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Published by Wal_kolla

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Wal_kolla on Mar 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1
If you’d have asked me a month ago, I never would have imagined doing the things I just
did. As I drove along the Pacific Coast Highway back towards my house, my mind wasflooded with a mixture of emotions. My hands still trembled as I gripped the steering wheelof my 2005 Ford F-150 Lariat. I glanced at the digital speedometer to check my speed; thelast thing I needed at this moment was to be pulled over by the police for something
unrelated. I drew in a deep breath as I lit the first Marlboro I’d smoked
in years. I neededsomething to calm my nerves, to make sure I continued to think clearly. I inhaled deeply,allowing the smoke to fill my lungs. I immediately knew I missed the taste. Slowly, I e
xhaledas a thin wisp of smoke was sucked out of the small o
pening in the driver’s side window.There weren’t many cars are the road at 11:30 P.M., even though it was a Saturday night. AsI eyed the road ahead, I wondered how I’d let myself to get to this point, how I could
 jeopardize my life, my career, my marriage, and my freedom as I had just done. THE
BACKGROUND… I believe it began last month sometime. I was sitting at home one night. My
wife was lying on one end of our sectional sofa and I was seated in the recliner of oursectional sofa, seated perpendicularly
to my wife. We’d been sleeping on the couch for the
last couple weeks as she recovered from a recent surgery and I could see she was quicklyfalling asleep.. I grabbed my laptop and opened the cover. Once it powered up, I startedrandomly surfing the internet, mostly looking for porn pictures to add to my collection of over 7000 images. As I browsed a familiar porn site, a pop-up appeared for a teen-agedincest website. The site featured a stunning young girl, probably 13 or 14 advertising howmuch she enjoyed fucking her daddy and her brothers. I stared at the image for a secondand found myself intensely aroused. I closed my eyes and wondered how wonderful itwould feel to be able to fuck a gorgeous teen-aged girl. To be able to feel a fresh, tight,young pussy wrapped around my cock would be tremendous. I quickly dismissed thethought and continued to browse more free porn sites. As I did, I found myself continually
navigating to the “Young” or “Teen” links. These images were beautiful. Freshly shaved
virgin pussy, young breasts, seductive poses and clothing; my cock was hard as a rock. Iloved the photos of the 14 or 15 year girls who were fully developed and obviously sexuallyactive. I became obsessed with the thought of fucking illegally young girls. At some point, athought entered my mind. I quickly logged onto a popular website featuring profiles,interests, and pictures of random people around the world. Once I logged in, I clicked on the
link at the top of the page titled “Groups” and typed “Teen Incest” in the search bar. I hit“search” and waited. Within seconds, a page featuring dozens of groups appeared. I
searched for the group with the largest membership and quickly entered the group andbegan browsing the profiles of girls 17 and younger. At least half of the profiles were tagged
as “Private,” probably at the direction of protective parents trying to keep there young girls
away from guys like me. However, the other half provided me hours upon hours of enjoyment over the next few days. Occasionally, I would stumble on a profile of a young girlthat caught my attention. Some advertised their preference for older men, some talkedabout how they liked to have their daddy and his friends fuck them, while others professedtheir like of pussy and cock. One particular profile caught my attention. Her name was Erin.She was a 16 year old girl from my same state. I read her entire profile and looked at each of 
her pictures. She was 5’4” tall and could not have weighed more than 105lbs. Her dark
brown hair hung to the middle of her back and her seductive brown eyes looked almost
Page 2
black in some of her pictures. Erica was blessed with a perfect chest. I would have guessedshe was a very firm 36D and could tell from her pictures she was proud of her assets. Everypicture showed her wearing a low-cut shirt or tank top that accentuated her perfect breastsand inviting cleavage. I decided to take a chance and send her an innocent e-mail. To mysurprise, she replied and we wound up chatting on a popular instant messenger service. Aswe spoke, I was shocked to learn Erin was only 14 years old. She looked 4 or 5 years older
and, from our chats, she acted much more mature than any 14 year old girl I’d ever met. I
was careful not to implicate myself in any way as I carefully asked her what her intere
stswere. At some point, Erin implied she liked to read and write erotic fantasy stories anddirected me to a website where she posted her favorites. Late one night, I logged in andfound her stories. By the time I had finished reading the first one, my cock was ready toexplode. Her story detailed a sexual encounter between a brother and a sister. Iimmediately locked myself in the bathroom and stroked my cock until I exploded in one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever had. Erin and I continued to chat and I becamecomfortable with her. Erin was very much attracted to older men and we found that we
both got extremely turned on fantasizing about each other. I’m certain Erin knew how bad I
wanted to fuck her although I never actually came out and said it. After a week or so, Idecided to write an erotic story for her. After posting it, Erin E-mailed me and told me shecame twice while reading my hot fantasy story. She said she was really turned on and evenrequested I write her another. The thought of actually ever meeting Erin never entered mymind. Up to this point, I was content chatting, reading her hot stories and jacking off whilethinking about how delicious Erin would taste. That changed last week! PLANNING AMEETING Last Tuesday, Erin and I chatted and I allowed the conversation to get prettyheated; something I had avoided in the past. I was still concerned about breaking the lawand I knew leaving an electronic chat trail was not the wisest thing in the world to do.However, like with most guys, I was thinking with my cock. At some point in ourconversation, Erin asked if I would ever consider meeting her. I jokingly replied I would loveto meet her when she turned 18. My heart skipped a beat when she asked. I had justwatched NBC Datelines To Catch a Predator, a documentary exposing male sexual predators.I knew the fastest way to go to prison was to arrange a meeting with a minor with the intentto have sex. As much as I wanted to tell Erin I would love to meet her and fuck her, I
wouldn’t cross that line on the internet. All I needed was for her to be some decoy working
for Perverted-Justice.com or a police decoy. I explained my concern. Erin was a clever younggirl and quickly worked out a solution. As we chatted, she invited me to view her webcam. I
accepted and as I waited for it to load, she typed a new message, “Call me to talk only…310
4484, muah.” I closed the dialog box and her image appeared on my screen. Erin had
her shorts pulled down and had a long pink dildo shoved in her pussy. She fucked herself infront of her webcam as she allowed me to watch. After a moment, she stopped long enough
to type, “If I was a cop or decoy, I couldn’t do this for you!” She had a point. A cop or decoy
could not initiate sexual activity and anything this hardcore could easily be argued asentrapment. I removed my cock from my pants and quickly stroked myself to orgasm as Iwatched beautiful Erin assault her innocent young cunt with the pink jelly dildo. After weboth regained our composure, Erin and I discussed me driving to meet her next Saturday.She quickly E-mailed directions to her hometown. I searched the internet for a local motel
Page 3
and provided this information to Erin. We agreed to meet outside the front of the motelnext Saturday at 7 P.M. MEETING Saturday arrived. I had planned my alibi all week,convincing my wife I had a training seminar I had to coordinate. My wife knew my job as atraining and management consultant often took me out of town over weekends and forextended trips so she was not the least bit suspicious. I knew the drive, including traffictime, would take 4 hours. Wanting to arrive early, I left home at noon. Traffic was light and Iarrived early, pulling into the Econo-Lodge at around 3:30. I checked in under a false nameand convinced the attendant on-duty to let me pay in cash. Normally, credit cards are
 needed for security deposit and identification purposes. However, this young employee waseasily persuaded to break the rules for $200 in cash. I carried my bags to the room,unpacked and stepped outside. I scanned the parking lot and the lots of adjacent buildings,looking for any signs of undercover police activity. Everything looked normal. I knew if I wasgoing to be the victim of an undercover sting operation, the undercover agents would arriveearly to conduct their own surveillance and set-up. I planned to beat them to the punch andwould leave at the first sign of unusual activity. Despite now operating my own privatecompany, I knew police work. From 1989 through 2003, I was a police officer and detectivefor a large metropolitan department in Texas, leaving the work I loved to pursue my dreamof being my own boss. Nothing happened. My hopes began to rise as I realized Erin was nota decoy. She was actually a stunningly beautiful 14 year girl who wanted me to fuck her.Within hours, I would be engaged in a taboo sexual encounter with a sexy teen-ager, mycock buried deep inside her young, innocent pussy. I felt my groin stir with anticipation. At6:45 P.M., I walked downstairs and stood outside awaiting her arrival. To my delight, she
arrived early. Erin climbed from the car and shut the door as her ride drove away. “I had mysis drop me off” she exclaimed as she approached me. “What did you tell her?” I asked. “Oh,I told her some of my friends were having a party here tonight. Don’t worry, Amanda’scool!” she answered. I gave Erin a quick kiss on the cheek as she stood in front of me. I could
not believe how incredible she looked. She was dressed in a sexy red satin corset covered bya black leather jacket and the tightest pair of low-cut jeans I had ever seen. Her ass looked
perfect and her hips were invitingly curvy. Erin’s belly was pierced and the bright diamond
-like stone twinkled. Her outf 
it was complimented by a pair of 2 ½” “come
Her hair was brushed perfectly and her make-up made her beautiful face look older than her
innocent 14 years. “You look beautiful Erin!” I said as I gently took her arm in my hand and
guided her down the sidewalk along the hotel. We entered the hotel from a side door tolimit the number of people who saw me with her. Taking the stairs, we opened the door onthe second floor and I escorted Erin to my room. As the door closed behind us, Erin removedher leather jacket and sat on the edge of the bed. Her breasts were perfect and looked as if 
they were going to pop out of the tight corset. “Wanna drink hunni?” I asked. “Sure.Whatcha got?” she asked. “I brought your favorite….Bacardi and pineapple juice” I said as Ibegan to pour her a drink. We didn’t speak as Erin sipped her drink. I could tell she wasnervous. Her hands were trembling as she lifted the cup to her lips. “You okay Erin?” I asked.“Ummm hmmm” she replied. “You seem really nervous” I observed. “I am….uh, um…I’m notsure…” she said, stopping herself in mid
sentence. “Not sure of what?” I asked. “I don’twant you to be mad” she replied. “What’s wrong Erin?” I asked. “I,…I, um, don’t know if Ican go through with this” she said quietly. “Why not?” I asked, beginning to get angry. I had

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