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The Fugitive Ate My Mother

The Fugitive Ate My Mother



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Published by Brian K. Henry
The Fugitive Ate My Mother is a new short play, exploring ennui and suppressed violence in today’s youth culture.
The Fugitive Ate My Mother is a new short play, exploring ennui and suppressed violence in today’s youth culture.

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Published by: Brian K. Henry on Mar 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Brian Henry
The Fugitive Ate My Mother (A Short Play)
The unfurnished living room of a boxy, brown suburban house with greenishshag carpeting. Stacks of flattened cardboard boxes sit in one corner. A lawnchair and a small desk lamp are the only other objects in the room.BLUNT sits on the lawn chair, toying with an Etch-A-Sketch. He’s 17, lanky, withlong brown hair. He wears a T-shirt and ripped jeans.DEIRDRE walks in from the kitchen. She’s 16, in a black tank top and marooncorduroy slacks.DEIRDREWe’re out of ketchup.BLUNTWhaddya mean, we?Deirdre toys with the desk lamp with her bare left foot.DEIRDRED’you ever wanna visit Rome?Blunt stops toying with the Etch-A-Sketch.DEIRDREYou know, with the Pope and all.BLUNTWhat for?DEIRDREI bet I’d see lots of angels there. My sister’s into angels.Deirdre knocks the lamp over.BLUNTDon’t do that shit. You might mess up my helicopter.DEIRDRE(morosely)Huh?Blunt stands up, scanning the carpet.
Brian Henry
BLUNT(suddenly animated)My helicopter I carved outta soap.DEIRDRE(sulky)I never been in a helicopter once. One time, I just about got on a plane for Oklahoma, but it was canceled.BLUNTThey don’t cancel planes.Deirdre idly plays with a strand of her hair.DEIRDREThe flight, dope.Deirdre looks around puzzled.DEIRDREWhat’s that screeching sound?BLUNTI don’t hear nothin’.A police car screeches to a stop outside, lights blaring.DEIRDREThat sound. I think it’s a cop.Blunt looks out the window at the cop car. A hefty officer comes pounding up thedriveway.BLUNT(scrunching his face, then un-scrunching)Get in the pantry. I’ll handle this.DEIRDREWhich way’s the pantry?There’s a series of loud, impatient KNOCKS at the door.BLUNTYou wanna handle it? I’ll go in the back yard.

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