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DAFTAR NAMA CTKI KOREA YANG TELAH MENDAPAT SLC BULAN APRIL 2008 - PERIODE: Periode 2008-04-23 s/d 2008-04-29 - SLC-20080423-20080429

DAFTAR NAMA CTKI KOREA YANG TELAH MENDAPAT SLC BULAN APRIL 2008 - PERIODE: Periode 2008-04-23 s/d 2008-04-29 - SLC-20080423-20080429



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Published by bnp2tkidotgodotid
DAFTAR NAMA CTKI KOREA YANG TELAH MENDAPAT SLC BULAN APRIL 2008 - PERIODE: Periode 2008-04-23 s/d 2008-04-29, Sumber: Sumber: Direktorat Pelayanan Penempatan Pemerintah - BNP2TKI
DAFTAR NAMA CTKI KOREA YANG TELAH MENDAPAT SLC BULAN APRIL 2008 - PERIODE: Periode 2008-04-23 s/d 2008-04-29, Sumber: Sumber: Direktorat Pelayanan Penempatan Pemerintah - BNP2TKI

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Published by: bnp2tkidotgodotid on May 04, 2008
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1 ABDUL AZIZ 1978-08-15 Male Manufacturing4/24/20082 ABDUL KHUSEN 1984-10-16 Male Manufacturing4/29/20083 ABDUL ROFIK 1969-04-12 Male Manufacturing4/29/20084 ADE WIJAYA 1988-05-24 Male Manufacturing4/29/20085 ADIP DWI PRASETYO 1980-07-28 Male Manufacturing4/24/20086 AGUNG BUDIYONO 1983-03-08 Male Manufacturing4/29/20087 AGUNG DWI SUSANTO 1977-04-09 Male Manufacturing4/29/20088 AGUNG SETIYO 1982-08-20 Male Manufacturing4/29/20089 AGUS ANIA 1975-04-24 Male Manufacturing4/29/200810 AGUS HIDAYATULLAH 1981-05-18 Male Manufacturing4/29/200811 AGUS PRIYADI 1980-08-19 Male Manufacturing4/29/200812 AGUS RIADI 1978-08-09 Male Manufacturing4/24/200813 AGUS SISWANTO 1979-06-17 Male Manufacturing4/24/200814 AGUS SUEB BIANTARA 1977-04-20 Male Manufacturing4/29/200815 AGUS SUJATMIKO 1977-08-14 Male Manufacturing4/29/200816 AGUS SUSANTO 1979-01-15 Male Manufacturing4/29/200817 AGUS SUSANTO 1981-06-30 Male Manufacturing4/29/200818 AHMAD ABDULLAH 1970-03-17 Male Manufacturing4/29/200819 AHMAD JAENURI 1978-03-28 Male Manufacturing4/29/200820 AHMAD JATMIKO 1988-05-02 Male Manufacturing4/29/200821 AHMAD RIFAI 1981-04-19 Male Manufacturing4/29/200822 AHMAD RIYADI 1980-02-25 Male Manufacturing4/29/200823 AJAT SUDRAJAT 1979-09-09 Male Manufacturing4/29/200824 AKHMADI SANJAYA 1980-12-27 Male Manufacturing4/29/200825 ALAN DESTIAWAN 1988-04-06 Male Manufacturing4/29/200826 ALI SURAHMAN 1981-06-12 Male Manufacturing4/29/200827 ANANG SUSANTO 1975-11-06 Male Manufacturing4/29/200828 ANDI SETIAWAN 1988-12-18 Male Manufacturing4/29/200829WIDYATMAKA 1971-05-21 Male Manufacturing4/24/200830 ANTONIUS GUNAWAN 1987-04-18 Male Manufacturing4/29/200831 ANTONIUS SUPARMAN 1974-03-02 Male Fishing4/29/200832 ARDI PERMANA 1975-09-29 Male Manufacturing4/29/200833 ARIF FAUZI 1980-12-23 Male Manufacturing4/29/200834 ARIS BUDIYANTO 1976-07-04 Male Manufacturing4/24/200835 ARIS SUTRISNO 1989-05-15 Male Manufacturing4/24/200836 ASEP MUHAMMAD FIRDAUS 1987-10-11 Male Manufacturing4/29/200837 ASTRI ANDRAENI 1987-12-16 Female Manufacturing4/29/200838 ASWAN 1971-04-18 Male Manufacturing4/29/200839 BAYU ANGGA DARA 1988-03-05 Male Manufacturing4/29/200840 BEKTI MARSUDI 1979-02-08 Male Manufacturing4/29/200841 BERO URIP WIDODO 1981-11-09 Male Manufacturing4/29/200842 BINTORO 1988-04-07 Male Manufacturing4/29/200843 BISMAN 1976-03-22 Male Manufacturing4/29/200844 BUDI MARDIYANTO 1975-06-17 Male Manufacturing4/29/200845 BUDI SUMARDINONO 1976-03-22 Male Manufacturing4/29/2008DAFTAR NAMA CTKI KOREA YANG TELAH MENDAPAT SLC BULAN APRIL 2008PERIODE: Periode 2008-04-23 s/d 2008-04-29NONameDate of birthGenderCategory of IndustryContracted Date
Sumber: Direktorat Pelayanan Penempatan Pemerintah - BNP2TKI
NONameDate of birthGenderCategory of IndustryContracted Date46 CARMUN 1973-08-10 Male Manufacturing4/29/200847 CASMADI 1975-11-08 Male Manufacturing4/29/200848 CASRIPIN 1988-10-20 Male Manufacturing4/29/200849 DANANG WAHYU HARTANTO 1984-03-05 Male Manufacturing4/24/200850 DARPIN BIN CALAM 1976-08-13 Male Manufacturing4/29/200851 DARSIH 1982-11-24 Female Manufacturing4/29/200852 DEDE ULIANTI 1977-07-06 Female Manufacturing4/29/200853 DEDI SETIAWAN 1985-01-02 Male Manufacturing4/29/200854 DEDY WAHYU UTOMO 1978-10-18 Male Manufacturing4/24/200855 DEFI KRISNA NUGROHO 1989-02-20 Male Manufacturing4/29/200856 DENI RUSMANDARA 1981-03-23 Male Manufacturing4/29/200857 DIDIN SAMSUDIN 1985-10-21 Male Fishing4/29/200858 DILIS SETYOBUDI 1976-01-27 Male Manufacturing4/29/200859 DODI EKO SUSANTO 1982-06-12 Male Manufacturing4/29/200860 DODI PRIATNA 1984-10-24 Male Manufacturing4/29/200861 DONI 1985-12-23 Male Manufacturing4/29/200862 DUL BASIR 1976-06-04 Male Fishing4/29/200863 DWI ISWANTO 1983-02-13 Male Manufacturing4/29/200864 EDI PURWANTO 1980-03-07 Male Manufacturing4/24/200865 EDI SUPRAPTO 1979-02-27 Male Manufacturing4/24/200866 EDI SUPRIYANTO 1980-11-08 Male Manufacturing4/29/200867 EDY SULISTYO 1977-07-30 Male Fishing4/29/200868 EDY SUTRISNO 1985-03-21 Male Fishing4/24/200869 EKHSAN PRASTYO WIBOWO 1982-07-30 Male Manufacturing4/29/200870 EKO WIDIYANTO 1981-12-29 Male Manufacturing4/29/200871 ELFI 1978-12-31 Male Manufacturing4/29/200872 ERBAI 1978-12-09 Male Manufacturing4/29/200873 FAJRI MUSTAUFIK 1981-11-06 Male Manufacturing4/24/200874 FAUSAL ABDUL MUIN 1985-11-23 Male Manufacturing4/29/200875 FENDY SUPRAPTO 1983-03-19 Male Manufacturing4/29/200876 HASANUDIN 1970-09-20 Male Manufacturing4/29/200877 HENDRIK PRASETYO 1986-01-14 Male Manufacturing4/29/200878 HENDRO MURDIANTON 1978-11-13 Male Fishing4/29/200879 HERI PRASETYA 1985-04-17 Male Manufacturing4/29/200880 HERIANSYAH 1986-03-20 Male Manufacturing4/24/200881 HERIANTO 1978-05-26 Male Fishing4/29/200882 HERLIN MEGAWATI HARUN 1981-09-20 Female Manufacturing4/29/200883 HERMAN SE 1972-08-31 Male Fishing4/29/200884 HERU KHOIRUL MUIZ 1981-04-14 Male Manufacturing4/29/200885 HUGER YACOB SIMBOLON 1984-10-16 Male Manufacturing4/29/200886 IIN HENDRO KUSUMO 1977-03-15 Male Manufacturing4/29/200887 IKA SUSILOWATI 1984-09-24 Female Manufacturing4/29/200888 IKHSAN SYUYUDIN 1977-06-14 Male Manufacturing4/29/200889 IKSAN HADI KHOIRI 1986-07-18 Male Manufacturing4/29/200890 IMAM BUKORI 1981-06-06 Male Fishing4/29/200891 IMAM MAHDI DJUNAEDI 1974-06-06 Male Fishing4/29/200892 IMAM ROMADHON 1984-07-24 Male Manufacturing4/29/2008
Sumber: Direktorat Pelayanan Penempatan Pemerintah - BNP2TKI
NONameDate of birthGenderCategory of IndustryContracted Date93 IMRON ROSYADI 1973-12-22 Male Fishing4/29/200894 INDA TRI ISMAWATI 1981-04-01 Female Manufacturing4/29/200895 INDRAWAN AJI 1981-04-15 Male Manufacturing4/29/200896 INDRO WAHYUDI 1982-04-30 Male Manufacturing4/29/200897 IRFAN ANGGRAIMAN 1985-09-26 Male Manufacturing4/29/200898 JACKY STEEVEN WAHANI 1983-09-18 Male Manufacturing4/29/200899 JAMALUDIN 1981-05-04 Male Manufacturing4/24/2008100 JAMALUDIN 1985-07-28 Male Manufacturing4/29/2008101 JHONY EKO SUJARWO 1978-11-25 Male Manufacturing4/29/2008102 JOKO MARTANTO 1989-03-06 Male Manufacturing4/29/2008103 JOKO PURWANTO 1975-01-06 Male Manufacturing4/24/2008104 JOKO SANTOSO 1986-09-27 Male Manufacturing4/24/2008105 JUMADI BIN KADINAH 1977-05-06 Male Manufacturing4/24/2008106 JUMHARI 1977-03-12 Male Manufacturing4/24/2008107 KAELANI 1985-03-29 Male Manufacturing4/29/2008108 KAMDAN 1979-11-02 Male Manufacturing4/24/2008109 KHOIRUL AZHAR 1983-04-23 Male Manufacturing4/29/2008110 KRISWANTO 1975-09-23 Male Manufacturing4/29/2008111 KUKUH ERNING SRIWIDODO 1975-07-10 Male Manufacturing4/29/2008112 KUSNADI 1978-04-16 Male Manufacturing4/29/2008113 LILI WARLIANA 1982-07-03 Male Manufacturing4/29/2008114 MAHMUD 1980-04-04 Male Manufacturing4/24/2008115 MAHMUDUN 1974-04-17 Male Manufacturing4/29/2008116 MAJIDUDIN 1986-07-24 Male Fishing4/29/2008117 MARSANA 1970-07-03 Male Manufacturing4/29/2008118 MARTHEN TANDI LEMBANG 1974-03-04 Male Manufacturing4/24/2008119 MARTIMAN MAMAT HERI 1975-01-11 Male Fishing4/29/2008120 MAS BUANG ERAWAN 1981-11-07 Male Manufacturing4/24/2008121 MIFTA KHUSAINI 1979-10-24 Male Manufacturing4/29/2008122 MISJA 1980-03-10 Male Fishing4/29/2008123 MOCH CHOIRUDDIN 1989-05-31 Male Manufacturing4/24/2008124 MOHAMAD ALI LUKMAN SANTOSO 1989-02-21 Male Manufacturing4/24/2008125 MOHAMAD MUARIF 1978-07-12 Male Manufacturing4/24/2008126 MOHAMAD TOHIR 1986-11-01 Male Fishing4/24/2008127 MOHAMAT ZAELANI 1982-01-19 Male Fishing4/29/2008128 MOHAMMAD NUR ROHMAN 1986-12-06 Male Manufacturing4/24/2008129 MOHAMMAD ROMLI 1980-07-13 Male Fishing4/24/2008130 MOHAMMAD YUNIAR RAHARJO 1975-06-18 Male Manufacturing4/29/2008131 MUH ALI IMRON 1976-06-13 Male Manufacturing4/24/2008132 MUHAMAD NURMUNDOAF 1978-06-26 Male Manufacturing4/24/2008133 MUHAMAD SYAFAAT 1986-05-14 Male Manufacturing4/24/2008134 MUHAMMAD ASDAR 1974-01-12 Male Manufacturing4/29/2008135 MUHAMMAD EFFENDI 1978-07-02 Male Manufacturing4/29/2008136 MUHAMMAD ISMAIL 1983-10-27 Male Manufacturing4/24/2008137 MUHAMMAD KHAZIN 1985-10-12 Male Manufacturing4/24/2008138 MUHAMMAD MUHLISIN 1981-01-10 Male Manufacturing4/24/2008139 MUHAMMAD YUSRA KADRI 1986-05-10 Male Manufacturing4/29/2008
Sumber: Direktorat Pelayanan Penempatan Pemerintah - BNP2TKI

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