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Published by Annbe Barte

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Published by: Annbe Barte on Mar 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1 : TERMS
 TERM group of words which connotes a thought.
CO-SIGNIFICANT WORD a word which doesn’t represent any thought.Ex. ( in, the, a, an, of, or )
SIGNIFICANT WORDa word which defines a certain thought.Ex. ( mother, church, people, town, message )
COMPREHENSION is the sum of the total notes implying the elements making a thingto be what it is.refers to the superiority of a term
EXTENSION posses the characteristics represented by the notes in the comprehensionrefers to the inferiority of a termCOMPREHENSION EXTENSIONSPORT SOFTBALLDESSERT MANGO FLOATSOAP SAFEGUARD
SINGULAR stands for only one certain subjectEx. Peter , this paper, the roadway
UNIVERSAL can be applied to every member of a classEx. all, every, each, any, anything, whatsoever, whatever, no, none, nothing
COLLECTIVE can be applied to all members of a class taken as a wholeEx. team, battalion, squad
PARTICULAR one wherein the extension is only limited to a portion of the totalabsolute extensionEx. a number of, practically all, not all, not everyone
UNIVOCAL – things which have same sense.Ex. The book is a reading material.The book is a source of knowledge.
EQUIVOCAL – things which are entirely in different senses.Ex. fan : device causing flow of airfan : enthusiastic supporter
ANALOGOUS – things which are the same and somewhat different in senseEx. hand of the clockhand of the body
MATERIAL – a reference made to a term simply as a word which is not related to itsmeaningEx. A Christian without Christ means “I Am Nothing”.
LOGICAL – referring to a term which only exists on the mindEx. Angels have feathers.
REAL – refers to actual and real thingsEx. The drivers are ought to follow traffic rules.
UNCONNECTED - term which either connotes or denote the otherEx. brown - - hot
CONNECTED – terms are related wherein one either connote or denote the other.
CONVERTIBLE – have the same comprehension and extensionEx. idiot - - dumb
NON – CONVERTIBLE – terms which are related wherein one includes the other inits comprehension but the other is excluded in its comprehension.Ex. plant - - tree
RELATIVE – term wherein one should refer to the precedingEx. mother – children
CONTRADICTORIES – two terms wherein one is the simple negation of the otherEx. alien - - non-alien
CONTRARIES – refers to terms which are opposite in natureEx. wrong - - right
PRIVATIVE – two terms wherein one expresses the perfection while the otherexpresses the absence of the perfection that should be possessedEx. beautiful - - ugly
DISPARATE – terms which are incompatibleEx. egg plant - - tomato
SUBSTANCE – refers to the subject wherein its nature demands to be what it is
QUANTITY – accident that categorizes substance into sub-parts
QUALITY – accident which determines the substance
DISPOSITIONS – easily changed perfections disposing the subject well or badly in itsoperationEx. studious, industrious
CAPACITIES or INCAPACITIES – potentials for their operation with its correspondingdeficiency excluding its lackEx. able to hike, genius
EFFECTIVE QUALITIES - qualities affecting the sensesEx. spicy, sour
FIGURE – qualitative ending of a quantity
FORM – quality added to the beauty of the quantity being terminated
RELATION – accident in a subject resulted from the reference to some thingsEx. stout, identical
ACTION – accident resulting from the action of the subject towards something elseEx. crying, sliding
PASSION – accident resulting from the subject’s being actedEx. being punched, being dragged
 TIME – when the accident happenedEx. previously, now
PLACE – where the accident happened

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