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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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wind energy report - chapter 2
wind energy report - chapter 2

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Published by: ebertao on Mar 19, 2010
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Part II was compiled by Frans Van Hulle of EWEA andPaul Gardner of Garrad Hassan and Partners.We would like to thank all the peer reviewers fortheir valuable advice and for the tremendous effortthat they put into the revision of Part II.Part II was carefully reviewed by the followingexperts:J. Charles Smith UWIG, USAAlex De Broe 3EAna Estanquiero INETIGuillaume DUCLOS ENR
Wind Energy Penetrationand Integration
In Part II, we consider the large-scale integration of wind energy in the context that wind will meet a sub-stantial share of the European electricity demand inthe future. While wind energy will cover around 4 percent of electricity demand in 2008, EWEA targets for2020 and 2030 estimate penetration levels of up to14 per cent and up to 28 per cent respectively (EWEA,2008a).Europe’s wind power resources are enormous andcould easily cover a larger share of the electricitydemand. This is already the case, notably in a fewregions in Germany, Denmark and Spain. The keyissue is how to develop the future power system sothat wind power can be integrated efficiently andeconomically. Since integration efforts, such as costsand decision-making, are related directly to the pen-etration level of wind power, it is essential to have acommonly defined term. Wind energy penetration canbe defined in a number of ways.
This looks at the percentage of demand covered bywind energy in a certain region, normally on an annualbasis (see Figure II.1.1).Wind energy penetration (%)
Total amount of wind energy produced (TWh) /Gross annual electricity demand (TWh)
This looks at how the total installed wind power capa-city in a certain region is related to the peak load inthis region over a certain time period.Wind capacity penetration (%)
Installed wind power capacity (MW) /Peak load (MW)
This looks at the power balance in a certain region,taking into account the minimum demand, the maxi-mum wind power generated and the exchange withneighbouring regions or countries. This figure mustremain below 100 per cent to ensure the correct powerbalance in the region; the nearer to 100 per cent, thecloser the system is to its limits (when wind powerwould need to be curtailed).Maximum share of wind power
Maximum wind power generated (MW) /Minimum load (MW)
power exchangecapacity (MW)Throughout Part II, when reference is made to windpower penetration, the first definition will be usedunless specified otherwise.As shown in Figure II.1.1, the wind energy pene-tration levels vary throughout Europe. For the EU-27,the overall penetration in 2020 will be around 12–14per cent according to present EWEA and EuropeanCommission (EC) targets.Table II.1.1 shows the wind power capacity pene-tration values (second definition), at the beginning of 2007 for a number of countries in the Union for theCo-ordination of Transmission of Electricity (UCTE)area. These values are related to the reference load,as set out in the UCTE System Adequacy Forecast(January 2007). The installed wind power capacityrefers to the situation at the end of 2006.The share of wind power (third definition) is alreadyhigh in certain areas of Europe, for example WestDenmark (57 per cent) and the German state of 

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