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Published by runneals

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Published by: runneals on Mar 18, 2010
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Tri-County Geocaching Course
(by Scott Edmundson)Group Names:_______________________________ District/ National Science Content Standards : 2, 3, 4, 5, 6Science as Inquiry - Grades 3-5 Essential Concepts and/or SkillsIdentify and generate questions that can be answered through scientificinvestigations.Use appropriate tools and techniques to gather, process, and analyze data.Incorporate mathematics in science inquiries.Communicate scientific procedures and explanations.Earth & Space - Grades 3-5 Essential Concepts and/or SkillsUnderstand and apply knowledge of properties and uses of earth materials.Understand and apply knowledge of processes and changes on or in the earth’sland, oceans, and atmosphere.Understand and apply knowledge of weather and weather patterns.Life Science - Grades 3-5 Essential Concepts and/or SkillsUnderstand and apply knowledge of organisms and their environments,including:
Structures, characteristics, and adaptations of organisms that allow themto function and survive within their habitats.
How individual organisms are influenced by internal and external factors.Understand and apply knowledge of environmental stewardship.Understand and apply knowledge of basic human body systems and how theywork together.Understand and apply knowledge of personal health and wellness issues.Physical Science - Grades 3-5 Essential Concepts and/or SkillsUnderstand and apply knowledge of how to describe and identify substancesbased on characteristic properties.Understand and apply knowledge of states of matter and changes in states ofmatter.Understand and apply knowledge of sound, light, electricity, magnetism, andheat.
Year End Activity
In this activity you will become familiar with a GPS unit and use this unit to helpnavigate your way to answering spatial questions pertaining to both science and
the community.First we need to become familiar with a GPS personal navigator. We will use theeTrex unit created by Garmin. This GPS unit has buttons on both sides that canbe used to navigate the basic operations and functions of this unit. Look at thediagram on the next page to get a basic overview of the different location ofbuttons and their function.Each of your GPS receivers will need to be set to UTM/UPS position format andset the datum to WGS84 horizontal datum. Your teacher will walk you throughthis simple procedure. Before you do this let’s find some background informationabout WGS84 by doing an internet search on Yahoo or Google. Using thecomputer lab, you will document important information that will help you to betterunderstand the World Geodetic System.1.What is WGS 84 datum?2. When was it established?3.Is this the only datum available?4.How long will it be valid?
(Mr. Edmundson goes over GPS units with kids in large group.)You are now ready to start navigation. As you travel along the trail answer thequestions as they pertain to each coordinates to the best of your ability. Beaware of your surroundings and stay safe. Do not walk onto the highway, jumpfences, or veer off school property. Be careful around the vehicles in the parkinglot. You will need to draw information from your prior knowledge when answeringthe questions. You may carry a book to help refresh your memory. Good luck,have fun, cooperate, and enjoy your surroundings.
For Easier Navigation:
To simplify finding our coordinates, the first 4 numbers of the easting andthe first 4 numbers of the northings can be ignored. The coordinates will allbegin with these numbers:Top number - Easting: 0555 Therefore, the easting 570 is actually 0555570Bottom number - Northing: 4589 Therefore, the northing 303 is actually 4589303
Clockwise Version 1
Turn on your GPS unit and get ready to navigate. You will walk out of theelementary building as if you are going to recess. Walk to ___619___ eastingand __307___northing.1. What kind of a tree is located at this site? Is it a vascular or nonvascularplant? Would the leaves stay green in the winter?Walk to ___630___ easting and _324__northing and compare this tree to thetree you just looked at.2. Create a venn diagram to compare the similarities and differences of bothtrees.

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