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Consumer Behavior Learning

Consumer Behavior Learning

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Published by Niharika Jaiswal

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Published by: Niharika Jaiswal on Mar 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Consumer Learning Process
Learning occurs intentionally (problem solvingprocess) as well as un-intentionally.learning and memory theories are useful inunderstanding that how consumers wants andmotives are acquired and how their tastes aredeveloped, how frequently we are going to repeatour advertising , how visuals ,symbols ,soundsand other techniques can facilitates in regardingpromotion.
Can be defined as relatively permanent change on behavioroccurring as a result of experience. (experience may be of purchase and consumption)
Types of learned behaviors1.Physical behavior
 –We learn many physical behaviors to respond to a situation e.g. learn towalk , talk , interact with others, –Consumers learn certain physical activity through the process of modeling, in which they mimic the behavior of other individual such ascelebrities.
1.Symbolic Learning and problem Solving
 –Traffic signs , McDonald's Golden arches, slogans etc. and also thecognitive process.
1.Affective Learning
 –Human learn to value certain elements of their environment and dislikeothers. As a result they develop certain favorable and unfavorableattitudes towards some product which depends upon their wants needsand goals .
4 Elements of learning
Motives arouse individuals and as a result they respond. This arousalfunction is essential because it activates the energy needed to engage inlearning activity.
By achieving the goal ,the arousal reduces, but have a greater tendency tooccur again, that is why marketers put their product in a way that whenrelevant consumer motive arouse their products are their to satisfy theneed.
This result that consumer will learn a connection b/w the product andmotive .
Capable of providing direction i.e. it influences the manner in whichrespond to motive.e.g. hungry man is guided by restaurant signs or aromaof food. 
Mental or physical activity in reaction to a stimulus satiation.
Anything that follows the response and increase the tendency of responseto reoccur in a similar situation.

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