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Wisdom From the Trenches of Sales

Wisdom From the Trenches of Sales

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Published by LEADSExplorer
The experiences of several salesmen in different businesses
The experiences of several salesmen in different businesses

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Published by: LEADSExplorer on Mar 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wisdom from the Trenches of Sales
The LEADSExplorer blogwww.LEADSExplorer.com by Engago Technologies Ltd. 1
 WisdomWisdomWisdomWisdom from the Trenches of from the Trenches of from the Trenches of from the Trenches of SALESSALESSALESSALES
Copyright © 2009-2010 by Engago Technologies Ltd.All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by anyelectronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrievalsystems, without permission in writing from Engago Technologies Ltd., except bya reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review.
Wisdom from the Trenches of Sales
The LEADSExplorer blogwww.LEADSExplorer.com by Engago Technologies Ltd. 2
The difference between wanting and buying The ROI in sales 4The 26 sales meeting mistakes to avoid 5If you trash your competitor, you are likely to trash yourself 9All sales bonus systems will fail due to change 9As the traveling salesman says: All hotel ceilings are white 10Go climb a mountain and conquer it for your confidence ! 12Selling common products to a dull market isn’t sexy but challenging 12Your CRM is crap when marketing …. 14What if your competitor releases a Sales Cowboy 14When the Master of the Universe gets into the Spiral of Negativity 16Do you have the handshake of a salesman ? 17How to win from the market leader 18What is the most important in the B2B buying process ? 20The 25 conference requirements for salesmen 21You Are Eliminated ! is common in the complex B2B sale 22The 7 great pretenders on trade shows wasting your time 23Why should a new client get a discount? 25Why Google has become your main competitor in Sales ! 26Unbearable silences during meeting potential customer 28The 7 benefits of asking in order to understand your customer 29Don’t posh with your Porsche while selling 31Should you take ‘No’ as final in Sales? 32Don’t despair if The Stig in Sales is your Competitor 33Point break customers 33Should you sell if there’s no fit? 34Death of the Salesman as BtoB Sales goes online? 35Overcoming objections by turning them into the fuel for selling 36When your buyer is living in the past 38The grass is always greener on the other side: not in sales 39Desperate housewives are better off than desperate salesmen 40Customers get attention like crying babies do 41The B2B complex sale is a marathon don’t sprint 42People you avoid at parties can be in your sales meeting 42The 14 virtues of the salesman 44Do you have a Bachelor or Master Sales Degree? 46How to become successful by applying 2 easy steps 47How good are you at voicemails during the sales process? 48Why cars do matter in the sales process 49Your B2B customers are The Transformers Are you G.I Joe? 51The quarterly closing puts any sales closing under pressure 52Selling is removing the risks due to change that buying brings 53Don’t sell your market leadership bring them solutions 54Emotional Stages of a Salesman during the Sales Process 55Are you in Sales? What’s on your business card? 56The reasons why you sell and close deals in B2B 578 Reasons for selling fear of missing opportunity instead of discounting 59How to sell more to a customer? Use the endowment effect 60The Jar of Luck and The Jar of Experience of the Salesman 61
Wisdom from the Trenches of Sales
The LEADSExplorer blogwww.LEADSExplorer.com by Engago Technologies Ltd. 3 What is the best for you: selling the cornerstone or an emerging product? 62Engage into a conversation instead of questioning before the sales pitch 63Increase sales by just following-up on emails and calls 64The hardest thing to say to a customer is: “No” 66When the deal is lost, only then the real selling starts 66The Raiders of the Lost Deal – the selling starts when the deal is lost (2) 68The 14 facts the callee wants to know from the cold caller 69You talk too much: shut up and listen to your prospect 70Customer Relation Management or Control Reps Manager? 71Every benefit has a downside too 72Reaching your potential customers through their trusted party 73Improve your sales success by preparing your cold call 74What to do when most attendees on a conference are vendors? 75The top 24 facts for selling more in B2B 76The Origin of Salesmen Species not by Darwin 79Stop wasting time by blind Cold Calling Call interested parties 80Who do you cold call? The Manager or the CEO? 82What to ask on a trade show in order to start a conversation 83Most important in complex B2B sales: Branding or Salesman? 85Top 25 warning signs of losing a sales deal in B2B 86Killing your sales with a Product Overview Comparison Chart 87Just closing is for losers, keeping the doors open is for winners 89Matching your style to the buyer for building a relationship 89Concerning LEADSExplorer 90

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