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Autobiography of Austin Neal Abbott 1896-1995

Autobiography of Austin Neal Abbott 1896-1995

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Published by shawfamilyhistory

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Published by: shawfamilyhistory on Mar 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Autobiography of Austin Neal Abbott1896-1895AUSTIN N. ABBOTTWritten byAustin N. Abbott
I write a few of the events of my family. I wish to single out the mercies of the Lord unto me and my posterity. This is June 27, 1974.I was born August 5, 1896, at St. Thomas, Nevada. I married Ruth Naylor, born October 4, 1904, June 25,1924.She died July 15, 1957. I married Elva MayStokes Cook December 6, 1949, born in Ottawa, Ohio, May 11,1894Lou was born April 25, 1925 at Nampa, Idaho. Fay was born February 6,1927in Salt Lake City. Venetta was born March 5, 1930, Nampa, Idaho. Austin Neal, Jr. was born August 3, 1932, Nampa, Idaho. Janet was born March 18, 1937, Nampa, Idaho. John was born June 18, 1939, Nampa, Idaho. Chrissie was bornSeptember 9, 1942, Nampa, Idaho. Stephen Edward was born September 3, 1944,Glenn Eden Beach, Oregon.March 10, 1963 I wrote Lou and her family came up to Bishop to visit us.We were spending the simmer in our small trailer house. One of the trips we madewas up to the ancient Bristle cone forest. These trees are the oldest trees in theworld. It is well worth the trip.It was take nothing out and leave only your tracks. On our way back wecould take anything when we came to the West Guard Pass, Lou, Scotty and Ifilled boxes of everything Lou needed in teaching her Art class.I told them I felt to write up a few of the events of my life. That I felt towrite two accounts one of my Father and Mother but a much larger account of myown family. Lou said, "Right Dad".
The first I remember was the terrible nightmares. I could see Evil spirits andfeel their evil influence trying to get at me to destroy my life. However they onlyhad the power to come just so close pointing their fingers at me and pulling faces.I still remember the house where I was born. I remember one day of Mother taking out of the oven a big beef roast. I asked Mother what it was, "Meat," sheanswered. It smelt and tasted so good.I don't remember Father until he came off his mission. I was then four yearsold. I was one year old when he left on his mission.One day Mother dressed me up in little knee pants. She told me we weregoing to meeting. I was glad to eat again that nice roast meat. On our way home, Iasked, "Where was the meat?" She asked, "What meat?" "You said we were goingto the meeting.' "Oh," she said, and then explained it all to me.The big red ants were everywhere. When I would be out playing these antswould bite me and send a cold chill all over me.Mother has often told me of when I was sick unto death I was only abouteight months old. Fatter she said, was at the Key West Mine earning money to goon his mission. The town Doctor at Overton told mother only the power of theLord could save me. To send for his father and have the Elders come in and prayfor him. The Key West Mine was sixty miles all uphill on the mountain. Mother sent an Indian to get him. When he found him he said, "You John," "Yes," "Squawsay papoose him sick, him die. No great spirit heal him. Father informed the boss,Mr. Minner, and he and the Indian ran all the way down. He got another Brother and they administered to me. Mother told me that I fell asleep. When I awoke thefever had left.When father came off his mission he went to work at the Key West Mine, toearn money to move to Oregon. They had two tents for George and me to sleep in.They later put in another bed for Grandma Abbott when she came to take care of mother as another baby was expected.All of us would walk up to the mine with father. Mother telling father shehoped he would get a job not so dangerous. "Oh, Chrissie dear, I must work here to
get money to move to Oregon." She would say "John, I pray for you all the timeyou are in the mine."Bunkerville was sixteen miles from the mountain on the river. Grandfather Abbott lived there on his large farm. He built a large house for himself and had atone time six wives and twenty-six children. Our grandmother's children had allmarried off. She was his first wife and bore him eight. Our father was the youngestof the family. The folks would borrow the boss's two horses and buggy and drivedown often on Sundays to visit grandfather. In many ways I came to knowgrandfather and his large family. Grandmother came a few weeks before Stowellwas born. She was tall, but not fat. She was still a beautiful woman, very quiet.When she talked everybody listened. She was so patient with George and me,always explaining our questions in a clear voice.One night George and I woke up hearing a baby crying. We jumped out of  bed slipping on our pants and went into the other teat. There was grandmother wiping off a tiny baby. We yelled "Is it a boy?" "Yes, answered grandma and agood strong one too." "Goodie, we did not want an old girl”. "Why don't you stopit from crying?" Crying is good for his lungs," answered grandma.When Stowell was a year old past for it was October, 1903 and I was pastseven, father left for Oregon. He soon sent for us. He had bought a place up MillCreek out of Cove, Oregon. We were just moving in when a neighbor lady cameover and told us all the scandals of the neighbors. When she left mother remarked,"He who brings a bone will also take one away."One day I rigged up a pole and string tied to a bent pin, I dug some wormsand went fishing in Mill Creek. The bigger fish came off as the pin wouldstraighten out. However, I managed to catch four small trout.I cleaned them at the pump and threw them into a tub of water. I never thought about the four ducks of ours standing by, but the four ducks stretched their heads into the tub, fished out each a fish, raised their heads and swallowed them.This was my first fishing trip.

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Kathleen Abbott added this note
Hi this is Kathleen Abbott, daughter of Austin neal Abbott Jr.

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