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My Hometown Year 9-2009

My Hometown Year 9-2009

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Published by José Javier Baile

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Published by: José Javier Baile on Mar 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My Hometwon (Year 9)I.E.S. Ibaialde (2009-10)
- 1 -
I live in Burlada, in the centre of Navarre and in the north of theSpain. But I'm going to talk about my village
, near Puente laReina, in centre of Navarra and in the north Spain. I like my villageArtazu and, if is more or less 38kilometres from Burlada.My father was born in Artazu and my grandparents lived there. Nowthe aunt of my father lives in Artazu. Before, I travelled allweekends and holidays, but now I travel one day per month. InSeptember I go to the harvest with my uncles, my cousins, myparents and my sister. That’s why I’m going to talk about it.It is a small town in the mountains. There is a lot of vegetation, has many orchards andmany vineyards. The houses are very big and the stables are on the ground floor. Thehouses are very old too, made of stones with red roofs and vegetable gardens.The population of Artazu is around 120 people. During the summer the population isaround 300 people.The holiday of Artazu is from15th of August to 17th of Augustand the day of the wine, harvestis in 10th September.Artazu has some squares, a townhall, church, a bar, a sweets shop,a pediment and a small park.Also has two wineries, one is oldand the other is new. The newone is Artadi and my father builtit in 2003. It has three ruralhomes. Artazu doesn't have aschool and young children go toschool by bus to Puente la Reinaand adolescents go to high school in Estella. Artazu doesn't have shops and the peoplego to buy to Puente la Reina and to Pamplona. Next to Artazu is the river Arga.The summer weather in Artazu is good, around 25º C, the fall and spring are beautiful,but in winter it's cold.Finally, I’m going to describe my house: It’s very big and it has four floors.On the basement is the winery. On the ground floor there is an entry. On the first floorwe have got a kitchen, a dinning room, a bathroom, a ladder and two bedrooms. On thesecond floor are four bedrooms and a balcony.And this is more-less everything about my village and my house...
Josune Ciriza
My Hometwon (Year 9)I.E.S. Ibaialde (2009-10)
- 2 -
Burlada is my hometown, I was born here and I live nowhere.It is a big village near Pamplona, the capital of Navarra in thenorth of Spain. Next to Burlada is Villava, it is smaller and inmy opinion Burlada is better.Around the village there is a small mountain called SanCristobal.Here was born a famous musician called Hilarion Eslava,there are two schools with his name.Burlada has changed a lot, 10 years ago more o less in many places there were fieldswhere farmers grew things, but now are buildings, roads... the change is for the better,but Burlada was nicer before.All my friends live here, for me this is the best thing of Burlada.In the centre of Burlada there are some small shops, several primary schools and somehigh schools. There is also a culture house, is the principal building in Burlada, here youcan have classes, see spectacles... It is great! Near the main street is Uranga’s park, isthe best place in Burlada, it is a famous park because is very beutiful, all is green, thereare a lot of flowers, all the people take photos here.The people in Burlada are friendly.Burlada’s festivals are in August, from the 14th to 21st. All the days are a party!The best time to come to Burlada is in summer, because the winter is very cold.After my graduation I don’t want to live here, is boring and here I must move a lot tostudy after high school.
Leire Asurmendi
My Hometwon (Year 9)I.E.S. Ibaialde (2009-10)
- 3 -
My Hometwon: Añorbe
Hello!I live in Burlada in the centre of Navarre in the North of Spain but I’m go into to tell you about a village of Navarre called
. It’s the village of my father and Ihave gone there 2 o 3 times so I don’t know a lot about itand I tell something that my father has told me andsomething from Internet.Añorbe is a small village of Navarre, it’s in the middlezone of Navarre, in the Valdizarbe valley. There are veryfew inhabitants, only 508. I was there little time but I like it, it’s very beautiful, it’smore or less at 30 minutes or 45 minutes from Pamplona by car.My grandparents don’t live in it now but theuncle of my father and some cousins of myfather live in it.Añorbe has a beautiful mountain called SanMartin. I sometimes climb this mountainbecause it isn’t very high and on the peak of the mountain there is a hermitage and it iscalled San Martin’s. The landscape of it is withmountains and in spring and summer it’s green,in autumn yellow or brown and in wintersometimes white because it snows. The climateis cold in winter and warm in summer.From Añorbe there is an ex-goalkeeper calledJavier Vicuña and now he trains thegoalkeepers of his team, Osasuna, which is thefootball team of Navarre.The festival, I think, it’s in August but I don’t know.I don’t like this place to live because it hasn’t got a lot of shops and there isn’t a lot of people to talk and it’s a solitary confinement but it’s very beautiful.
Edurne Urricelqui

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