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Published by api-26155721

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Published by: api-26155721 on Mar 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lead Creation
Copywriting House Style:
All the copy we write should have a ‘call to action’ – meaning, a section ormany sections that clearly and convincingly explain what we want thereader to do and why they should
Every document will have a headline and a subhead. Some documents willhave a ‘prehead’ as well which goes above the headline in a smaller fontsize
Unless otherwise specified use Calibri, 12 point font for body text
Use multiple spacing at 1.2 for documents
Paragraphs should not be indented with the tab key
Body paragraphs should be justified
Australian/British spelling is used and not U.S. spelling – eg. organisation notorganization – this must remain consistent throughout a document
Small numbers in copy are usually spelled out eg. Seven not 7
Big numbers, which might be used if quoting statistics for example, are notspelled out eg. “50 000 employers said…”
If you’re going to use an ellipsis in text, it is only three dots eg. ‘So…’
Don’t overuse ellipsis or exclamation marks in your text – they are annoyingto readers.
We use an em dash (—) with no spaces either side as standard, not an endash (–). Em dash is done by pressing the - button twice and then pressingenter. Be careful because Microsoft Word will sometimes automaticallychange them
 You can use ‘And’ or ‘But’ or ‘So’ or ‘Because’ at the beginning of asentence in sales copy because it is closer to the way people talk andtherefore easier to read – however, if you’re writing something formal it’sbetter to avoid doing this (particularly in documents for professionalreaders)
Prices are written in numbers eg. $34
Be careful with: Your and you’re; its and it’s; their, there, they’re; to, too,two
Bold/underline/italicise words or phrases that are important every now andthen
 You can add shading behind a paragraph of text by clicking format, bordersand shading, and going into the shading menu
 You can use:
as little subheadings to break up your text as well, which makes it easier toread. These breakouts should be interesting phrases or something that
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