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Islam is the Religion of Peace - By Mallek AbdeRRAHMANE

Islam is the Religion of Peace - By Mallek AbdeRRAHMANE

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Published by zeroscope
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CONTACT ME : paradox19@hotmail.com

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Published by: zeroscope on Mar 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Islam is the Religion of Peace
Abdur-Rahman Abdul-Kareem Al-Sheha
Translated and Adapted into Englishwith additions by
Abu Salman Deya-ud-Deen Eberle
Revised by:
Um Salman
Islam is the Religion of Peace
Table of contents
The meaning of Islam
The misconception that Islam was spread by Force
The misconception that Worldly Gains were theAim of the Islamic Conquests
 Just War Theory and Practice in Islam
Islamic Principles Enjoin Mercy and CondemnAggression
Islamic General Principles ChampionComprehensive Peace
Islamic Morals Promote Comprehensive Peace
Islam Enjoins Believers to Observe the FollowingMoral Obligations and Recommendations toPromote Peace
Examples of Acts Prohibited in Islam which helpPromote Peace
Islam is the Religion of Peace
Translator’s Preface
I begin with the name of Allah Most Beneficent Most Merciful All praise is for Allah the Exalted and may the peace and blessings of  Allah be upon His Messenger Muhammad, and his family andcompanions, and all those who follow them and their way until theDay of Resurrection
The word ‚Islam‛ means submission and surrender to
Allah(The One God
in the Arabic language) by sincerelyworshipping Him alone and not worshipping any other god,lord or master. All of the Prophets, including Noah, Abraham,Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (
) were Muslims. Islam doesnot mean peace, as some have claimed, although the word for
peace ‚salam‛ is derived from the same three
-letter Arabicthree-letter root word -
- as the word
Indeed,only through Islam will man find and establish real andcomprehensive peace.
Our claim that ‚Islam is the religion of peace‛ does not mean
that Muslims do not go to war when necessary to uphold anddefend their lives, properties, honor and faith, or that Islamcondones and accepts the kind of false or forced peace whereinjustices and persecutions run amok in the world and areinstitutionalized by oppressive systems, where privilegedgroups terrorize, oppress and exploit others, where idolatryand debauched morality is perpetuated for the sheer pleasureof it or for the benefit and supremacy of certain groups, classesand corrupt ideologies. Peace is contingent on the parties ofany conflict accepting and abiding faithfully to the terms andconditions of a just peace agreement. Comprehensive peacecan only exist during the reign of universal justice and respect

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