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23112476 Thesis Body Nursing Research

23112476 Thesis Body Nursing Research

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Published by wuxia1803

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Published by: wuxia1803 on Mar 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1 CHAPTER I PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION The alarming decline of nursing board passers in University of Perpetual Help System urged us to query the readiness of the nursing students who would be taking the upcoming board exam. According to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Board of Nursing, duringthe Nursing Licensure Exam (NLE) last June 2008, there were a total of 977 BSNgraduates from UPHSD who took the nursing licensure examination and only 418(43%) passed and 559(57%) failed. As nursing students we were displeased with the outcome, which then prompted us to study if the next batch is prepared to take theupcoming June 2009 board exam. Aptitude Tests measure a student's overall performance across a wide range of mental capabilities, like intelligence test do. Italso often includes items which measure more specialized abilities like verbaland numerical skills that predict scholastic performance in educational programs. Aptitude test focuses on the future performance or behavior, as in what a person is capable learning given appropriate training. It is also to large extent measures of achievement tests and covers test of intelligence as well. The need tofind the best predictor for the performance in the Academic Achievement is thevery essence of this research. This study shows the relationship between the Nursing Aptitude Test scores and Academic Achievement variables of selected 4th year nursing students (SY 2008-2009) in University of Perpetual Help System. This study also show which among the nursing aptitude test scores of selected 4th yearnursing students best predict the outcome of their Academic Achievement. Several researches in the past and recent years have studied cognitive related aptitude test, which may account for distinction in a student
’s academic performance,
2 which may be reflected not just in nursing grade point average (GPAs) but alsotest or performances such as board exam. From a local study conducted by Manabat (1992), he correlated Aptitude test and Academic as to show that Nursing Aptitude Test with all its dimensions, significantly correlated with a student’s success in both their four year BSN course and their chances of success in the Nursing Board Examination. Yet Kaplan and Sacuzzo (2006) believed that achievement isrelated with aptitude, while aptitude connotes future performance prediction. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM This study analyzed if nursing aptitude test scores havepredictive value to academic achievement as measured by grade point average (GPA). specifically it answered the following questions: 1. What is the aptitude ofthe respondents in terms of: 1.1 verbal reasoning 1.2 numerical facility 1.3 science and health information 1.4 spatial perception 1.5 scholastic aptitude 2. What is the academic achievement of the respondents in terms of : 2.1 GPA in Science Subjects 2.2 GPA in Major Nursing Subjects 3. Is there a significant relationship between nursing aptitude test scores and academic achievement? 4. Which among the nursing aptitude test scores best predict academic achievement?OBJECTIVES: • To identify the aptitude of the respondents in terms of verbal reasoning, numerical
3 facility, science and health information, spatial perception and scholastic aptitude. • • • To identify the different academic achievement of the respondentsin terms of GPA in Science Subjects and GPA in Major Nursing Subjects. To determine if there is a significant relationship between nursing aptitude test scoresand academic achievement. To determine which among the nursing aptitude test scores best predict academic achievement. THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK Since the term aptitude refers to the potential for learning or acquiring a specific skill (Kaplanand Saccuzzo, 2001) this study considered that although not the sole basis for screening nursing students for clinical levels, aptitude test is an important consideration because it implies prediction (Lynmann,1998) especially if high predictive value will be proven by this research. The main advantage of an aptitude test is that it provides a general picture of a pupil’s school performance and scores on one subject which can be compared to scores on other tests (Airasian, 1997). They provide basis for predicting future performance. They can be used forselecting individuals to training programs or classifying people into groups. Aptitude tests can also be used as substitute for intelligence tests (Lynmann, 1998). In fact, intelligence test or IQ tests are measures of general aptitude, scores on these tests represents a composite of cognitive abilities and can be usedto forecast achievement and other behavior in a wide range of situations. Moreover, these tests are combined scores on measures of special abilities Schmidt et. al, 2004 as cited by (Aiken et. al., 2006). However, there is a subtle difference between the terms; ability, aptitude, and intelligence, the test design to measure these attributes differ in a number of ways (Macklem, 1990). Achievement,however, refers to previous learning (Kaplan and Saccuzzo, 2001). It is definedby Airasian (1997) is a school-based learning that is not solely a result of

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