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The True History of Atlantis

The True History of Atlantis

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Published by Vidjo (Peewee) ©

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Vidjo (Peewee) © on Mar 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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the true history of atlantis
: The cataclysms of fire and water of worldwide extent of which we speak in this essayare strictly scientific. They are widely attested in the geological record, being generallyaccepted by modern Geology. So are the massive extinctions of all sorts of species, and particularly of the large mammals which took place at the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age,some 11,600 years ago. Some 70% of the former species of great mammals which existed inthe former era became extinct then, including, in all probability, two species of humans, the Neandertals and the Cro-Magnons, which became extinct more or less at this epoch.Only the mechanism for the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age — which is a certain fact, but isso far unexplained by Science — is new and our own. We propose that this dramatic eventwas caused by a huge explosion of the Krakatoa volcano (or perhaps another one), whichopened the Strait of Sunda, separating the islands of Java and Sumatra, in Indonesia.
This text was written some ten years ago, and is only now being revised andupdated (Jan. 2002). Many of its finds and predictions have recently been empiricallyconfirmed by Science since, then. One such is the dramatic confirmation of the existence of anow sunken giant continent to the south of Southeast Asia and China, precisely as predicted by ourselves. This confirmation was obtained by the spy satellites of NASA an NOAA, andwas only recently declassified, as we comment in this site. Moreover, as we now discuss, itsshape and features are precisely the ones predicted by ourselves on entirely different grounds(bathymetric soundings).Another important fact was the discovery that the date of the cataclysm which caused the endof the Pleistocene Ice Age — very probably a Heinrich Event, as is fast becoming clear — 
was not only sudden and brutal, but occurred at the date stipulated by Plato, that of 11,600years ago. So, it seems the old philosopher was right after all, despite the fact that scientistsstill adamantly refuse to believe in the reality of the Flood cataclysm. The nature of thecataclysm which caused the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age — the Heinrich Events justmentioned — also seem to be the result of the events preconized by ourselves some 20 yearsago, that is, the result of giant maritime invasions caused by giant tsunamis, themselvescaused by explosive supervolcanic eruptions, as discussed in this text.Scientists have not yet realized the real cause of Heinrich Events, but I am sure they soonwill, when they realize the utter impossibility of the mechanism now held to have beenresponsible for them: the breaking open of giant lakes dammed by the glaciers themselves. Assome geologists of note have remarked, this damming is impossible for several good reasons,one of them the lack of mechanical resistance on their part. The reduction of glacier albedo by soot deposition has also been proposed as a possible cause, just as we predicted it would be. In other words, though no prophets, our predictions turned out to be quite accurate. Infact, they are obvious on hindsight, since they are so logical. And they are, though non-canonical, all strictly scientific, as I am a professional scientist myself, and quite used todoing science, conventional or not. In time, my theory will create a new paradigm for bothScience and Religion that seems to be on the coming for this new millennium of ours. It is a bit poignant, however, to be some sort of Cassandra, fated to be disbelieved by one and all,despite the correctness of my prophecies.
 Domine, non sum dignus
This giant explosion is widely attested in all sorts of myths and traditions such as thoseconcerning Atlantis and Paradise, indeed located in this region of the world. It is universallyremembered as the explosion of the Mountain of Paradise (= Mt. Krakatoa, Atlas, Sinai, Zion,Alborj, Qaf, Golgotha, Meru, etc.) and of the deluge it caused, of which they all speak obsessively as the Universal Flood and the Universal Conflagration.The explosion of Mt. Krakatoa caused a giant tsunami, which ravaged the lowlands of Atlantis and Lemuria. It also triggered the end of the last Ice Age by covering the continentalglaciers with a layer of soot (fly ash) which precipitated their melting by increasing theabsorption of sunshine. The giant tsunami it caused also resulted in a maritime invasion of thecontinents surrounding the Pacific region and, above all, of the Antarctic region. The resultwas that the glaciers were floated by these invading waters and carried back to the ocean,when these waters returned to it. This process has recently been confirmed by geological andoceanographic research, and is called Heinrich Events. These are associated with thecataclysm end of the Pleistocene Ice age, and are sudden and brutal.The meltwaters of these glaciers — covered by soot or carried off as glaciers and banquises — flowed into the oceans, raising sea-level by about 100-150 meters. This huge rise in sealevel created tremendous strains and stresses in the crust of the earth due to the extra weighton the seafloor and the isostatic rebound of the continents, alleviated of the colossal weight of the mile-thick glaciers which formerly covered them. The crust then cracked open in theweak spots, engendering further volcanic eruptions, and further earthquakes and tsunamiswhich fedback (positively) the process, furthering it to completion. The result was thedramatic end of the Pleistocene Ice Age and the so-called Quaternary Extinctions which wementioned above.introductionAll nations, of all times, believed in the existence of a Primordial Paradise where Manoriginated and developed the fist civilization ever. This story, real and true, is told in the Bibleand in Hindu Holy Books such a the
 Rig Veda
, the
and many others. That thisParadise lay "towards the Orient" no one doubts, excepting some die-hard scientists whostolidly hold that the different civilizations developed independently from each other even insuch unlikely, late places such as Europe, the Americas or the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
This, despite the very considerable contrary evidence that has developed from essentially allfields of the human sciences, particularly the anthropological ones. It is mainly on those thatwe base our arguments in favor of the reality of a pristine source of human civilizationtraditionally called Atlantis or Eden, etc..
We emphasize, once again, that our theory, though superficially reemblingthose of the Theosophists, the Velikovskians, Pole-Shiftists and son, has nothing to do withthem, as they are all strictly scientific and founded on actual fact, rather than on religion or Tradition alone. Theosophists derive their wisdom from Mme. Blavatsky, a Russian ladywho, in the 1860's moved to India, where she founded the theosophical Society, which had aconsiderable following among the intellectuals of the time. Blavatsky was an extremelyintelligient person, and soon amassed an immense mass of knowledge of Hindu and other esoteric tradition, which she published in books such as
The Secret Doctrine
and the
Veil of  Isis
, which became extremely popular, even today. But her writings seem an undigestedversion of the esoteric doctrines of Buddhism, Hinduism, and other religions and Occultdoctrines,mingled to some pseudo-science which she obtained from the geological textbooksof the time, which would allprove wrong in the course of time.Pole Shift is sheer unscientific bumcombe that holds no water. It is impossible on both physicaland geological grounds, as we explain elewhere in detail. These ideas were originally ppularized by Charles Hapgood, and survive in writers such as John White and GrahamHancock. Rather than scientists, these authors are journalists, whose specialty is preciselyrendering palatable to the public what are usually government lies and propaganda. White has — as indeed most such proponents of the theory, Hapgood included — publicly recantedfrom his former views on PoleShift, which henow recognizes as an unscienific concept. Wehope Graham Hancock will soon do the same, particularly because he now dropped his proposalof an Antarctic Atlantis, in favour of our own hypothesis of a Far Eastern one.Velikovsky is another unusual character. A Russian Jew and an emigré to the US, his books became the delight of all inquisitive persons who, in the 1950's,were discontent with theobscurities of Academic Science. Among these, I should be counted, as his books opened myeyes to the inconsistencies of theories such as Darwin's Uniformitarian Geology and histheory ofEvolution, based on precisely this false premise. The problem of Velikovsky wastaking the catastrophic events he proposed as the literal truth. Moreover, as an orthodox Jew,Velikovsky also believed the dates and events of the Bible — ridiculously small by geologicalstandards — to be actual facts which should be implicitly believed by all. Of course, most of his proposals proved to be false, excpt insofar as Catastrophism seems indeed to be oneimportant feature not only of Evolution, but also of geology, in contrast to what Drawin andLyell so emphatically argued. But his books — like the ones of Blavatsky and even GrahamHancock are a good read even today, as long as they are considered what they indeed are: pleasant Sci Fi, based on ill-digested pseudo-Science.

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