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James McKay KC

James McKay KC

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Mar 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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James McKay
(1861-1931)James McKay was born at Fort Ellice on July 12, 1861, te son o! "illiam McKay (1819-188#) an$ Mary %oo&, an$ te 'ran$son o! Jon icar$s McKay an$ arriett *allen$ine+ e was e$ucate$ at t+ Jons %olle'e an$ te .ni/ersity o! Manitoba+ is !ater was "illiam McKay 00 was born 1819 in te e$ i/er ettlement, an$ is moter Mary %oo& was born at %umberlan$ ouse+James, a lawyer, became te !irst Metis ueens %ounsel in te ortwest erritory+ e was create$ a ueens %ounsel in 1891 wen as&atcewan was still te 4istrict o! 5ssiniboia in te ortwest erritories+ 0n 196, te 7ro/ince o! as&atcewan ma$e im a Kin's %ounsel+ is broter, omas McKay, became te !irst mayor o! 7rince 5lbert in 1886 an$ !or 12 years was an M++5+ in te territorial 'o/ernment o! te ortwest erritories+James McKay a$ an accomlise$ career in te le'al arena+ e comlete$ is colle'e e$ucation in "innie' at t+ Jons %olle'e, an$ later 'ra$uate$ !rom te Manitoba .ni/ersity wit i' onours in 1882+ e stu$ie$ law in te o!!ices o! *ain, *lancar$, Muloc& : Mory o! "innie', an$ was calle$ to te bar at Manitoba in 1886+e ten mo/e$ to as&atcewan an$ was calle$ to te bar o! te ort "est erritories in 188;+ James ractice$ in artnersi wit teen *rewster !or tree years,  be!ore ta&in' o/er te business o! te !irm an$ oeratin' it !or o/er twenty years+ e !irm e/entually became McKay, 5$am, *eattie : Feary+ e ser/e$ as a %rown 7rosecutor, an$ ten as te reresentati/e o! 7rince 5lbert in te 4ominion 7arliament+0t soul$ be note$ tat James career also inclu$e$ military acie/ement+ 4urin' te 188< ort "est esistance, e ser/e$ on te %ana$ian si$e as a ri/ate in te 9t e'iment+ 5s a youn' law stu$ent, e was a member o! te % %omany o! "innie' i!les $urin' te ortwest esistance o! 188<+ e was attace$ to Frencs couts !or a  erio$ o! time, were e was en'a'e$ in carryin' $isatces+ James acte$ as a $isatc- bearer wen %olonel *e$son an$ %atain Mac4owell went to 7rince 5lbert to in/esti-'ate te con$itions in tat /icinity+ James was also in/ol/e$ in te en'a'ements at Fis %ree& an$ *atoce+rou'out is career, James McKay was in/ol/e$ wit a number o! associations+ e was a member o! te Manitoba .ni/ersity %ouncil= te 5l$erman in 7rince 5lbert= a member o! te *oar$ o! >o/ernors o! te as&atcewan .ni/ersity= te cancellor o! te $iocese o! as&atcewan o! te %urc o! En'lan$= te resi$ent o! te ?ictoria osital *oar$ at 7rince 5lbert= a member o! te Masonic @r$er= an$ a member o! te 0n$een$ent @r$er o! Foresters+ James marrie$ Florence ei$ in 19 at 7rince 5lbert+ James marrie$ Florence 5nnie ei$ te $au'ter o! J+ estoc& ei$ an$ ouisa erbert, in 19 at 7rince 5lbert+ e $ie$ on 4ecember 1, 1931 in oronto+4urin' te 188< ort "est esistance, e ser/e$ on te %ana$ian si$e as a ri/ate in te 9t e'iment+ e ractice$ law !or a brie! time at "innie' ten mo/e$ to 7rince 5lbert, ort "est erritories+ e ser/e$ as a %rown 7rosecutor o! as&atcewan !rom 1888 to 189; an$ was aointe$ a ueens %ounsel in 1891+ 0n 191#, e became a Au$'e

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