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The Learning Experience of a Student Nurse, A Critical Analysis

The Learning Experience of a Student Nurse, A Critical Analysis

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Published by Mae Azores

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Published by: Mae Azores on Mar 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Learning Experienceof a student nurse,a critical analysis.
Prepared By:Azores, Mae Ann A.BSN 3D2-6Submitted To:Mr. Dennis UbeniaEng5A- Instructor
My learning throughout the first year has been helped by an unerring optimism in thevalue of nursing, and an appreciation that each and every daily interaction augments myexperience. This enthusiasm, however, has caused an inhibitory effect on my self-directedresearching, and created conflict in some placement areas. While developing my role as a nurse,my activities as a person at home and beyond have diminished, as I attempt to adjust to thedemands of both domains
Spouse 2003:109).
I resent distracting influences, and frequentlydomestic pressures restrain my desired pace to accumulate factual knowledge. As described by
Palmer et al.
my learning can oscillate between two extremes, ³all or nothing´.
depicts the student nurses¶ need to develop multi-tasking skills emotionally,mentally and physically as they are caught between the cultures of clinical areas, peer-drivenUniversity life and home. The conflicts arising from these settings create a disharmony, which I believe for some, may undermine nursing as a career choice.The competence of a future nurse is evaluated by evidence-based documents, instructors,mentors assignment and examination results and is based on a continuum of regular assessments.The learning experience of a student nurse remarkably influences own practice in clinical areas,as well as the performance level of the student in academic matters.First timers in clinical rotation engage themselves in the initial stage of familiarizing andaccustoming one¶s self to the practice becomes crucial. This is the point when printed theories in books and hand outs are recalled and reshuffled in the mind in order to carry out the bestintervention suited for a particular situation. It was never easy for the a novice student nurse to be assigned in the OB ward or in the emergency room without sufficient knowledge about postpartum care or familiarity with the basic instrument used in minor surgeries. Also,inadequate and ineffective education influences the manner that one gains necessary principlesand skills needed in actual and assisted delivery cases. This has affected the coping strategies of the trainees to different problems arising in the clinical settings. In reality, some just performedas assistants instead of handling actual deliveries²this is also dependent to the hospital protocols²and some were just given free cases.This fact has urged others¶ curiosity to get a hasty view of the first learning experiencesof the other nursing students who are also in the same level. Some people ought to assess thelevel of students¶ adjustment with the respect to different conflicts they have encountered so thatappropriate improvements in nursing education programs will be obtained.The trend to commit oneself to healthcare field has not yet wiped out especially innursing profession. Students seem to be devotedly engaging themselves into this line as seenwith continuous enrollment of freshmen students and transferees, may it be influenced byfinancial demands, personal preferences, or just by current blooms. The Professional RegulationCommission reported that the country has an oversupply of 400,000 licensed nurses
With this fact that there are still thousands of nursing graduates in the country who areeither unemployed or working as call center agents, clerks, salesladies or salesmen,discouragement in the part of the fresh high school graduates is still invincible. Though many saythat those temporary jobs are just their means of earning money while waiting for the boardexamination, individual encounters prove that a significant percentage of those graduates would just end up working in the same condition; others fortunately have passed the board and servedas volunteer nurses to gain experience during the initial years of the profession; and some might
have dealt with hard life or just settled down rearing families. For so many reasons, nursingcareer²for some²terminates there, which should not be.Why is it that even universities have started to limit accepting nursing enrollees due tooverpopulation of out-of-work nursing graduates, the government's need for ideal healthcaresystem is still unmet? The answer would be²it is a matter of competition! In the Filipinocontext, it goes,
"Matira ang matibay." 
As with the student admission criteria of one hundredeleven medical schools in the United States, education programs and requirements filter nursingstudents meticulously
eynolds, W.Scott, P.A.,& Austin W., 2000).Spouse
depicts the student nurses¶ need to develop multi-tasking skillsemotionally, mentally, and physically as they are caught between the cultures of clinical areas, peer driven university life and home. The conflicts arising from these settings create adisharmony, which
believes for some, may undermine nursing as a career choice. Aside from it, it is not new to hear stories about taking the course with the dictate of themother in exchange for the big Dollar sign neither a complaint for expensive matriculations anda shelf of three-kilogram-books. According to Rep. Satur Ocampo, ³Low and inappropriate budget of DOH for 2009 now pegged at 28.9 billion still does not address the problem of theexodus of nurses in the country´
Porcalla, 2008).
It is one of the major sicknesses of thecountry¶s healthcare system which puts down the field. But with the growing population andhigh expectancies of quality care and competence, nurses should be skillful in integratingtheoretical frameworks, as well as nursing philosophy, into real life situations so that high qualitycare can be delivered and optimal health will be met and promoted. Nursing is an art, an art of caring. Nurses are much involved in lots of health teachingsand interventions; and are expected to portray a variety of roles. Be it as an educator,communicator, caregiver, counselor, advocate or as a leader, a nurse should possess a well-defined body of knowledge and expertise in the field especially on actual scenarios
Student nurses may be perceived as trainees, yet it is far apart from that thought. Itis incorporating oneself to and embracing the vocation of helping and providing care in order for mastery and dedication to be more likely.The developmental educative process in nursing is a sophisticated and complexcombination of scientific, logical, humanitarian, communicative, experiences and psychomotor skills, designed to consolidate abilities to produce ³knowledgeable doers´
Greenwood 2003,Sajiwandani 2000, Slevin 1992, Cheung 1992).
  Nursing students at this point of time should be cautious whether they have delivered or could deliver appropriate care. They have to be very vigilant because they deal with a lot of toxicthings every single day
Tacdol, 2008).
It is not anymore in a classroom setting, it is more of reallife situations. When at the area, there is no room for mistakes. No more dummies. No moretrials.The reflective process enables the students to gain a sense of proportion. Whileresearched academic study underpins practice, there are frequently qualifications made bynursing staff about ward performed procedures, stating ³real-life´ situations employ differingmethods to those taught in the class room. These instances challenge student¶s assumptions and provide impetus for further clinical reflective investigation
Spouse 2003, cited by Greenwood

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Melody Babula added this note
hello there, i'm one of the author in your references in this analysis, i never thought that you found out our thesis in fatima, i'm a graduate of 2008 and already an government employee, RN, and a mom, thank you for making our thesis your reference :)
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