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TV Tray Cookbook

TV Tray Cookbook

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Published by AartiUppal

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Published by: AartiUppal on Mar 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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c:\ ramesh\ jobs\ ratan\ cook/ cook.pm5
Menu :
Gosht Yakhni Pulao, Potato Salad, Raspberry Sparkle.
Gosht Yakhni Pulao :
Quick, simple and delicious.
1¼ cups basmati rice. 1 kg mutton. 2 large onions, chopped. 10 bay leaves. 10 black cardamoms. 4 medium sized potatoes. Refined oil as required. 2 tbsp Kewra water. 15 friedcashewnuts. 800 ml water. Salt to taste.Pick, wash and dry the rice well. Wash the mutton.Boil the mutton with the chopped onions, 5 bay leaves, 5 cardamoms, 1 tsp salt and 800 mlwater. Pressure cook for 7–8 minutes only. Strain meat and reserve the stock. Discard thespices.Slice the potatoes into finger size pieces and fry them lightly in oil. Keep aside.Heat 4 tbsp of oil in the pressure cooker, temper with the rest of the bay leaves andcardamoms. When they turn dark, add the rice and fry till the rice turns opaque. Add muttonand fry once more. Add the hot stock, potato fingers, salt to taste and Kewra water.Place the lid of the cooker and let it come to full pressure. Reduce heat and cook for exactly3 minutes.Serve hot, garnished with the fried cashewnuts.Variation : A quarter cup of whisked curd may be added along with the rice.
 Potato Salad :
The secret of this salad is to dress it while the potatoes are still warm, as they would absorb maximum flavour from the dressing.
½ kg potatoes, boiled and diced.Dressing : 1 cup chilled cream. 1 tbsp icing sugar. ½ tsp salt. ¼ tsp mustard powder ormustard sauce. ¼ tsp pepper. 2 tbsp lime juice or vinegar.Whip the cream till thick. Mix icing sugar, salt, mustard, pepper, adding the lime juice or
c:\ ramesh\ jobs\ ratan\ cook/ cook.pm5
vinegar last. (This dressing keeps well in the refrigerator for 4–5 days in an open container).Either toss hot potatoes in the dressing or just toss the dressed salad once over a low heat ina non-stick skillet till warm.Serve warm or chilled.
 Raspberry Sparkle:
Note :
Any type of cake may be used with the exception of chocolate cake.1 packet raspberry jelly crystals. 3 tbsp raspberry flavoured custard powder. 2½ cups milk.4 tbsp sugar. 4 cup cakes, cut into small pieces.Prepare the jelly according to the instructions on the packet. Put in the refrigerator to set.Put 2 cups of milk to boil. Add the sugar when it comes to a boil. Boil for 5 minutes. Lowerthe heat. In another cup, mix the custard powder with half cup milk. Add this to the hot milk,stirring so as not to form lumps. Simmer for another 5 minutes. Take off heat and let it cool.Take a glass pudding bowl and pour a layer of custard into it. Top with a few cake pieces,followed by a layer of jelly. Repeat till the ingredients are finished; the top layer should be of  jelly.Serve chilled.
c:\ ramesh\ jobs\ ratan\ cook/ cook.pm5
Menu :
Almond Soup, Chicken Tikka Rolls, Gingerbread.
 Almond Soup :
Tasty, nutritious and somewhat different. Your family is sure to enjoy it.
2 cups blanched almonds. 4 cups chicken stock. ½ cup cooked, flaked chicken. ¼ cup finelychopped mushroom. 1 cup milk. 100 ml cream. Finely chopped parsley for garnishing. Saltand pepper to taste.Grind 1¾ cups of almonds to a smooth paste. Slice the remaining ones into fine slivers.Put the stock, cooked chicken and mushrooms to boil. Add salt and pepper to taste. Boilover medium heat for 15 minutes. Add the almond paste and milk and simmer for another 20minutes. Now add the slivered almonds.Serve hot, garnished with swirls of cream and chopped parsley.
Chicken Tikka Rolls :
 A delicious and filling snack that’s sure to become a family favourite.
4 large hot dog rolls. 2 tbsp butter.For the tikkas : 250 gm boneless chicken cubes. ¾ cup thick curd. 1 tbsp lime juice. 1 tbspgrated ginger. 1 tsp coriander powder. 1 tsp chilli powder. 1 tbsp raw papaya paste. Agenerous pinch of roasted and powdered fenugreek seeds. Salt to taste.Mix all the ingredients for the tikkas together, except the fenugreek powder. Marinate thechicken cubes for at least an hour.Grill the marinated chicken cubes in a hot oven or fry them on a tawa till soft and dry. Sprinklethe fenugreek powder over the tikkas.Slit open one side of the bread roll. Smear butter and then place the chicken tikkas betweenthe rolls. Wrap each in aluminium foil and bake in 400°F/200°C oven for 10–15 minutes. Therolls taste equally delicious served at room temperature.

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