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Mid-Norfolk Times April 2010

Mid-Norfolk Times April 2010

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Published by Julian Horn
The Mid-Norfolk Times is the community newspaper for Mid-Norfolk, the Wayland area and Breckland, Norfolk, UK.
The Mid-Norfolk Times is the community newspaper for Mid-Norfolk, the Wayland area and Breckland, Norfolk, UK.

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Published by: Julian Horn on Mar 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Issue No. 156incorporating The Wayland News, Attleborough & District News and The Wymondham News April 2010
Help Yourself
Help Yourself
Katie\u2019s running to beat bowel cancer
Watton girl, Katie Adcock is running the London Marathon in memory of a very brave man. Nathan Bray was
diagnosed with Bowel Cancer in March 2009. Just months later, he discovered his cancer was terminal and sadly died
aged 32, just 5 days after his wedding to Katie\u2018s best friend,
Aneliese McCain. On April 25th 2009, which would have been
Nathan\u2018s 33rd Birthday, Katie will be running the 26.2 miles in his

honour and raising money for the Beating Bowel Cancer campaign. If anyone would be kind enough to sponsor Katie a form is available in Adcocks in the High Street in Watton or you can donate on line at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/katieAdcock

Pictured below - Katie (left) at Nathan and Aneliese\u2018s wedding.
A special St. Mary\u2018s parish
performance of Stainer\u2018s Crucifixion
will take place on Palm Sunday, March
28th at 6.30 p.m. Given by St. Mary\u2018s
Church Choir and guests.
Many people came to share in our
choir\u2018s magnificent Advent

Procession, which made a thoughtful start to the approaching Christmas season. It was promised then that the choir would make another significant contribution to the spiritual and musical life of our church, and here it is \u2013 Stainer\u2018s \u2015Meditation on the

Sacred Passion of the Holy Redeemer\u2016 \u2013 or to give it its usual title \u2015The Crucifixion\u2016.

This great work was originally written for Marylebone Parish Church choir from where it became a favourite over the entire English Speaking world. Thousands of performances would be given throughout the country in every sort of church, usually in Holy Week. Some of the hymns, written within the work, became widely used in churches,

indeed we sing them still at St. Mary\u2018s
including the beautiful \u2015All for Jesus\u2016.
However, during the second half of the

20th Century the work became less and less sung, dismissed by some experts as being too popular and no more than worthless Victorian tosh. But in recent times there has been an amazing revival of interest with many competent church choirs making it the centrepiece of their Lent work. Now,

here in St. Mary\u2018s, we have the chance

to judge for ourselves what a moving and deeply spiritual work this is. It will not only please you musically, but it will enable you to enter fully into its significance as you join in with the hymns dispersed throughout the piece. We have secured the help of two soloists and some members of another church choir are hoping to join us. If you have enjoyed singing then this would make a fine Lenten offering for yourself.

We want everyone who wants to hear good music, support our fine choir and understand what Jesus did for us on Good Friday to come and listen and bring friends and neighbours with you. I know that you will find it a moving approach to understanding more clearly the meaning of the Cross.

Stainer\u2019s Crucifixion
at St Mary\u2019s,

The presentation of a cheque for \u00a3367 marked the final act for what was Watton Round Table and 41 Club. Whilst Watton Round Table was disbanded some 10 years ago, the tradition has been kept alive by ex Round Tablers in 41 Club (you had to leave Round Table on reaching 40 years). However, with dwindling numbers 41 Club has also disbanded and the members voted to donate the remainder of their funds to the Rainbow Project in Watton.

Noel Abel, aged 80, was nominated
by his fellow 41 Club members to

present the cheque as he is the only surviving founder member of Watton Round Table\u2013 which was formed in 1954.

Mr Abel said \u2015This cheque marks

the end of an era. Over the years Watton Round Table raised tens of thousands of pounds for local charities and organised events such

as the Carnival and Senior Citizen\u2018s
Christmas Parties.\u2016
\u2015As we bow out it seemed

appropriate to pass what funds we had to the youth of the town, to our future. The Rainbow Project is doing

so much for our young people in Watton and I understand that they need as much support as they can get - and we are very pleased to help\u2016.

The cheque was received by Claire Mower, one of the youngest members of Project Rainbow, and the project Chairman, Rev. Geoff Garrett who commented that the baton had been passed on together with the cheque and he looked forward using the money to help continue building Project Rainbow for the betterment of the community.

Watton Round Table and
41 Club - the final cheque
Noel Abel presents a cheque for \u00a3367 to Amy Mower and Geoff Garrett of Project Rainbow
Picture Supplied
Mid-Norfolk Times Page 2

When you have taken all the time and effort to set money aside, you want to be sure those savings are working as hard as they can for you. This guide lays out some of the main points you might want to consider when planning what to do with those savings\u2013 and some general rules you might want to follow to keep then on track to meet your goals.

Build a firm base The general rule of
thumb is that before you do anything
else, you should build up an amount
equal to between three and six months\u2018

salary and place it in a deposit account. This should be easily accessible so that you can get hold of what you need, should an emergency arise.

There are two benefits to having an amount set aside in this way. First, you can feel assured that, should the worst happen\u2013 for example you need to undertake significant repairs to your house or car or you lose your job\u2013 there is a fund readily available to help you financially whilst you deal with other issues.

Second, this frees you up to make the right decisions about any additional savings. If you invest in the stock market, for example, the value of that investment can go down as well as up. It is therefore no place for money which you might need to use in an emergency. Building funds on deposit means you can then begin to consider longer term investments without the worry that you might have to take money out of the market at the wrong

time. (But more of that later\u2026\u2026)

Whilst interest rates are currently low, careful study of the best buy lists and interest rate surveys can help you maximise the rate you earn on this money. You can also spread your money between a number of accounts\u2013 some on immediate access; some on 30 days notice, some perhaps even on 90 days notice. Spreading your money between institutions also increases the guarantee coverage you receive from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Currently, the FSCS will pay compensation up to 100% of \u00a350,000 per institution.

DiversifyAs with your deposit account

cushion, if you are averse to the idea of exposing your entire portfolio to the whims of the stock market you can build a further cushion into your investment by spreading money across different asset classes. There are not just equities but also property, gilts and corporate bonds to choose from.

In this way, when equities are suffering, one of your other choices might be doing better and can compensate for some of that loss. Even if they all have a bad day, they will not all do equally badly.

Buy low, sell high

This is a basic tenet of investing but, sadly, is a lot more difficult than it looks. Calling the top or bottom of markets has proved impossible to do with any consistency, even for experts

\u2013 if it were easy, there would be many

more Warren Buffets around. Generally speaking, it would be unwise to adopt this as an investment strategy.

Diversification is the key to a successful portfolio. Even in a recession, not all companies suffer, some might even prosper. A simple way to increase the diversity of your portfolio is to invest in a collective investment, such as a unit trust or an OEIC. In this way, your investment is spread across a range of companies, thus the risk is lessened.

Invest RegularlyProbably the best

way to benefit from the swings and roundabouts of the stock market without even thinking about it is to invest regularly. If you do this, as opposed to making a single or occasional lump sum investment, you

benefit from what is called \u2017pound/cost
averaging\u2018 i.e. buying shares at a range

of different prices as the market moves up or down over time. A monthly savings plan is a particularly efficient way to do this because it disciplines your budgeting and after a while, the money will disappear from your account without you even noticing.

When prices are high you will buy fewer shares or units, but when prices are low, you get more for your money. Your average buying price is therefore likely to be lower in volatile markets

and will benefit overall when markets rise again. This is another way of mitigating risk within your portfolio. You can stop worrying about when is the right time to invest\u2013 and when is the wrong time\u2013 and

you can continue the good savings habits you created whilst building your deposit account cushion.

Look to the long-termWe consider

investing in equities because over the long-term, they have traditionally outperformed all other asset classes. However, by long term we mean at least five years and preferably longer. The downside to equities is that short- term, stock market investments is a volatile business and you need to be prepared to see the value of your investment fall from time to time. The trick is to remember why you invested and look through any short-term issues towards your longer term goals.

However, there is one final rule which
overrides all of these\u2026
Don\u2019t push your luckMarkets are

constantly changing so, just as long as you prepare your portfolio at the outset, you also have to plan for the final goal. Therefore, as that date gets closer, you might consider consolidating some of the gains you made so that you can actually carry out your plans. After all, you do not want to see all your hard earned savings cut in half by a market downturn in the final six months before you need to access the money in your portfolio.

Better, therefore, to consider moving money out of the stock market, bit by bit.

Similarly, during the life of your investment, watch out for market peaks. Depending on your goals, you will likely have to consider this repositioning several years before you actually want the money. It is usual for a person to move from equities and property into fixed interest and cash, but it is imperative that you take professional advice on this, as this period represents the culmination of

many years\u2018 savings.

If you would like help and support with any investment decision, from starting your deposit account through to consolidating your long held pension plan, please do not hesitate to give Smith & Pinching a call on 01953 885904. Their advice can help you make the most of your money, plan for the future and free your time, allowing you to get on with making plans.

Please note: the value of any investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount you originally invested.

It is with great sorrow that we have to say that we have lost one of our much cherished and respected brothers, Chris Horn. Born during the last war in Beachamwell, Chris lived his early years at Swaffham until the family moved to Watton in 1952, when his father, Wilf Horn, took up a teaching post here. Associations with Swaffham continued as Chris Attended Hamonds Grammar School travelling daily on the train.

In 1961 he joined the RAF, attending No 1 Radio School at Locking, in Somerset. Chris married a Somerset girl, Veronica and after a long career in the RAF he then worked for British Aerospace developing guided missile technology after the Falklands war.

After attending university where he earned a degree, Chris morphed his career into Health and Safety in which he became a specialist trainer. Just recently while working in Kazakhstan, he suffered a ruptured appendix which sadly led to his death on March 6th 2010 aged 65years.

Chris and Vron had two children, Sven who recently emigrated to Australia with his wife Sarah and who are expecting their first son in a few weeks, and Martin who, following in

Chris\u2018s footsteps is also a specialist in
the RAF and is married to Kate.
From the tributes we have received and
heard he made an impact on many
people\u2018s lives \u2013 world-wide! He died

in the knowledge that he would soon be having his first Grandson. We know that he was very proud of his two sons, their wives and would have been proud of his future grandson. He will leave a great hole in the family but especially in the life of his very dear and loving wife. His funeral will take place in Weston Super Mare on Monday 29th March at 2pm Donations will be taken for the Weston S M Lifeboat which is a RNLI boat and can be sent to Elms Funeral Directors, 50 Baker St, Weston Super-Mare, Avon. BS23 3AQ

From Robin, Adrian, Julian,
Nicholas and Bryony Horn.
Christopher Horn
Making the most of your savings

Young people in and around Watton are being encouraged to engage with police and the wider community by becoming involved in Project AWESOME, which aims reduce crime and disorder by developing a sense of pride in their surroundings while at the same time participating in positive activities over the coming months.

Working in partnership with Watton Town Council, the Youth Focus Group, Wayland Youth Council, Project Rainbow and the Wayland

Partnership, the project \u2015Activities
With Engagement Summer Of Mega
Events\u2016 is to engage with young
people who don\u2018t normally relate well
to authority and to encourage them to
take on tasks they wouldn\u2018t normally

do such as litter picking etc with the reward of positive activities by bringing facilities such as a climbing wall, mobile skatepark and archery to the area for day long events.

Sergeant Lance Ogbourne of Watton
Safer Neighbourhood Team said \u2015We
hope the young people will get a great
deal from this summer\u2018s activities. It is

a real opportunity for them to participate in fun and exciting activities by putting something back into the

community themselves.\u2016

Dates for the forthcoming events and activities will be advertised locally nearer the time in order for young people to attend and enjoy.

An AWSOME project

Are you one of the many people who shout answers at the TV screen during quiz shows? Do you think you could compete with the Eggheads? Then do something about it: form your own quiz team and come along to Ovington Village Hall for the Annual Quiz on Saturday, 24th April at 7.30pm. We can promise you an evening of

teasing the grey matter, of rummaging in the lost recesses of your memory while raising money for the Village Hall. All this entertainment, with a cold buffet supper thrown in, for only \u00a36 per person - how do we do it? Call Christine on 01953 885848 to find out and book in your team of 4 people. Hurry as space is limited.

Ovington Village
Hall Annual Quiz
Coffee at the Queens Hall
9.30am to 11.30am
Farmers Market Day-
Saturday April 3rd
Mid-Norfolk Times Page 3

Attleborough High students spent an exciting day creating the news when a class of Year 8 students spent a day experiencing what it was like to be a reporter and produced written articles and filmed reports on school events.

On 11 March Attleborough High School was involved with the BBC School News Report national project. The aim of this BAFTA nominated project - which won the Royal Television Society (RTS) award for Innovation in Education 2008 and was shortlisted for the Innovation in Journalism award 2007 - is to interest young people in news of all sorts, and the world around them, by giving them the chance to make their own news.

The Attleborough High Students enjoyed the experience of creating news and the challenge of writing reports to a tight deadline. Class 8A1 worked with their English teacher, Mrs Graham, and Miss Lane to write news articles about school issues. They produced a range of articles which could then be accessed by students all around the world. On the day the students filmed their

reports using the school\u2018s new

green screen staging 14. They then went live to the nation with their video broadcasts at 14.00 on the day. They received superb technical support from Garry

Baisden, the school\u2018s ICT

Network Manager and last minute troubleshooting from three Sixth Formers, Brett Knights, Joshua Buck and Richard Perkins in the last tense hour of preparing their work for the final deadline.

Assistant Headteacher Mrs
Carmin a
M cCo nn ell
commented: \u2015This was a

wonderful experience for the students; it gives them a taste of the pressures and excitement in producing the news..

\u2015It was such a positive

experience and all the students are eager to get involved in the project next year; at Attleborough High we are already planning how to involve more members of the school in the BBC News Report in the


To view some of the Attleborough High students work, click on the BBC logo on the top left corner Attleborough High School website home page at www.attleboroughhigh.org.uk

Making the news at Attleborough High

Safety Taxi
hailed as

The Community Safety Taxi initiative that caused so much interest some months ago has been hailed a success by Norfolk Police. The scheme, which was set up in response to increasing anti social behaviour resulting from late night drinkers returning home on Friday and Saturday nights, transports drinkers direct from the town centre to estate entrances in Watton and Carbrooke.

Since its introduction there has been a significant reduction in instances of petty vandalism and rowdy behaviour on the route home along the Norwich Road corridor, which has freed police resources for deployment elsewhere.

Speaking about the scheme Sgt.
Ogbourne said \u2015Although it

attracted a lot of criticism for Police and Watton Town Council, who provided the first round of funding, the scheme has been a great success. With the ever increasing pressure on resources these days, the success of the Community Safety Taxi has been a great help in

reducing crime and disorder.\u2016
\u2015We do need more funding but
since the scheme only costs \u00a327 per
weekend, it is such good value that

I\u2018m hoping that local businesses will support it; it\u2018s a service in the community for the community.\u2016

If you would like to help support this positive initiative, Sgt Ogbourne can be contacted by email to:

sntwatton@norfolk.pnn.police.uk or
by phone on 0845 456 4567
On your PVCu Replacement

Plus!We have no pushy sales reps, all appointments are undertaken by

Ray Harman(Proprietor)Unit B, Yaxham Rd,
(behind Halfords)
Lusher Coach Excursions 2010
Sunday 28th March
Lunch at The Stag, Attleborough
Monday 5th April
Mini Mystery Tour
Sunday 25th April
Nene Valley Railway, Peterborough
includes train ride with steam locomotive \u00a323.50
Sunday 16th May
Colchester and Beth Chatto Gardens
including admission to gardens
Monday 31st May
Suffolk Coastal Tour
Our 2010 Excursion List\u2013 is now available
To get your copy\u2013 please call us on 01760 440589
or e-mail: excursions@lusher2000.fsnet.co.uk
e-mail: sales@bobsmobiles.co.uk
Picture Supplied


The Birlings are enjoying a family dinner party to celebrate the engagement of Sheila and Gerald when the door bell rings. It is an inspector who announces that he is investigating the suicide earlier that day of a young woman. At first the family deny any involvement but all is not quite what it seems!

The Wayland Players will be presenting
J.B Priestley\u2018s classic thriller from 15th-
17th April starting at 7.45pm in the
Queen\u2018s Hall, Watton. Tickets, priced at

\u00a36.50 are available from Adcocks, 32- 34 High Street, Watton Tel 01953 881248. Website:


Can't face the gym or jogging, can't swim and don't think bowls is quite for you? Why not come and have a go at Table Tennis? I bet you played when you were young - it's not such a hard game to pick up again. Watton has an excellent Club at the Sports Centre, lots of tables so you won't have to hang

around waiting to have a go. Lots of bats and balls so until you know if you like it there's nothing to buy; no special clothes except soft soled shoes. No heels!

Friendly people to get you started and show you how. If you have played a lot before there's competition available. We're all

over 50 some of us over 70! We
can do it - so can you!

Come to the Sports Centre on Thursday afternoons between 2 and 4pm we'll make you welcome.

Ring David on 880027 or Brenda on 881792 if you want to know more. See you there!

50ish? thinking of getting fit?

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