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Shockers Offense

Shockers Offense

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Published by DobsonFootball

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Published by: DobsonFootball on Mar 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Principles of Our Offense
Our offense is designed for PERFORMANCE. Performance is easier said than done, so we want to ensure we equipourselves with as many tools to ensure that each play is run with the utmost efficiency, increasing our rate of successand reducing the amount of things that could go wrong. To do this, we will live by one simple tenet on offense;
“Not only do we have to do things RIGHT, We have to do it better than our competition!”.
1.No shortcuts to success – We will be play fundamental football
Fundamentals of offensive football are blocking, catching, and running. Practice doesn’t make perfect, PerfectPractice makes perfect! If you sure of your assignment on a play, the chances of you fouling it up under the pressureof competition is not likely. We will only run plays that we have mastered in practice. Expecting a result on gamenight that we haven’t developed to a degree of proficiency or confidence is a recipe for disaster. If you cannot makea practice, you are limiting your ability to execute on game day, and lessen your value as a trustworthy contributor toour team’s success.
There is only one way to do anything: The Right Way”.
Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel
2. Playing to our strengths / advantage
We will play the cards we are dealt to our advantage. The “cards” we will have on any play will be WHEN the playstarts (cadence) and WHERE the ball is going (play call). To increase our productivity even more, we will use our opponent’s limitations to our own advantage. Our opponents have as little time to prepare for us, as we for them.They4 can only prepare for a few of the concepts we will present them with. Because their “football experience”may not differ that much from our own, they will only be good at only one or two different defenses. With of our formations, shifts, and motions, we will take them out of their comfort zone and make them adjust to US. WE willdictate what defense they present us ( by what formation we give them ) and instill as much anxiety andapprehension as possible before the ball is snapped.
“Rapidity is the essence of war; take advantage of the enemy’s uneasiness, make your way by unexpected routes,and attack unguarded spots.”
– Sun-Tzu,
The Art of War 
3. Don’t make the game harder than it has to be - Keeping concepts simple
Our offense is meant to LOOK complicated, but be extremely simple. It will not require phenomenal athletes or dominating strength – it
require a desire to learn and compete. Our playbook is designed to marry a few similar techniques together and utilizing these in various ways. The bottom line is getting the football in the hands of  players and setting them up to be able to make those plays without any extraordinary effort. Variations from our  base plays can attack defenses in different ways and look like an entirely different play, but won’t change upassignments of the players executing it (limiting the possibility of ‘forgetting / blowing an assignment’). It will bethe coaches job to put the players in positions to make plays. It will be the player’s job to execute. The less criticalthinking required at “crunch time” the more likely that player will execute aggressively and confidently.
football leads to
football, which proceeds into
football that gives birth to
- Coach Glen “Tiger” Ellison
4. We will prepare for the WORST case scenario
Being proactive through preparation is the best way to avoid making a bad situation worse. We understand that theremay be situations where our opponent has dedicated themselves to outperforming us in our base plays, that is their  job. It is our job to be able to execute a plan that provides us an ‘escape’ in that event. If our run game is stopped, wewill have a solution in the pass game that emphasizes our personnel strengths and minimizes our liabilities. Knowingyou have an “
ace in the hole
” ready, lends itself to prevent you from being unnerved in a frustrating situation(maintaining your focus).
“Win the war, then fight the war.”
– Sun-Tzu,
The Art of War 
Principles of Our Run Game
We will excel at three basic plays that require neither superior physical strength nor considerable footballknowledge.We have designed this offense to make our job of advancing the football for first downs and touchdownsas effortless as possible while at the same time, making it extremely difficult for a defense to getcomfortable in recognizing what we are doing on a given play. This hesitation on the defense will prevent them from being over aggressive in attacking our formations and allow us an opportunity tomake plays.The backbone of our offense this year will be the
series that requires an initial push from theoffensive line moving together, allowing four blockers on two defenders to the side of the play (number superiority). Instead of one designated hole for the runner to run through, they will have two easilyvisible creases to choose from. From the base zone play, we can add several wrinkles to it by taggingspecific assignments for different looks and by progressing to a wide zone play, known as “stretch”.Our 
series is an extremely quick hitting inside run play that is centered around attacking thealignment of a defense by running to where the widest gap remains in the defensive front (the ‘bubble’).This play leaves one defender unblocked who cannot tackle all of the three potential ball carriers. For thesake of efficiency, we will call the ball carrier out rather than having the quarterback make reads or decisions on how to distribute the ball. As our proficiency with this play increases, we can add moredimensions to this play to fully realize its multidimensional threat (with the quarterback, ace back, andmisdirection).Our 
series is another play that is designed to attack an area of the field faster than the defense canassemble bodies to the ball carrier (number superiority). Jet is a speed sweep where any one of three ballcarriers will go in lateral motion before the snap then take the handoff while in stride for an immediategain near one side of the field without having to make any cuts or avoiding defenders. After developing ahigh level of execution with the basic jet play, we can build off this series with misdirection, reverses,screens, and passes to further stress defenses.All of these basic runs have variations built in to them to attack any defense’s weakness to over pursuingthe original play in the series. All of these plays can be run from a host of formations we will run thisyear. All of these run series offer complimentary play-action passes to take advantage of areas of thefield that defenses will vacate by aggressively attempting to stop our run game (without over complicating throws or routes). Each boot-action play initiates the base run play, then “boots” (reversesthe side of the field we are attacking) to take advantage of aggressive pursuit by the defense.

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