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Smaple Questions Advance Java-servlets

Smaple Questions Advance Java-servlets

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Published by surresh_s03

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Published by: surresh_s03 on Mar 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Which one of the following HTTP methods is commonly used to test the validity of a hyperlinkwhen you do not want (or need) to actually retrieve the content of the link, as the latest versionis already available?
e)HEAD2. Which one of the following methods will be invoked when a ServletContext is destroyed?a)contextDestroyed() of javax.servlet.ServletContextListener 
b)contextDestroyed() of javax.servlet.HttpServletContextListener c)destroy() of javax.servlet.GenericServletd)contextDestroyed() of javax.servlet.http.HttpServletContextListener e)contextDestroyed() of javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionListener 
3.Consider the following class:import javax.servlet.*;public class MyListener implements ServletContextAttributeListener {
public void attributeAdded(ServletContextAttributeEvent scab){System.out.println("attribute added");}public void attributeRemoved(ServletContextAttributeEvent scab){System.out.println("attribute removed");}}Which one of the following statements about the above class is correct?
a)This class will compile as it is.
b)This class will compile only if the attributeReplaced() method is added to it.
c)This class will compile only if the attributeUpdated() method is added to it.d)This class will compile only if the attributeChanged() method is added to it.e)This class will compile only if the attributeDestroyed() method is added to it
4.Which one of the following is a requirement of a distributable web application?a)It cannot depend on ServletContext for sharing information
b)It cannot depend on the sendRedirect() methodc)It cannot depend on the include() and forward() methods of the RequestDispatcher classd)It cannot depend on cookies for session managemente)It cannot depend on html hidden form fields for session management
5.You want to write Servlet classes for a new web protocol of yours that you have developed.Which one of the classes from the following would you extend your servlets from?
6.Which one of the following methods would you use to put the session id into the URL tosupport sessions using URL rewriting?
a)rewriteURL() of HttpServletResponseb)rewriteURL() of HttpServletc)encodeURL() of HttpServletRequest
d)encodeURL() of HttpServletResponse
e)encodeURL() of HttpServlet
7.Given the following web application deployment descriptor:<web-app><servlet><servlet-name>myServlet</servlet-name><servlet-class>MyServlet</servlet-class></servlet><servlet-mapping><servlet-name>myServlet</servlet-name><url-pattern>*.jsp</url-pattern></servlet-mapping>
a)servlet-mapping element should be inside servlet element

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