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Fihrasat - Ibnu Nadim

Fihrasat - Ibnu Nadim

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Published by literaturku

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Published by: literaturku on Mar 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ميدنلا با1/1
تسرهفلا : بكلا مساتسرهفلا : رصخلا مسافنص يلد/ىرأ : بكلا ينص قحسإ  ح : لؤلا مساجرفلا وأ : ةينكلامنلا/منلا ا : نلا لا: ولا . 385 رشع و بكلا يع وح  صا ون ةثث  لا ةللا كأ هطو اوأ هأ و ملا برلا  ما غل   ا فلاه  هأ اذ يلا اذ ع ةلزنلا ئارشلا  ءسأ  لا فلا ي ميك  زن ف    ي  طلا ي  ذلا بكلا ت  للا فلامهأر  اوشلا مها ءسأ ءارلا أ وع  ةفنصلا كلا ءسأ  يوغلا يوحنلا  ون ةثث  ةيلا ةللا مه ءسأ بارعا ءحص يرصلا يوحنلا أ ولا ءاا  ا فلا مه ءسأ ييوكلا  يوغلا يوحنلا أ  لا فلا مه ءسأ يذلا او يوحنلا  و ر  للا فلا با ريلا بادا ا  ون ةثث  ةللا ةللا مه ءسأ اا ريلا بحأ ينلا ارلا يا أ  ا فلا مه ءسأ الا بحأ جارخلا ع يسرلا بكلا ولا أ  لا فلا 
مه ءسأ يكحضلا ةنعفصلا ةدفصلا يينغلا ءلا ءنلا أ  للا فلا ءارشلا رشلا  ن  ةارلا ةللا ءسأ مهناد ن ةيلا حل  ييسا ييلا ءارشلا ط  ا فلامها  اذ رصع لإ يثحلا ءار ييسا ءار ط  لا فلا يكلا كلا  ون ة  ةخلا ةللا مه ءسأ ةرلا ةلزلا  يكلا كلا رأ ءاا  ا فلا ءسأ ةييعسا غلا  مري ةزلا ةيا ةيشلا ك أ  لا فلامه  مه ءسأ ةوشحلا رلا ك أ  للا فلا مه ءسأ مهنأ جاوخلا ك أ  ارلا فلا ارخلا سولا ع يكلا ةوصلا دلا دزلا يلا أ  خلا فلامه ءسأ  يثحلا ءهفلا فلا  ون ةيث  ةسدلا ةللا مه ءسأ حأ ل أ  ا فلا مه ءسأ حأ نلا ةفين أ أ  لا فلا مه ءسأ حأ شلا ا أ  للا فلا مه ءسأ حأ داد أ  ارلا فلا مه ءسأ ةيشلا ءه أ  خلا فلا مه ءسأ يثحلا حلا بأ ءه أ  دلا فلا مه ءسأ حأ رلا رف أ أ  لا فلا مه ءسأ ارشلا ءه أ  لا فلا يييلا ةفسفلا أ  ا فلا ةلا ولا ةففلا  ون ةثث  ةلا ةللا
ع مث   و مل ر  هن دوولا هر هلو مه ءسأ يينلا ينلا بحلا يييسولا يييطثا يسنهلا ميللا بحأ أ  لا فلا يلا أ لا ءاا  للا فلا رحلا يحلا بحأ ا ن ريسف هلو مه ءسأ يثحلا ءلا وشلا رحلا مئازلا ارخلا سا  ون ةثث  ةنلا ةللا سا  ةفنصلا كلا ءسأ وصلا يرخلا رلا أ  ا فلاارخلا  مه ءسأ رحلا ذشلا يزلا أ  لا فلا وفلؤ  وفنص ر     ةفنصلا كلا  للا فلا ادعا اذلا  ن  ةسلا ةللا ةونلا اذ ةصل رصع  يرلا يياكلا ةيارحلا اذ   ا فلامه ءسأ مري ةيدزلا ةيويرلا ةيرحلا ةيصلا ةينلا   ما نأ  مري يصلا نهلا اذ ةفرلا ةرغلا اذلا   لا فلا ءسأ يثحلا ءلا ةفسفلا  يونصلا ييئييكلا أ ع وح رلا ةللامه  اوأ هأ و ملا برلا  ما غل   لا ةللا  ا فلاه كأ هطو  ن  أ كلا ش  رلا خلا  أ  نلا ا رلا ملا ع كلاف و  او د وأ مسأ دأ  ع  اولز ةلا برلا  و ل  ا مث مهئسأ ع بكلا او بارعا كشلا اذه وكلا    اذ ر  دارلا و يغلا يشلا ءظلا اذلا ءخلا ءلا  مهئسأ  تيل ر ل و ت شأ لا يع نلا ي   ةظلا و مهكه   و ءؤ يثر ن  و حلا س تكأ ولا يس  س ث حلامهيع ا ت ط او دأ بارعا اذه وصلا ذ ع س أ  خ أر ةحضل ماد  أ دأ  ع  ز او ريا ةلا م اول تسر      أ أ لو  ا لإ أرأ أ   معأ ا رلا بكلا او اورسا

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