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Nokia Parth

Nokia Parth



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Published by virtuso10490

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Published by: virtuso10490 on Mar 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Promotional Activities of Nokia
Ch 1Industry Profile:
1.1)History of Mobile Phones:
mobile phones
have taken over our current society, they havebeen around for several decades in some form or another. Beginning in the late
, the technology that would later be used in today’s
cell phones
wascreated and the idea of a
mobile phone
was introduced. This cell technologywas first used in mobile rigs which were mainly used in taxis, police cars andother emergency vehicles and situations. Truckers also used a form of thistechnology to communicate with each other. Little did they know how far their idea would advance to make it accessible to the majority of the population.The
first mobile phones
, referred to as First Generation or 1G, wereintroduced to the public market in
by the
Motorola Company
. These firstmobile phones used
analog technology
which was much less reliable than the
digital technology
we use today. The analog phones also had a great dealmore static and noise interference than we are accustomed to today. The firstmobile phones during this era were confined to
car phones
and they werepermanently installed in the floorboard of automobiles. After a few years, theybecame mobile and consumers could take the phones with them outside of thecar. However, they were the
size of a large briefcase
and very inconvenient.The main purpose of this First Generation technology was for voice traffic, butconsumers felt insecure about people listening in on their conversations. Thesenew mobile phones were also rather expensive, many of them costing hundredsof dollars. They were more of a status symbol during the decade rather than ameans of convenience.
Navnirman Institute of Management
Promotional Activities of Nokia
During the
, great improvements were made in the mobile phonetechnology. These phones used
Second Generation
, or 2G technology. In
the first cell phone call was made using the new digital technology thatbecame characteristic of this era. The Second Generation cellular phonetechnology was faster and much quieter than its analog predecessor. As a result,it became even more popular than previous models, too. The new technologyalso made them capable of being smaller rather than the large briefcase-sizedunits from the 1980s.
Smaller batteries
and other technology that made thephones more energy-efficient helped contribute to their smaller sizes and their popularity. Companies also strived to make the prices more affordable than themobile phones of the 1980s. You could buy a decent cell phone with 2Gtechnology for approximately
along with an airtime service. The cell phoneindustry was beginning to take of. The
 Third Generation technology
, or 3G, iswhat many people currently use in their digital cellular phones today. Thistechnology was created very soon after the excitement that the 2G technologycreated. This new technology is not only capable of transferring
voice data
(such as a phone call), but it is also able to transfer other types of data, includingemails, information and instant messages. These capabilities have helped toincrease the amount of sales and the popularity of these new phones. Manyusers prefer to use the instant messaging capabilities to “text” other users rather than call them in the form of a traditional phone call. Many cell phone companiesoffer free and very affordable phones for consumers who sign-up with their airtime service for a contractual period. Prices for the services range but thecompetition in the industry is helping to keep them more affordable than theyhave been in previous years.You would think that there is little more that you could do with cellular phone technology. This is, however, not the case. There are currently plans inplace to develop a
Fourth Generation
– 4G – technology. Goals for this new
Navnirman Institute of Management
Promotional Activities of Nokia
set of standards include a combination of technologies that will make informationtransfer and internet capabilities faster and more affordable for cellular phones.At this time, there is no one definition that can be attributed to 4G technologybecause researchers are still striving to make advances and build upon thetechnology that already exists.The mobile phone industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds as ithas in the past few decades. Even though it started a little more than 20 yearsago, manufacturers have created an abundance of new technologies that keepcell phone users coming back for more. They continue to increase the number of capabilities and services to accommodate the growing needs of today’s “on thego” culture. Waiting anxiously is the only way to find out what they will think of next.As the number and quality of WI/FI points become available and with thegrowth of Smart Phones that not only provide the basic functions expected in amobile phone but provide so much more the market is changing and brand newplayers have entered the market including Apple with the successful Iphone andResearch Machines with the equally successful Blackberry. In 2008 a new player enters the market providing an open source operating system for mobile phonesthat manufacturers can use and adapt, the new player is Google who make theAndroid operating system available and the first phone to appear is the G1 fromT-Mobile, because the OS is open source the number of applications available isexpected to grow and sites like The Android Library who provide a library of thelatest free and commercial applications will grow.
Navnirman Institute of Management

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