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Published by mcdozer
Another mind-boggling section of the free eBook project "What Jesus Has to Say..."
Another mind-boggling section of the free eBook project "What Jesus Has to Say..."

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Published by: mcdozer on Mar 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What Jesus Has to Say at the Onset of the 21
Century about……Doubt
“O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?” – Matthew 14:31
Doubts are thoughts from hell.Quit listening to the Devil & believing the lies he tells you about yourself or others.I’m right behind you, & there’s nothing the punk can ever do to harm you. He only will keep trying if he senses that there’s doubt in your heart. He only has power over you through any seeds he hassown in your heart that you’ve allowed to grow there. But if your garden is clean and strong, filledwith My life-giving Word, & you’re in tune with Me, he can do nothing!To look for details that ”aren’t so” in My Word is one of the Devil’s oldest tricks. ”Hath God said so? Ye shall not surely die!” And he was
: they
. At least not right away. But the punishmentwas there, & I tell you, it was worse for them than death. When death finally came for Adam & Eve, itwas like sweet relief from the pain & suffering they had brought upon themselves & the whole Worldby choosing to believe the Devil’s lie over My Word.So, the Devil will always find something I said he can point his finger at & gleefully say, ”See? Nottrue!” to get you to discard the whole message, so you won’t believe & receive it, but rather believe
version. But
be the one suffering the consequences. Whether you’ll die right away or later:you will know one day that your death – your spiritual death & decline – occurred the moment youchose to doubt My Word & disobey... you were just buried later.Don’t listen to the Enemy’s voice, nor look at his distractions & decoys he comes up with as soon asyou start going in the right direction, just keep looking at Me and the power I have given you to blowthe Devil’s nasty illusions to bits!Whatever he tries to present to you as reality or relevant is absolutely irrelevant, and doesn’t stand achance as soon as you let Me move in with
reality, that what
consider relevant & important! TheDevil goes: “Oh, but the money, and all the bills...” I say, “Seek ye first My Kingdom & the welfare of My sheep, seek My lost souls, and all these things will be added unto you, freely!”Ever since the Garden of Eden the Devil has managed to persuade people to rather believe in hisvoice than mine, because his option is usually the one which sounds more attractive! There isapparently more in it for you, if you choose the Devil’s option of disobedience. But is it really so?There seemed to be more in it for Adam & Eve to choose to eat of the forbidden tree: moreknowledge, a new taste, and the serpent even said, “Ye shall be as gods”! Now, THAT soundedinteresting! But what was the reality? Curses, pain, thorns & agony ever since, in exchange for paradise. You must forgive & forget. Especially forget those ridiculous lies of the Devil, which sow seeds of mistrust in your heart.Whoever happens to be fighting on your side, alongside you in that army at the moment is your brother or sister in arms, and they deserve your loyalty, in spite of any & all weaknesses or flaws.Of course, they have flaws, faults & battles. They are fighting the Devil, the enemy of their souls.They are in a war of the worlds, a severe struggle, which brings a lot of upheavals into one's life,while those who have withdrawn from that spiritual battlefront to just live a selfish life have no rightto point their finger at them in an accusing way. Yet they are usually the first to point their finger atthem, because in having made a truce with the Enemy, they are also subject to his "comments" onissues. How much do you allow yourself to be affected by those comments? How much do youlisten to those doubts?Resigning to your fate means yielding to your circumstances instead of availing yourself of Mypower to change them.It's conforming with & settling for the "prison for your mind" that the Devil has constructed for you,your personal little "matrix."I'm going to prove My love to you if you do as much as call out to Me and expect Me to answer. I will
not disappoint you! I want to prove as false all the doubts the Enemy plants in your mind.If you doubt My Word in one aspect, and think you can make yourself an exception on that, theEnemy will soon offer and suggest more compromises for you to make, more disobediences hemakes you think you can get away with...Don't let resignation in! You've got to believe, hold on at any cost! Let earth and all carnalcircumstances recede & let Me lift you above all the natural impossibilities! I'm going to make thishappen, so you'd better believe Me for it! Don't be dumbfounded: If I said it, and if I ordained it, don'tyou think that I also am able to keep it alive?I'm just allowing the Devil to pour some water over it, like the servants of Baal poured water over Elijah's oxen and altar. It was an additional challenge, to ask to do the totally and utterly impossible,to pour all that valuable and precious water down those trenches.But for Elijah there was never a doubt that I was going to do it. He knew there was going to be fire,and there was going to be rain again. So, as a result, I caused him to do the humanly impossible,because He had My anointing, My power, My fire, and it's got to be that same power, anointing andfire that fuels your actions, your words, your life!Never ever doubt that I'm going to do it, no matter how much water the Devil may pour over it! He'scasting out a flood after you to drown you, but don't you swallow any of it! Let
swallow it! But
must keep on believing, never doubting that My fire is more powerful than all his water, & allthat's going to be left of it when the twain shall meet and I'm done with him is vapor!So, don't insult Me by doubting Me. It's a conduct that is unworthy of you! You should know better than that! You have been raised & trained to know better than that! In fact, you were born to knowbetter! I cannot fail, and I won't.I'm all about busting the confines of what the Enemy and your human carnal mind have taught youall your life is possible and what not! The Devil says, "You cannot fly." I say, "Believe in Me and youwill!" The Devil says, "You cannot live forever!" I say, "Believe in Me and you will!" The Devil says,"You cannot tell people about this! They're never going to believe you! They're going to say you'recrazy!" I say, "Believe Me, and I will lead you to those who
receive you, contrary to your naturalexpectations!"There is nothing that can come between us, except what you allow. Only if the Enemy manages tomake you doubt My love for you, is there a shadow obstructing the flow of My light and love to you.Ask Me to help you stay "on fire" for Me! Guard that flame, & don't take it for granted. Don't allowSatan to blow it out!Beware of the flood of lies he tries to use to put out your fire, both, lies of the System, as well as thesubtle little lies he tries to implant directly in your minds.The Enemy tries to dissuade you from helping Me through doubt, the refusal to believe that thingsare really the way I say they are, that the situation is urgent, and I do need you to do all you can tobring in the harvest before the storm. You've got to disarm the Devil's lies with the sword of the truth! The truth is that if I love you andtrust you and bestow so much care and attention on you, invest so much time in you, then how canyou dishonor My faith in you by having so little faith in yourself? If you cannot have faith for yourself, then at least have the faith in Me that I know what I'm doing. I knew what I was doing bychoosing you. So, quit doubting!Neither intellect nor intelligence are on the list of things needed to make a pioneer, but initiative is,along with courage, another thing which intelligent people often don't possess, because they'reoften so skeptical, full of doubts, which easily grow into fears, which provide the thinker with lots of reasons why one shouldn't even try.Although you have decided to receive Me, it doesn't mean that you're automatically going tocontinue receiving Me from then on. As you can see with some, they make the decision afterwardsto never open their heart to Me again. The Devil scares them out. All they do is receive the seed, butthey don't allow it to sprout, grow & blossom. They're afraid of letting it fall into the ground and dieso that it may bring forth fruit in them. They instinctively know that some part of them is going to diewith it, if they allow that. Their physical, momentary lives are what matters more to them thaneternity.
That's why they can doubt their Salvation, and it makes others doubt as well that they ever got savedor possibly could be saved and are on their way to heaven.The Enemy would like to have you take on a defeatist attitude, and to get you to give up. "Give up!It's no use! Why keep on fighting? You don't stand a chance anyway!" And sometimes the onlyanswer that comes to your mind, when he asks you "Why keep on fighting?," is "Because I chooseto." You choose not to give up, not to surrender to him, that's your choice and your determination,and that's what's going to give you the victory, ultimately.Whenever a situation looks bad and the Enemy tries to get you to moan about it, you've got torealize that that's a lie.When a situation seems bad, I want you to see My love in it, and to remember that this is alsohappening for some good purpose.The most important thing is that you trust Me and don't believe the Enemy when he tries to tell you:"You
He made a mistake!" or, "
He has proven that He doesn't love you!" That's oneof the greatest dangers of growing up: you become more skeptical, which means, you won't believethings as easily anymore, but you're going to want to find out whether the things you were beingtold are really so. When children become teens, the Devil really attacks them with a lot of doubts,because they want to discover their own view of things, and don't just want to see things throughthe glasses they were given by their parents. They want to make their own picture.While it's inevitable to grow up, and it's My will for you to become more mature, you should alwayskeep your childlike faith in Me. The Devil will try to put a lot of thoughts into your head, which
"grown up", but in the end can be quite silly, and really only have the purpose to destroy faith andtrust in Me.How do you become an instrument of My peace?"Where there is doubt, there let me bring faith." You cannot have any doubts yourself, but must beso full of positiveness, so determined not to give any place to the Devil and his evil thoughts of darkness, of nothingness, that anything and everything that represents his gloom will only serve asa vacuum that's immediately filled up and overwhelmed by My graciousness, My capacity to fill, Myall-engulfing and overflowing light, joy and love.The carnal man seeks to build up his pride and seeks the opposite of My will for you, the sinfulnature in you that always seeks to contradict Me, to doubt Me, to strive against Me, to run away fromMe. Your natural reasoning sometimes makes you doubt, because you don't
different from any oldvillain... The Enemy tries to "remind" you that you're no one special at all, just another wickedhuman, like all the rest of them.But heaven and all its blessings are not earned on a merit basis. You either have the right and youare being granted access to its riches or not, no matter what the Enemy may do or say. In fact, theonly chance he ever had is that you fall for his bluffs and believe any of this stuff. You are one whohas full access to the treasure houses of the Father; an heir with all the full privileges and constantaccess to anything you might need. What Satan says about it or tries to make you believe about it isirrelevant.It's all about overcoming and resisting those temptations of the Enemy, overcoming all seemingimpossibilities, difficulties and potential excuses to quit, and rise above them all on the wings of faith in Me, refusing to doubt that what I have promised I am well able to keep.Don't let doubts or hesitation, lethargy or lack of enthusiasm rob & kill the great things I could dothrough your faith!The true visionaries and prophets refuse to doubt that what I have promised is true, and I will honor their faith.The more of a conscious effort you make to
focused on Me, the clearer My messages to you willbecome, the more strength and energy they'll give you, the more faith you'll develop, and the moreyour doubts will disappear.My Word is like the magical sword Excalibur of the tales of old, that was stuck inside a rock, andonly the true king was able to pull it out.

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