them on the floor. She looked really, really good inthese shoes. I walked to the window on the far side of the room, and hopedout of it. Once I landed on the ground I ran quickly to the house, I needed tochange. As I entered the house, Edward was coming down the stairs. "Sleepwith her tonight, just don't disappoint me." he told me, his tone friendly yetstern, and fatherly, at the same time. I smiled to myself as I continued up thestairs, towards Nessie's room.Once I reached the top, I saw Esme standing at Nessie and Rachel'sbedroom door. I laughed as I stepped around her, and knocked on the door. Igot a suprised look from Esme. Rachel opened the door, she was in wrappedin nothing put a towel, and peeked through a small crack. "I have to getsomething." I said, turnning towards Esme with a smirk, "And I think you wantto talk to her." I said as I walked through the door, Ciaran was sitting on thesofa. I gave him a look, and walked up to him. "Shes like a little sister, sodon't hurt her." I said in a strained tone, my fists clutched. I knew Edwardwould take care of it, I noted that meantally.After starring at Ciaran for a moment, I turned towards Renesmee'scloset. "Oh, hell.." I muttered to myself, hoping I would find her pajamaswithout a strugle. I knew the hidden dangers in entering a womans closet,and I was scared. Scared as hell. I pushed the door open, and took a breath.It wasn't as bad as I thought. I took a step inside and turned to my right,where I saw a dresser with a set of clothing on top of it. I sighed in relief,hoping Renesmee was the type of girl to set her clothing out for later. Shewas. I looked at it, and saw that it was a pair of cotton shorts with one of those strappy shirts, a tank top maybe? And then.. Then.. Then herunderwear and a bra. I didn't really like that idea. I sighed again, picking thepile of clothing up and rushing to my room where I showered and changedinto a pair of sweats.When I got back to the room atop the 'party' house, Renesmee hadn'tmoved an inch. I smiled, contemplating how'd I'd change her with dignity. Iwalked over to get and carefuly pulled her into my arms, shaking her lightly."Nessie, wake up real quick." I whispered, she mumbled "Nooo.. I'm...Sleepy.." she said, I smiled again. "You have to change. You know, bra,undies?" I whispered, still smiling, waiting for her reply. She flailed her arm,
"Silly Jak..ob.. I don' wanna' change." she answered, falling asleep in myarms. I shook her lightly again, "Either you change yourself, or I'll have tochange you." I told her, thinking that'd get her to worry about it. She kept hereyes closed, "What? You.. Don't wanta'.. see.. my boobies?" she asked as if she didn't know what she was saying. I sighed, sitting her down on my lap,and unzipping her dress. "I feel like a rapist." I mumbled to myself as I pulledher dress of. I threw the bra on her, my eyes were closed. I fumbled withthose god-damn clips on the back of it, but I did it without opening my eyesonce. I felt like I was violating her, and I didn't like that. In my mind I waswondering if I should have just gotten Bella to come and do it, but I thoughtof that too late. I kept my eyes closed the whole time I changed her, andneedless to say that took forever. I finally pulled her arms through her littleshirt, and noticed her shorts were on backwards. I groaned aloud as Ichanged them back around, she didn't wake up again through the wholeprocess.After changing (violating) Renesmee, I pulled her into my arms andfliped the sheets on the bed back before tucking her into them. I walked tothe other side of the bed, and made sure my feet were clean. I laughed atmyself as I did so, feeling like an idiot. I didn't wear shoes, or a shirt, just mysweats. After my foot inspection, I crawled into the bed under the sheets. Asif on cue Renesmee scooted over and curled up by my chest, laying her faceon my shoulder and whispering in my ear, "You're too cute." I was shocked."You were awake the whole time." I stated, she giggled in my ear. I sat thereembaressed, and in shock. She started running her finger up and down mychest, making me shiver. "Are you cold?" She asked me sarcastically, hervoice slightly senseual. I smiled, "Freezeing." I answered in the same toneshe had asked.Renesmee then got this devious smile on her face, and put her armsaround me and kissed me on the cheek. You're too cute, I wanted to tell her,but I didn't. I put my arms around her, and pulled her close to my chest."Save the date, this is the first time we've slept in the same bed." I teasedher, she smiled. "Easy to remember, 05-05-09." she said with a grin, Ismirked at her. I lay there awake, watching her trace patterns across mychest, intently thinking something out of this world. I watched her for anhour, never speeking, she was too beautiful. "I thought you were tired?" Iasked her, she'd fallen asleep on me twice when we were dancingdownstairs. She smiled up at me, "I was tired when I wasn't in bed with you."she answered, pulling her lips up towards mine, but she couldn't reach. Ismiled and pulled my head down a bit, letting our lips touch. It was as if shewas begging me for more, I wanted to laugh. She bit my lip lightly, and Ismiled in our kiss. She bit it a little again, laying her hand flat on my stomach.I caved and opened my mouth.I felt her hands on my leg, and I instantly felt like pulling away. I didn'twant this to go too far. I'd promised her father I wouldn't. I pulled her hands
off me and put them in her lap, and took a breather. "What?" she asked me,breathing heavily. I stifled a sigh, and brushed the bead of sweat off of herforehead. "I can't, Nessie, I can't go too far with you." I told her, mybreatheing normal, she just stared into my eyes. "Why? Why not?" shewhispered in my ear, her voice still rough and heavy. I pulled her hand off myleg and held it in mine, "Because I want to do it right, Nessie. I promised yourdad I wouldn't, he trusts me." I told her, trying to stay strong and hold myground. I could feel myself crumbling at her will, but I had to live with herfamily. I know they'd rip my head off in a heart beat, and thats something I'drather not have done. I did thoroughly enjoy my being here. "Please Jacob?Please?" she asked me, I moaned aloud as she brushed her hand across mywaist-band, a mistake. "Please, Renesmee, don't do this to me." Icomplained, she pouted her lip out.I starred at her for a moment, and realized why we never slept in thesame room together. She'd tried to seduce me time and time again, but notlike this, never like this. She sat half-way up on her elbow, looking into myeyes, leaning into me before she kissed my lips. She did as she did before, inbiting my lip, but this time I didn't hesitate. She locked her fingers in my hair,continueing to kiss me, her body was pushed up close against mine.
I felt her hand slide down my back, and I then slowly pulled away."Renesmee, I can't." I admitted, she just looked at me. "Why not?" she askedme, and I frowned, she was trying to kill me, I swear. "I promised your dad, I just can't." I admitted, getting out of the bed. She pouted as I walked acrossthe room towards the window. I couldn't stay in this room any longer before Idid what I promised I wouldn't. I jumped out of the window and ran in a headlong sprint towards the main house. I wanted Renemsee. I wanted her bad.When I walked into the house Edward was leaning up against the wall,his hands were covering his face. I heard Bella and Rosalie whispering in theother room. "No, Edward's going insane with Jacob and Nessie's thoughts. I'mabout to sheild their minds to save him from his pain." Bella was tellingRosalie, I kept walking forward. Edward smelt me and looked up at me, hisface pained and shocked at my presence. "You're? You were? What?" hemumbled, I hadn't seen Edward trip over words before. "I made a promise toyou, as her father, that I'm not willing to break. I left before I broke." I toldhim as I turned back towards the stairs, I felt his hand on my shoulder. "Youdid?" he asked, I was going to question his sanity. He was a mind-reader andall, so why did he have to ask? "Yeah, I did. As much as I didn't want to leavethat room, I did. For you." I said, pushing his hand off my shoulder andturning around once more. "Thank you." He whispered so low human earswouldn't have heard it. I didn't reply. I just ran at full speed up the stairs, not

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