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High Voltage (part 2&3)

High Voltage (part 2&3)



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Published by Caity

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Published by: Caity on Mar 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I made my way to my first lesson. Great I had biology. Keith was doing advancedEnglish Literature first. If biology wasn't the most boring subject in the world. I have been on submarines doing marine biology research and now I have to pretend I am notthat intelligent that I have the very basic average intelligence. Well not this year I mightas well start this year with a bang. I guess it will be more fun for me to pass all myclasses this year. Even P.E. I hated cross country. Not because I wasn't good at it. It was because I couldn't go fast enough. Damn. I walked into the class room. Everyone waslooking at me. Great I hated being the new kid. I walked over to the teacher who hadseem to blush a slight red. Interesting. " Hiya. I am Isabella Swan" I smiled at him." And how do you spelt it" he asked I rolled my eyes." I-s-a-b-e-l-l-a S-w-a-n.". he looked at me for a moment then pointed to the only seatavailable in class. He handed me 5 big text books. With a warning of. " Careful the booksare heavy" he was struggling with the books himself. He handed them to me. He looked alittle surprise as I held them without any sign of struggle. In fact they were light. Butthere again super natural strength has something to do with it. I made my way over to thespare seat everyone was looking at me. All the people had the same look upon there facethat they were all mindless zombies. How interesting . A female vampire making malehumans into zombies. You really couldn't get much better than this. I smiled to myself asI heard what the lads where thinking. Mind reader. Although I tuned it out very well.Ever my family. I blocked their's although. But I could always unblock them when Iwanted. I always tried to give them as much privatcy as I could.I took my seat. I heard some of the peolpe mental bickering as I sat down.
 I wish I was Edward Cullen sitting next to her. She is way hot.She cant be real. She is like a goddess. I wonder what it would take to get in her pants. I bet Edward Cullen isn't even interested in her. He dosen't even have the guts to talk toher I bet.
They were just some of the less violent ones but still kinda creepy . I really don't evenwant to think about them. I had to block them out alone with all the fanatics that wererolling though most pathetic little minds. I had to blank them out other wise they mightget electrocuted which wouldn't be the best thing for a human. I sighed as I placed my books on the table with a quite thud. I guess this was it. I guess in some ways I was lucky because today there was an experiment going on in class. Something to do with humancells with it wasn't blood. I was okay. I know I would be able to handle the smell of blood but I don't have any of my own. So there for I would be caught out. Interestingly theteacher was in ore of me and my lad partner Edward Cullen. I was interesting to find thatI couldn't read his mind. Although I wouldn't want to it would be bad enough to knowwhat the lads where thinking I didn't want to know what my lad partner were thinking. Ishrugged causal. Trying to free my mind of the vial thoughts running though the minds of the others. Something caught my attention though. My brothers mind was angry. Full of range. I went back trying to figure out what was wrong. There was a vampire in his class.This other vampire I was sure I knew him. I was sure of it. He looked so familiar. They
were both staring at each other. They were both filled with hate. They were going to fightwith each other I could hear what they where both thing they BOTH had to be stopped. Iquickly razzed my hand." Sir could I please be excused I don't feel to well" I put on a ill face he just nodded. ThenI heard him think about how Cullen looks the same maybe I sure see if he was okay. Assoon as I was out the class room I darted to my brother room. Human speed wasn't fastenough. I felt like I was flying as I darted round the halls. I heard My teacher excuseEdward Cullen from class as well.I was at the door of my brother class. I knocked on it quickly. Remembering not to break it." Come in" I heard a weak voice say. I stepped though the door. My eyes where set uponmy brother. He looked like he wanted to kill the other vampire so much. I smiled at theold lady." Would it be possible to speak to my brother" I flashed some of my teeth. The ladynodded. Keith got up and slowly made his way out of the class room. I pushed him outthe door and closed it." What the hell do you think you are doing" I spat out though my teeth. Before he couldanswer there were three other people around. I could only hear two of there thoughts.They went into the same class room I had just been in but this time. They came of withanother figure. He was tall and had short blond hair. A low snarl came from Keith'sthroat. All of them looked at us. I turned to Keith.I hit him as hard as I could upside his head. " Stop it. Calm down" I grabbed him and pulled him away form the others. Just then I heard what the other angry vampire wasthinking. It jumped up to attack us. I quickly grabbed Keith and ran with him outside.Onto the field." Keith. Calm down" He pushed me aside. I saw that three vampires where standing onthe a few hundred feet away. Two of them was both trying to calm the blond one down.The first one was a small female vampire with an angel-like face short black spiky hair.The other was a male a few inches shorter than blond one with a funny colored bronzehair a strong jaw line." Jasper chill out" The short female said. That name I knew it." Edward. Alice. Just back off" he hissed though its teeth.So the female was Alice and the Bronzed hair male was Edward. Of course EdwardCullen know wonder the teacher thought was he had. Jasper snarled at Keith. Keithsnarled back.I turned to him quickly. " I swear to God Keith if you don't snap out of it I will stop you"I looked into his eyes. He knew exactly what I meant. I heard what he was thinking. Hewas thinking about taking the others out first. A snarl came from Edwards mouth at the
same time I reacted by shocking Keith. I jumped out the way.AN: i decsided that since i havent updated t in a while i woul put part 3 with part 2 too. sohere it is.Part 3" Stay out of my mind" he hissed at me." Well maybe if you backed off I wouldn't need to read it" I pushed him back. I turned tothe others. " Sorry about this" I told them. Keith lunged at Jasper before anyone could doanything he froze. Then jumped more violently. I shocked him again." I mean it," I said though my teeth. " Back off" I turned to Keith. He looked shocked. " Ithink it is best if you go home" I told him. I heard Jasper think about how he could gethim there. I quickly turned to Jasper. I walked up to him slowly. " That doesn't mean itcan follow him. Or ambush him. Or any of the things that are running though your mindright now" I kept my voice calm. I thought my car keys at Keith. " Go home" I told him. Itook the keys but froze for a second. I looked at him. Then he ran to the car. I heard thetires screech as he spun round the corner. Ask soon as I was sure he was safe I startedwalking away from the other vampires. Some one grabbed my arm. They spun mearound. It was Edward. " You can read minds?" he asked. His eyes filled with curiosity . Isighed. " Yes." I narrowed my eyes. Trying to read his mind again. He eyes were shockedalthough they were incredibly beautiful. " And shock people?" if voice was almost indisbelieve. " I can control Electricity. Yes". He let go." So how did you know that Jasper needed your help" I tilted my head to the side. Hesmiled at me. " The same way you did" he answered. So he could need minds as well. Ihave never come across two vampires with the same gift. How interesting. I nodded. Iwanted to go back inside to go back to class but I was worried my temper would flare up." Thank you" I heard Alice say. I turned around and I was already being hugged. Ismiled. I hugged her back. Jasper looked at me. He was frowning then I knew know hewas. It was so clear. After Alice had freed me from her hug I walked over to Jasper.There was smile of his face. " Jasper Whitlock is that you" I couldn't help but smile. I sawon his face he knew who I was as well. He eyes got wider. " Isabella" he said as he picked me up to hug me. He quickly put me down.Alice stepped forward. " I am clearly missing something here" she said in a unhappyvoice. Jasper turn to her and smiled. " This is Isabella Meyer. I knew her when her and Iwas human. She saved me life." he shook his head." I thought you were dead" he said turning to me." I survived the blast. But you were down on the list of the dead. You went missing." Ishrugged. He smiled at him. Then looked serious. " Who changed you? how?"" Well. After the blast I moved I went over to England it was fairly peaceful back then. Ifound myself a house it was nice. Comfortable. My parents had just died so I wasmourning there lost. There was a lighting storm blowing in from the south I decide I

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