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10 Easy Psychic Lessons

10 Easy Psychic Lessons

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Published by kmichal
A short introduction how to became a psychic.
A short introduction how to became a psychic.

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Published by: kmichal on Mar 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Psychic readings and fortunetelling are an ancient art—acombination of acting and psychological manipulation.While some psychics are known to cheat and acquireinformation ahead of time, our ten tips will focus on whatis known as “cold reading”—reading someone "cold"without any prior knowledge about them.Our primary source for this information is IanRowland's insightful and encyclopedic
The FullFacts Book ofCold Reading 
(available at ianrowland.com). What wedescribe here is only a small sampling from this com-prehensive compendium by a professional cold reader whois arguably one of the best in the world.We have also included information from other articlespublished by the Skeptics Society, most notably MichaelShermer’s “Psychic for a Day: How I Learned Tarot Cards,Palm Reading, Astrology, and Mediumship in 24Hours” writtenafter his appearance as a ersatz psychic onBill Nye’s adult oriented PBS science series
Eye on Nye 
in2003, and posted on our website (www.michaelshermer.com/science-friction/excerpt/). In it, Shermer answers thequestion, “Do you have to master the details of thefortunetelling arts, or are they only window dressing for themore down to earth techniques described in this booklet?With only 24 hours to master palm readings, tarot cardreadings, astrological readings, and even talking to thedead, Shermer had no problem convincing subjectsthat he had never met that he was psychic. The factthat he could perform reasonably well with only one dayof preparation shows just how vulnerable peopleare tothese very effective psychological manipulations.
Set the stage for an intimate,comfortable,experience. Establishyour Psychic authoritywith props such asimportant lookingcharts, or bookcasesfull of reference books.
Provide comfortable chairs witha small table between them. Alace table cloth, candles, a softrug with soft colored lightingand incense will give your read-ing a “spiritual” feeling. Yourclient should feel they are thecenter of an important ritual.
MIchael Shermer prepares for his debutas a “Psychic for a Day.”
Thereareseventhingspeoplemostwant totalk about: love, Health,Money, Career, Travel,Education, & Ambition.Stick to these themes byasking a lot of questionsand making plenty ofstatements from eachcategory. This will alsohelp you remember where you are in the reading.
art by John Coulter
You can be a very considerate person, veryquick to provide for others, but there are times, if youare honest, when you recognize a selfish streak in your-self. I would say that on the whole you can be ratherquiet, self-effacing type, but when the circumstancesare right, you can be quite the life of the party if themood strikes you.
Sometimes you are too honest about your feel-ings and you reveal too much of yourself. You are goodat thinking things through and you like to see proofbefore you change your mind about anything. Whenyou find yourself in a new situation you are very cautiousuntil you find out what’s going on, and then you beginto act with confidence.
What I get here is that you are someone whocan generally be trusted. Not a saint, not perfect, butlet’s just say that when it really matters this is someonewho does understand the importance of being trust-worthy. You know how to be a good friend.
You are able to discipline yourself so thatyou seem in control to others, but actually yousometimes feel somewhat insecure. You wish youcould be a little more popular and at ease in yourinterpersonal relationships than you are now.
You are wise in the ways of the world, awisdom gained through hard experience ratherthan book learning.
start with the “Barnum”reading that offerssomething for everyone:
Project a sympathetic personality.Put your client in a receptive,cooperative mood by Explaining that a reading is a team effort.
Use a soft voice, a calm demeanor, andsympathetic and non-confrontational bodylanguage: a pleasant smile, constant eye contact,with head tilted to one side while listening. Facethe subject with legs together (not crossed)and arms unfolded. Call yourself a “PsychicIntuitor.” Explain that your “clients” come tosee you about various things that might be weigh-ing heavy on their hearts (the heart being the pre-ferred organ of New Age spirituality), and that as anintuitor it is your job to use your special gift ofintuition. Explain that everyone has this gift, butthat you have improved yours through practice. Torationalize your soon to come misses, come rightout and say that psychics cannot predict the futureperfectly: “While it would be wonderful if I was ahundred percent accurate, no one is perfect.Even Michael Jordan missed lots of shots!”
Doesthis soundright?So who mightthis referto ?doyouconnect with this?Is this mak-ing sense toyou?canyou see whythis might be theimpression I m getting?How might this besignificant toyou?Now why wouldthat be?Please?Yes?What might this linkto in yourlife?Wouldyou say thisis along theright lines foryou?OK?
Jewelry from a deceased family memberOld medicine or medical supplies out of dateToys, books, mementoes from childhoodA box of old photographs, most not in albumsWatch or clock that no longer works
After general statements, you can begin to home in on specificsthat apply to most people by referencing such things as:
Electronic gizmo or gadgetthat no longer worksOut of date note on fridgeor near the phoneBooks about a hobbyno longer pursuedKeys that you can’t remember what they go toDrawer that is stuck or doesn’t slide properly
And peculiarities about the person:
Childhood accident involving waterNumber 2 in the home addressScar on kneeWore hair long as a child, then shorter haircutClothing never wornPhotos of loved ones in purseA single earring that is missing a match
Extract informationfrom your client by dISGUISINGquestions as statements.

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