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CCCC 2011 Call for Proposals

CCCC 2011 Call for Proposals

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Published by DerekMueller
Call for proposals, 2011 CCCC, Atlanta, Ga.
Call for proposals, 2011 CCCC, Atlanta, Ga.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: DerekMueller on Mar 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2011CCCCAnnualConventionApril6-9,2011Atlanta, GeorgiaAll OurRelations: ContestedSpace, ContestedKnowledgeThephrase allour relations"s a familiar one or many ndigenouseoplesn North America. t encapsulatesn entirephilosophyf humansn relation o otheriving thingsplants,animals, ocks,earth-that emphasizeshe ntricatelyconnected eb ofrelationshipshat sustains urmutualabilityto live out our shared xistence nhe earth ogether.nthoseeachings ll living thingsmatter,all are mportant, ll mustbe reated selatives.Evenharmful, rightening rnegativeelatives re mportant ndmustbe understood ndhonoredf we are o survive ogethernthe same paces."A11ourrelations" s aphrasesedboth asnvocationndconclusion a heuristic hat orcesus o considerhebalancebetweenhe weightof eachuman's esponsibilityn maintaininghe balance f the world andn understandinghesmallnessf each ndividual nrelation o the argerweb of meaning.I invokeallourrelations" ere o allow CCCC'sscholars nd eachershe chanceo consider ow sucha concept fbalance ndwebbedelationalitymight help us build a scholarly ommunityn which knowledge ndspace realwayscontested.his s a spacewhere t's never akenorgrantedhatwe all value he same riginarystories, ut where hestruggle etweentoriessn't for dominance;ather,he struggles to sustain ur very rich, veryproductiveifferencesntheaceof social orces hat callfordominance.his community,hen, s onewhere he diversityof our disciplinary fields,andofthepeoplewho work here,sunderstood s heheartbeat f a vital andvibrant uture.Morepractically,nbringing his sense f"allourrelations" o the CCCC, want o encouragellmembersf theorganizationoacknowledge othhe scholarly elationshipshatare requentlymarginalized t he Convention nd o makemoresubstantialonnectionso the communities utside fhighereducation hoseexistencenforms he work thatwe do.Sooor the 2011CCCCConvention, 'm askingouo shareourspace t our arurualationalgatheringn the nterest fproducingnowledgehatwill helpus contest, ebate, evise&re-create ho andwhatwe areasboth a disciplinary organizationndas ndividualscholars,eachers, tudents, riters.Key toeachofus beingable o do thiss theacknowledgementhat we depend n eachother-youand, digitalrhetorician ndsecond-languageriting instructor, istorianand2-year ollegeeacher,heoristandworkplace tudies scholar,methodologistnd echwriting teacher, dministrator ndgraduatetudent.We, iterally,make he disciplinarycommunity abitableor oneanother venwhen maybe, speciallywhen we don'tseehe commonalitiesn our work,can't discern he communalwarp & weft of our dependence,aveahardimeunderstandinghe relevance f one o theother.This s a conventionhatocuses n thosedifferences s hevery strandsftheweb hatmakes s a community,discipline.How then, o begin o interrogate ndunderstanducha web?Consider omeof theseuestions:
What spaces,nowledges,peopleand things is CCCC relatedo? How can those relatives be broughtinto thecenter of ourconversations, n both our disciplinary andndividualpractices?How do we define communitieswithin our discipline and he institutions within whichwe build ourprofessionalhomes?How do we make ourwork meaningful outside of those disciplines and institutions?How can we build strongercommunities within our classrooms?Within ourgraduateprograms?Within ourteacherpreparationprogramsAs a discipline,how do we(howmight we) extend & complicate thestorieswe tell about ourselves?How do we define"theory"&what it means o"theoize" in our discipline? Whatkinds of theories do we need obuild in order to enrich our sharedcommunity?What kinds of rhetorics do we enact aseachersand scholars?What kinds of methodologiesandtheories do wehave to identiff and study thesehetorics?How are we being responsible o ourrelatives n the ways that we mentor one another,ourgraduatestudents,ourundergraduates, ur studyparticipants,ourselves?Howmight creative writing(all genres)and/or digital writinghelp us to explore ways we can attain amore vitaland vibrant conversation aboutall kinds of writins?
.How canlanguagesother thanEnglish--including Lrdigenousanguagesand less commonlytaught languages--become central to ourrhetorical andpedagogicalheoriesandpractices?oWhereisthespace or an explorationof ernbodied hetorics?oHow can critical,gender,ace,queer,disability, ernbodied,and culturaltheories &rhetorics help us to re-maketheculture of our discipline?oHowdo theories of civic engagementntersect with composition,rhetoric, writing, andthe world we alllive in?oHow can our discipline transitionfrom an understandingofrhetoric as a Greek andRoman tradition to rhetoricasa set of rules/practicesocatable n all cultures,places,andtimes?Asyouread throughthis call, Ihopeyou'llthink of ways to deliberatelyviolate the categoricalboundarieshat thestandardarea clustersorsubmissionusually force us tolivewithin.What doImean by that?For example, all too oftenwhen we talk about"teachingwriting,"we're really using a short-hand hatmeans eachingfirst-year writing orteachingcomposition But thereare more kinds of writinggettingtaught than that and when wenarrow our storiesdown, we runthe risk of notlistening to folks who are teaching digitalwriting orprofessionalwriting orlife writing or writing incommunities or second-languageriting.Theseare,quiteliterally, our writingrelations. And they have mportantthingsto bring to the table.As a way to encourageouto craftproposalshat seeconnections nstead ofboundaries,I encourageyouto eschew he usualclustercategoriesltogether nd submityour proposalunder#I13-ContestingBoundariestThisnew categorys, in fact, the spacewhereI hope all of the submissionsarrive so that evenhe reviewprocesscan becomeamoment ofleaming from each other!Whyhere?Why now? The city ofAtlanta is itself a contestedspace.Built onland that was taken from the CherokeeandCreek nations, tplaysarole in at least wo iconic national narrativesthat of manifest destiny and of anation divided byslavery-out of which some of themost elementalcontestationsof knowledgeinournational consciousness ave arisen.As ageographicalspacecelebratedas the epicenterof the"NewSouth,"Atlanta standsat the crossroadsofa contest ofnarratives ofprogress-despite-adversityike"theTrail of Tears,""weshall overcome,""theSouth shall rise again."lnfact, the city ofAtlanta's seal shows aphoenixrising from the ashes.Andyet,al1 hathasbeendestroyed n its history(i.e.:"overcome") cannotsimplybe forgotten. n this racially diversecityofover 5 million, where housands fimmigrants(bothforced and voluntary)have flocked for hundredsofyears,where bothpovertyandplentyarevisibleontheface of the city, and where henon-whitepopulations more than 600/o,Inviteyouto considerhow the complex,problematichistory of the city of Atlantamight help us better understandour own communitytoday.In the end,"a11urrelations" should remind us that onlyinour connectionso others even hoseprofoundlyanduncomfortably different than ourselvescan we find the key to our own survival.ln askingyouto take a morepersonal,more relational approachoourconvention time together n Atlanta,I'm also askingyouto take responsibilityforyourpartn making he cultureof ourdiscipline,aplacewe've all choseno live.Malea PowellMichigan StateUniversity2011ProsramChairGeneralInformationMembersof the Conference n CollegeCompositionandCommunication.nd otherswhoarenterestedn thegoalsandactivitiesof the CCCC are nvitedto submitproposalsor sessions ndworkshopsat the 2011 CCCC annualconvention.Peer-reviewed ubmissionsill comprise hegreaterpartoftheprogramwith the remainderconsistingofsessionsinitiated by theProgramChair, CCCCAnnual Conventionprogramsare open to everyone,ncludingscholarsrom otherdisciplines.Nor-rmernbers f CCCC are welcometo submitproposalsbut are urged tojointheorganization. CCCC is anonprofit organizationand cannot reimburseprogmm participantsfor travel or hotel expenses.Competitionoraplaceon theprogramsintense-manygood proposalsannotbe accepted.hepercentageofheprogramdevotedo a specificareaseearea clusterist on the followingpage) sdeterminedy the numberofproposalsreceived n that area.A11roposalsrepeer-reviewedwithout namesattached.Reviewerswith special expertise n each

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