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Shia and Sunni Brother Brother

Shia and Sunni Brother Brother

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Published by Simon Altaf
Are Shia and Sunni in equality brothers or enemies?
Are Shia and Sunni in equality brothers or enemies?

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Published by: Simon Altaf on Mar 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shia and Sunni brother brother
-This is a heathen deity and the correct term is Elohim Eloah or Adonai, we are commandednot to speak this term Isa 65:11.
Isaiah 65:11
But ye are they that forsake the Lord, that forget my holy mountain,that prepare a table for
that troop
, and that furnish the drink offering unto thatnumber.
Deliberately mistranslated, you are ye that forsake YHWH… It says in the Hebrew textthat they prepare a table for “God” a heathen deity out of Babylon that Christians still areusing today. It’s shameful for us to accept a heathen name so freely used in our pagansociety as if that is the name of YHWH because it is not.
RSTNE Translation
Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 65:11
 But you are they that forsake
that forget Mykadosh mountain,
that prepare a shulchan for G-d 
and that furnish thedrink offering to Mani.
- A term for Baal. The correct name of Elohim is YHWH pronounced Yah-u-weh
– The true name for what many in the Western world call Jesus. Jesus is not Hisname and has a bad meaning hence should be dropped from our vocabulary immediately. Hisname is YHWH and Yahushua means Yahuweh He is Salvation.
– These are the first five books in the Bible written by Moses (Genesis, Exodus,Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy contained in every Christian Bible but vastly ignored byChristians)
– Since Torah is instruction in Rabbinic understanding it can encompass all thebooks up to Malachi including the Renewed Covenant Scriptures which are also instructions.
Tenach (Scriptures from Genesis to Malachi)Septuagint (Greek translation of the Tenach)
vuvh -
The unchanging name of Yahuweh in modern Hebrew script.
Elohim/El – reference to the Holy One of Israel.
I was recently asked by a brother in Yahushua to explain certain facts of thetwo main branches of Islam because of my own background, the points hebrought up were as follows.
Do the Shias and Sunnis agree on the monotheistic faith of Islam?
Do the Shias and Sunnis share the same Qur'an or havediffering texts?
Do the Shias and Sunnis pray for the Christians and Jews at allin any way?
Do the Shias and Sunnis hate Jews and Christians if so is thisby one group or both and the reasons?
You would wonder why a person would be interested in such things butessentially he is trying to understand the two groups how best we can reachthem and what we need to know i.e. points of conflict and points of truth toestablish where we stand today.
He had been told by some that the Sunnis pray for the Jews and Christiansand are actually very mild while the Shias have corrupted the Qur'anic textand are the haters of Jews and Christians.
Well let's start looking at the creed of Islam for these people whether Sunnior Shia. Do they believe in one Allah and the answer is yes they bothunanimously believe Allah is god and Muhammad is his prophet.
Do they share the same Qur'an?
The answer is yes though the Shias claim vehemently that the Quraish(Muhammad's tribal clan) corrupted the Qur'an in that they removed verseswhich would have established Ali as a Caliph after Muhammad's death andalso claim many Suras were modified even some being expunged which nolonger exist in the Qur'an. This issue runs deep, first of all we have tounderstand that during Muhammad's time the Qur'an was not yet compiledas this compilation took place later and that is when these charges arose.The Hadith are themselves proof that such corrections were done by thehands of men as can be seen in the following example.
According to Ibn Umar and Aisha, Muhammad’s wife, one chapter, Surah al-Ahzab [33] had 200 verses in Muhammad’s time. Yet, once Uthman was finishedonly 73 verses remained, eliminating nearly 140 verses. This tradition is alsoconfirmed by Ubay b. Kabb. (True Guidance, p. 61- citing Al-Suyuti’s
 fii ulum al-Qur'an
nasikh wa mansukh;
al-Qur'an Al-Majid 
Let's look at the Hadiths for further evidence.
Narrated Zaid bin Thabit Al-Ansari:
who was one of those who used to write the Divine Revelation: Abu Bakr sentfor me after the (heavy) casualties among the warriors (of the battle) of Yamama
(where a great number of Qurra' were killed).
'Umar was presentwith Abu Bakr who said, 'Umar has come to me and said, The people havesuffered heavy casualties on the day of (the battle of) Yamama,
and I amafraid that there will be more casualties among the Qurra' (those who knowthe Qur'an by heart) at other battle-fields, whereby a large part of theQur'an MAY BE LOST, unless you collect it
. And I am of the opinion that youshould collect the Qur'an." Abu Bakr added, "I said to 'Umar,
'Umar said (to me), 'ByAllah, it is (really) a good thing.' So 'Umar kept on pressing, trying to persuademe to accept his proposal, till Allah opened my bosom for it and I had the sameopinion as 'Umar." (Zaid bin Thabit added:) Umar was sitting with him (AbuBakr) and was not speaking. me). "You are a wise young man and we do notsuspect you (of telling lies or of forgetfulness): and you used to write theDivine Inspiration for Allah's Apostle. Therefore, look for the Qur'an and collectit (in one manuscript). "
By Allah, if he (Abu Bakr) had ordered me to shiftone of the mountains (from its place) it would not have been harder for methan what he had ordered me concerning the collection of the Qur'an.
I saidto both of them
, "How dare you do a thing WHICH THE PROPHET HAS NOTDONE?"
Abu Bakr said, "By Allah, it is (really) a good thing. So I kept on arguingwith him about it till Allah opened my bosom for that which He had opened thebosoms of Abu Bakr and Umar. So I started locating Qur'anic material andcollecting it from parchments, scapula, leaf-stalks of date palms and from thememories of men (who knew it by heart).
I found with Khuzaima two Versesof Surat-at-Tauba WHICH I HAD NOT FOUND WITH ANYONE ELSE
, (and theywere) 1
The manuscript on which the Qur'an was collected, remained with Abu Bakr tillAllah took him unto Him, and then with 'Umar till Allah took him unto Him, andfinally it remained with Hafsa, Umar's daughter. (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 6,Book 60, Number 201) 2
The number of memorizers that died was 450:
“During the battle of Yamama, 450 reciters of the Qur'an were killed.” (TheTrue Guidance, An Introduction To Qur'anic Studies, part 4 [Light of Life - P.O.BOX 13, A-9503 Villach, Austria], p. 47- citing Ibn Kathir’s Al-Bidaya wa al-Nibaya, chapter on Battle of Yamama) 3
[Zaid b. Thabit said:] “The Prophet died and the Qur’an had not beenassembled into a single place.” (Ahmad b. Ali b. Muhammad al ’Asqalani, ibnHajar, Fath al Bari [13 vol., Cairo 1939], vol. 9, p. 9; italic emphasis ours) 4
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