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Turbo Bricks _ High Performance Volvo Club

Turbo Bricks _ High Performance Volvo Club

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Published by: mostafafouad19707723 on Mar 18, 2010
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 Come say hello, or justbrowse through theforums and find whatyou're looking for Come join our growingcommunity and be a partof revolutionizing Volvoperformance...Register Now! Get your Turbobricksapparel! Everything fromshirts to stickers.Turbobricks Store 
 Data compiled byFredrik Persson B2xx 8v cams
CamLift (in)Lift (out)Dur. (in)Dur. (out)LSAManufacturerNotes:
 A10.5 254249109StandardB17, B19A, B21A, B23A, B19E (84), B23E (84), B200E, B230A/E/ETB10.6 256249 StandardB21F/E, B23ETD11.2 253 StandardB19E, B21EGr.A10.24 252SAMGroup A engineGr.A T511 267SAMGroup A engine, extremeGT612.5 312 107KG-trimningVolvo racingH1211.5272268 StandardB23E (79-80)K11.95 270257110StandardB23E (81-83), B19 Sport, B230 Penta marine engineL9.8 252 StandardB19A, B21A (84), B21F-MPG (80-82 US & Can.), B200KM (F)9.510.5242234 StandardB21F (77-80 in US & Can.), B21F, B23F, B200F/G, B230F/FDT9.94 225218109StandardB19ET, B21ET/FT, B23ET/FT, B200FT, B230K/FT/FK/GTV11.27 245.4 StandardB200E, B230EVX11.3710.65245.4236.2111StandardSport, V-intake, X-exhaustVX311.3710.65245.4236.2111StandardSport, new style, VX advanced 3 degrees. B230EB/FB/GX10.65 236 StandardB230KY10.35 232 StandardB200KKG00111.4 290 110KG-trimningStreet cam, good torque, HP increase 10-15HP on B21E/FKG00211.9 300 110KG-trimningMuch torque, a little more "bite" than KG001-cam, not for B21KG00311 304 110KG-trimningStreet cam, HP increase 15%, one step up from KG002-cam, not for B21KG00411.95 270257110KG-trimningSubstitute for Volvo K-profileKG2T10.511.9300 114KG-trimningTrue turbo cam, awesome torque. A-intake, K-exhaust, Long durationKG712.2 304 105KG-trimningRequires stage 2 headKG813.4 315 104KG-trimningBest cam for rally and streetKG912.7 324 104KG-trimning2.3L cirquit racingV1612.2 268 109ENEMRev´s very high, B21/23/230V1612.2 268 112ENEMStage 2/3 turbo, B21/23/230K1312.5 280 106ENEMStage 3, B21/23/230K1512.5 292 108ENEMStage 3/4, B21/23/230K2013 300 104ENEMStage 4/5, B21/23/230K1412.5 304 108ENEMStage 4/5, B21/23/230M111.6 296 107ENEMStage 3/4, B21/23/230C213.9 292 104ENEMStage 4/5, B21/23/230V1511.9 256 109ENEMSubstitute cam, much torque, B21/23/230V1511.9 256 112ENEMTurbo, substitute cam, much torque, B21/23/230K2514.5 308 104ENEMStage 5, 37mm lifters required, B21/23/230K25/K2014.513308300104ENEMStage 5, 37mm lifters required, B21/23/230K2113.5 308 104ENEMStage 5, B21/23/230 
TurboBricks | High Performance Volvo Clubhttp://turbobricks.com/resources.php?content=camspec (1 of 3) [2/15/2009 1:36:35 AM]
TurboBricks | High Performance Volvo Club
K22/K211413.5320308104ENEMStage 5/6, B21/23/230K2414.5 316 104ENEMStage 5/6, 37mm lifters required, B21/23/230K24/K2514.5 316308106ENEMStage 5/6, 37mm lifters required, B21/23/230K26/K2514.5 324316106ENEMStage 6, 37mm lifters required, B21/23/230K27/K2415.514.5316 106ENEMStage 6, 38.5mm lifters required, B21/23/230SPM Turbo cam12.5 292 117Sten Parner MotorMay require head-work and 37mm liftersIPD Turbo cam11.95 256 112IPDSame as ENEM V15-profile B2xx 16v cams 
CamLift (in)Lift (out)Dur. (in)Dur. (out)LSAManufacturerNotes:
 UI Intake cam9.38 268 StandardB204E, B234F/GUA Exhaust cam 9.38 268 StandardB204E, B234F/GFI Intake cam6.81 StandardB204FT/GTFA Exhaust cam 7.45 StandardB204FT/GTPZI Intake cam StandardAQ171/B251A Boat cam, lobes 0.7mm taller 0.5mm fatter than UI/UA camsPZA Exhaust cam StandardAQ171/B251A Boat cam, lobes 0.7mm taller 0.5mm fatter than UI/UA cams B18/B20 8v cams, rocker ratio 1.45 (TG Motor 1.5) 
CamLift (in)Lift (out)Dur. (in)Dur. (out)LSAManufacturerNotes:
 A8.9 248 111StandardB18, B20, single carbC9.9 264 111StandardB18, B20B, dual carbsD10.8 280 111StandardB20E up to 1973K10.8 277 111StandardB20E from 1974 and upF11.4 300 111KG-trimningStage 2 head required, dual 45 carbsR11.6 287 102KG-trimningStage 2 head required, dual 45 carbsS12.9 300 101KG-trimningStage 3 or 4 head required, dual carbsP StandardBoat cam, good torqueKG1011.1 280 110KG-trimningStronger than D and K, suitable for fuel injection, turbo and stage 2 headKG1711.1 285 107KG-trimningLow RPM torque, dual carbs, stage 2 headKG1912.411.25312292105KG-trimningStreet cam, low RPM torque, stage 2/3 headKG612.54 312 105KG-trimningGood low RPM torque, stage 3 head and upKG512.9 320 104KG-trimningKG6 +10HP, very good low RPM torque, stage 3 head and upKG MR313.9 320 103KG-trimningMax power, racing, special lifters and block mod. required, stage 3 headKG MR113.9 320 101KG-trimningEqual to MR3, higher powerbandKG CW113.4 101KG-trimningEqual to KG5, higher powerband, racing, stage 3 head and upK1612 260 108ENEMStage 2K1712 272 108ENEMStage 2/3K1812 284 108ENEMStage 3K1912 296 108ENEMStage 4K2312 308 108ENEMStage 4/5
http://turbobricks.com/resources.php?content=camspec (2 of 3) [2/15/2009 1:36:35 AM]

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