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Tuller-4-H Geocache

Tuller-4-H Geocache

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Published by runneals

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Published by: runneals on Mar 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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4-H Geocaching for Horse Project Members
Topic: Bits N BridlesHave the 4-H members work in teams of 3 to 5. Their goal is to be thefirst team to quickly navigate the course gathering the various parts of awestern bridle, answering the questions and then correctly assemblingtheir bridle. A teams’ time will stop when they have assembled their  bridle and have answered the questions along the way. A clip boardcould be given to each team.
Each geocaching point will need to have the same number of bridle parts as there are teams of 4-Hers. For example: a bridle needs one chinstrap so if you have 4 teams then you will need to have 4 chin straps atthat geocaching point.
1) Pick your “gait” and hurry to
916 easting
315 northing
. This part of a bridlecreates leverage and is used with bits that have shanks. It is called a ________________. They can be either ____________ or a 1 inch flat ____________ for 4-H.2) “Trot” on to the 2
920 easting, 333 northing
. Remember to keep your team together and answer the question as you find this bridle part that is out of sight. This part of the bridle can be adjusted and may have silver on them if youshow. They are called ______________ .3) “Running” will get you to the 3
point at
883 easting, 312 northing
so don’tdelay! Open the door and on the floor you shall see a ______________ bit thatcombines snaffle rings with a curb bit.4) “Lope” on to 888
easting, 312 northing
. On your hands and knees you will seethis part of the bridle, along with #2, holds the bit and is called the _________________ .
5) A “hand gallop” will get you to point 5 at
853 easting, 322 northing.
take20 steps back over the gravel, look left, look right, look over or under. Here youwill find the most common type of jointed bit used and the least severe. It has noshanks, it can be used with a martingale and most often used on young horses. It isa ________________ bit. The one you have selected is a (an) _______________ type.6) Using your “extended trot” find
841 easting, 310 northing.
The weather iswarmer in this direction and in a bridle bag you shall see what connects the horseto the rider. They are called ______________ . Now name two types of these ____________ or ______________ .7) Your “ground covering walk” will get you to
865 easting, 234 northing
, butyou will not see what is waiting for thee. This has shanks and a solid mouth piece,not broken. It is used on well broke horses, puts pressure on the bars and makesthe horse bend at the poll. It is a _________________ .8) A slow “jog” will give you a break as you travel to
901 easting, 318 northing
.Only the owner may take what’s in, but for today it is okay. This is a _____________ . Some bridles may have this strap to help keep the bridle from being pulled off over the head.9) 4-Hers do like speed so “game gallop” on over to
839 easting, 330 northing
. Now face where the sun sets and operate what you see. Do you see it? It is a bitless bridle called a ____________ used in the west for training young horses.10) “Sidepassing” is necessary at this point
895 easting, 301 northing
to squeeze between two big obstacles. Look for part of a bridle that attaches to the headstallon the horses’ forehead. Many riders consider it to be optional or used for looks. Itis called a __________________ .11.) Use your “favorite gait” to get your team to
912 easting, 267 northing
whereyou should let sleeping dogs lie. Here you will find _____________ that are extremely severe and should only be used by expert riders. They usuallyhave a roller or a cricket up into the port.12) You will need to make a smooth “transition” down to a whoa as this signindicates at 925 easting, 306 northing. Here what tools will you need to assembleyour western bridle correctly? List two __________ _________ . Four seconds isall you need to halt at this sign so go get started!
*P.S. Answer these questions in case of a tie.1. The ____________, ________________ and _____________ are considered to be the communication system of the horse.2. The ___________ the bit, the milder its action.*You may want to add additional tack or bits as needed depending on your timeframe. Answers and places hidden are on the next page.Happy Geocaching trails to all !Linda Tuller 
(Geocaching locations and Answers on the next page)

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