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East Tennessee State 03-17-10

East Tennessee State 03-17-10

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Published by: UKBIGBLUENATION on Mar 18, 2010
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East Tennessee State - 03 17 10.doc 
 An interview with:MODERATOR: We'll start with the EastTennessee State student-athlete news conference.We've been joined by junior forward TommyHubbard, as well as junior guard Micah Williams.
Q. As far as your preparations, guys,since the bracket came out Sunday night, yousaw you were matched against Kentucky.What has been the focus at practice as you tryto prepare?
TOMMY HUBBARD: The focus this weekin practice, just focus on ourselves. Then, youknow, obviously slow down Kentucky's transitionoffense. They're one of the best transition teamsin the country. And they can really be dangerous if they get a chance to break out in the open court.
Q. Micah?
MICAH WILLIAMS: Yeah, main thing was,you know, just we prepared in this game just likewe did in any other game in the regular season.And along with stopping Kentucky's transitionoffense was -- a big key was the rebounding. Sowe worked a lot on defensive rebounding andsprinting back in transition D.
Q. What do you make of the fact, andI'm sure you're aware of it, no 16 seed has ever beaten a 1 seed? How does that -- can you talkabout that?
TOMMY HUBBARD: It has to be donesomeday. I mean, if it's a year from now, ten yearsfrom now or tomorrow night, It's going to happen.So only thing we can do is be well prepared and beready to play tomorrow night.MICAH WILLIAMS: In an atmosphere likewe're in right now, you know, it's not really muchmore needed motivation to win. But like with thatnever being done, it's the buzz in the locker roomhow we want to be the first 16 to upset a 1 seed.Like Tommy said, it's never been done, sowe want to kind of go in the history books for beingthe first team to actually do that.
Q. Tell me why do you think you have arealistic chance to pull this off.
TOMMY HUBBARD: What makes theNCAA Tournament so special is we don't have toplay Kentucky seven times. We only have to playthem on one given night. And any team is capableof beating another team, no matter the seeding.So every team that comes out and ready to playtomorrow night, throws their heart out the most andthe team sticks together, the chemistry is there,and I think we have a real good chance.MICAH WILLIAMS: Along with whatTommy said. I think our team has really boughtinto the system this year. We play for each other,and we've got a team full of confident, confidentguys. We just have a lot of faith within ourselvesand our coaching staff.We just know if we go out there and give100 percent, we can play with any team in thetournament.
Q. Could you guys specifically talkabout John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins andwhat kind of jumps out at you when you watchthose two guys play?
TOMMY HUBBARD: They're both greatplayers. Fortunately we've gotten a chance towatch them throughout the season, so we knowtheir tendencies. John Wall, he's a quick, fastguard he can go up and down the court floor. Andobviously Cousins is a real big, physical guy.We've both got to try to slow both those guys
March 17, 2010 
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East Tennessee State - 03 17 10.doc 
 down.MICAH WILLIAMS: What he said.They're obviously great players. But we talkedabout them a lot in practice, but it's not just a one-or two-man game. We have to focus on the other guys that Kentucky brings to the table. They're agood team. They bring a lot of players off thebench. We're not trying to put too much focus onone guy or another guy. It's a team game. Sowe're going out there and it's five on on five.
Q. What do you think Kentucky will besurprised at when they go up against youtomorrow on the court?
TOMMY HUBBARD: That no matter theoutcome, ETSU played their heart out, played highenergy for 40 minutes and played relentless.MICAH WILLIAMS: Yeah, I agree withwhat Tommy said. Also that we're a scrappy team.Like we're going to put it all out there on the courtand we're going to play like a lot of people say.This could be the last game that you play, so we'regoing to go out there and play like it is, like it couldbe.We're just going to go out there and give it100 percent. Just leave it all out there on thecourt.
Q. Do you feel like you guys can playloosey-goosy and the pressure is on them?
MICAH WILLIAMS: I guess any timecoming into the tournament I would say a No. 1seed may feel a little pressure as opposed to whatwe feel as a 16. I think that, you know, with thembeing No. 1, a lot of people predicting them to gopretty far in the tournament, I would say theyprobably do have a little pressure on them morethan we do.So I think we just need to go out there and just play. I think we can play loose and kind of playlike we have all year.TOMMY HUBBARD: Our main focus isnot to play tentative. Just keep on playingbasketball we've been playing all season. Go atthem, be aggressive, and be confident inourselves.
Q. How much do you guys feel like if you just can hang in there, the more you hangin there, the more the pressure mounts on thefavored team?
MICAH WILLIAMS: I think kind of it's kindof similar to last year. We hung around withPittsburgh last year. We were close just a fewmissed shots here and there and a few missed freethrows.I think if we could have converted on oneor two of those possessions and put a few freethrows in, we could have come out on top.I think just going in and hanging with themwhether it be late second half, I think we can comeout on top, just building confidence within the team just hanging with them.TOMMY HUBBARD: To add to whatMicah said, the game of basketball is so much amental game. If we stick around and hang aroundwith them, that can kind of mess them uppsychologically. Like his attitude, we did that inPittsburgh, and we're a few plays short frombeating Pittsburgh last year.MODERATOR: We're here with HeadCoach Murry Bartow. A few thoughts coming toNew Orleans, your preparations for Kentucky in thetournament, and then we'll take some questions.COACH BARTOW: Well, we're obviouslyexcited to be here. And have played well as of late. Obviously, we know it's a tough challengeahead. John's a great coach, great team. Themore tape I watch, they're just really, really good atboth ends of the floor.So, you know, I think last year playingPittsburgh in the first round helped us. The factthat we played awfully well in that game a year ago. You know, I think you'll see a team that we'renot going to be fearful of playing the game. We'renot going to have a "deer in the headlights" look.We'll be ready to play.We'll compete hard, but we know we'replaying a great team, and, obviously, we'll have toplay our best game of the year to have a chance.And that's certainly what we're going to try to doand expect to do.We've had some great preparation, andhopefully we're ready to go.
Q. You said you had great preparation.Can you elaborate a little on what made itgreat?
COACH BARTOW: Well, obviously our guys are excited. It's a little unusual in our league.We finish the tournament so early, so you've gotabout a week and a half to prepare, and that's noteasy. There's a lot of time there. I think you've gota balance of practicing hard, giving them a littletime off and catching their breath a little bit.But the guys obviously are incredibly
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East Tennessee State - 03 17 10.doc 
 excited and very eager to play this game. Again,we know we're playing a great, great team, but our practices have been pretty sharp, and I think we'vegotten a lot done in preparation for this game.
Q. Can you describe your relationshipwith Cal?
COACH BARTOW: Well, we're friends.I'm really close to Martin Newton. Martin and Ihave been friends forever, and longtime, very, veryclose friends. I've known John a long time. Wecompeted against each other when I was at UABand he was at Memphis. I think he's one of thebest coaches in the country.He's also been incredibly nice to my dad.My dad's had a tough battle, fighting a tough battlewith gastric cancer, and John has reached out tomy dad in an incredible way. Talks to my dadprobably at least once a week. Has traveled toBirmingham to see my dad, and certainly that'smeant a lot to our family.John's been incredibly good to my dad andour family, and certainly we appreciate that. ButI've known John for a long time.
Q. Tommy Hubbard mentioned whenhe was up here about how much basketball hethinks is a mental game. I'm wondering when a16 is going against a 1, if a 16 can hang inthere; that that can work in the 16's favor.
COACH BARTOW: Well, I think mentallya big part of this game is the mental game andpreparation. Now once the game starts, it's --obviously it becomes a lot more than that. But Ithink mentally you better be ready to play thisgame, and mentally you better know you can winthis game or you shouldn't even show up.I think we've done a good job last year andthis year of showing the guys factual evidence thatwe can win this game. You can look at pasttournaments and see mid-majors beating thesetypes of teams. Not in the 16-1, but in a 15-2 or a14-3. But you can show them that mid-majors canwin these types of games.Plus we've got good history in thetournament of playing close games. Now, wehaven't -- several years ago we played Cincinnatiin the first round. We lost by three. Last year played Pittsburgh, and that game went right to thewire or at least down to the last three or four minutes.So I think the mental part of it is big, that,hey, we can win this game if we do these thingswell. I think our guys really believe that.Obviously, again, we're smart enough to know we'llhave to play our best game of the year tomorrow.But I think the mental part of it is important; thatyou really do truly believe you can win the game.And our guys do.Again, if you've seen our teams play or saw us play Pittsburgh last year, we're going tocompete very hard. We're going to fight and scrapand compete, and hopefully that will be enough.But, again, Kentucky's awfully good.
Q. On the flip side of the mental thing,Kentucky is a No. 1 seed. They're projected byeven President Obama to get to the Final Four and play in the championship game. I'mwondering if you think that as the game goesalong, if you're right there, right there, that thatcan maybe turn the screws on them?
COACH BARTOW: Well, I think that's truein any game where you've got a prohibitive favoritein the game. Later it goes, the tighter it gets, itcertainly does probably favor the other teambecause there is pressure involved with beingexpected to win. That's in a conferencetournament. That's in a game like this.The problem in a game like this for theopposing team, us, they've got great players. Andgreat players make the plays to win games,especially late in games and in close games. Ithink that's the reason you've never seen a 16 beata 1, is because the great players, the John Walls,the DeMarcus Cousins, the Pattersons, theBledsoes, they've got the ability to take over agame when it needs to be taken over.But I do think we saw that at Pittsburgh inthe Pittsburgh game last year. Five, six minutes togo. It was a two-point game. The whole place wasfor us. The crowd got into the game. That 1 seedcan get tight. The problem last year with the 1seed is DeJuan Blair decided he was going to takethe game over in the last four minutes, which heproceeded to do.But obviously, if we could get to halftimeand it would be a tight game, and if we could stayin the game, deep into the game, it does put somepressure on the team that is the favorite andexpected to win.
Q. How much premium do you put ontournament experience? That is the one areawhere Kentucky might be lacking?
COACH BARTOW: Well, you know, that's

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