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Old Literature

Old Literature

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Published by Timothy

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Timothy on Mar 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Old Literature
These are some of the works that I’ve written many years ago. Some of thisstuff haven’t been revealed in public before until now. I’ve could of gottenrid of these things, but it’s time to reveal the truth.
-I wrote these words in February 17, 1998. Back in those days, I had a keen awareness ofthe world around me. I have shown these words to outline my evolution of my thoughts onissues. That was over 12 years ago. I was 14 years old back then. This time was when I wasa Freshman in High School. I was going to be 15 in the same year of 1998:
“…When I look at America, I look at people. This country is made upby the people and ruled by the people. This country has manypeoples that are equally important to this country. They have equalgifts which are useful in making this country what it is. Maybe,without one group of people, this country may not be its fullpotential. We give our talents to the people of this nation, because itis our duty. We live and prosper in this country, so we need to atleast give back to this country. I believe that one of the plans meantfor America is diversity…”-Timothy
Back in February 7, 1998, (My words were in response to then President Bill Clinton’s immoralbombings in Iraq for the accusation of Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. The wild thingis that these words are relevant today in 2010
I wrote these words:
 “…I think the United States should not go to war with Iraq soquickly. Before we need war, we can discuss solutions to slow downor stop the problems in their country. We need not to get into war sosoon, because if we get into war soon, other countries might in to getus. The only time that the United States should get into war, if Iraqbombs our supplies or something has gone too far. In the end, theanswer is peace not violence…”-TimothyOn February 25, 1998, I wrote these words:“…Life is a cycle of events. When we have our life born, man canchange on whether having a righteous or evil life. We have the powerto accept things in our life or not. In our life, I think man is givencertain fits that may led us to our purpose in life. All of our deeds inlife control whether we may led a life of happiness or not. I think wehave a chance of leading a good life by doing good deeds. Life isvaluable to the people and the world, because he or she havequalities which no one can ever have. Taking life not just taking aperson from the world, but is also taking special gift from theworld…”-Timothy
Later on in February 27, 1998, I wrote that:
“…The world is a valuable thing. It’s a sphere that moves. It wascreated for humans to be heirs of it. Since we own it, it is ourresponsibility to keep it in shape. Sometimes we may improve thingsin the Earth like inventing ways to clean up the Earth. Sometimes, wemay damage the Earth, like polluting it or wasting the Earth’sresources. In the years coming, man is getting knowledge about theEarth. In the future, we may improve the Earth and return certain
places desolate to a beautiful garden. The earth is a beautiful giftgiven to us, and we need to preserve our gift…”
-TimothyOn March 11, 1998, I wrote the following:
“..I believe in improvement. If a man becomes rich and gives hiswealth to people less fortunate, it will be a good thing. If a persondoesn’t improve in life or in business, he or she will go no where. Itdoesn’t matter if your fit is in sports or science. If you improveyourself, you create even more knowledge that may help you in thefuture. If you believe in a plan ahead of time, and use action that planmight be fulfilled…”
-TimothyOn March 12, 1998, I wrote these comments:
“…Music is everywhere. People enjoy it or hate it. We created it fromearly times. We used tools to create sounds and rhythm. Later, itspread into America. Music can cool people down if they are angry.There are many different kinds of music created by different races.Each music was first small and for the people near them. Now, musicspreads all over the country and every person in this country knowsat least what a type of music sounds like. Music doesn’t necessarilycomes from a person’s mind, but it might comes from their soul…”-Timothy
 ________________________________________-I wrote of this back in September 4, 2002:The Bible was written. The teachings of the apostles were spoken orally sometimes, butthe apostolic church (from 33-100 A.D.) had the OT Scriptures in hand and thosescriptures prophesized the same grace that involved their spiritual life (1 Peter 1:10-12).Also, later many of the epistles were written as early as 45 A.D. Evidence that the early

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